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William Weaver Armstrong 1862 - 1906

William Weaver Armstrorng was born in Ontario, New York during the Civil War in April of 1862. William's father was a talented painter, and was young William's only teacher. At age 14, he and his family moved west in 1876, settling in Oakland where he established a studio. From there, he made painting excursions south to Santa Cruz and north to the Oregon border. He is known to have been a loner and a quiet man. On one of his painting trips, in spite of his disapproving parents, he married an Indian girl named Grace. For income, he was a partner in a carriage painting firm on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. Due to tuberculosis contracted on on of his painting trips, he died at the young age of 44.

His work was exhibited at the Mechanic's Institue in 1885 and 1888, is in the Governor's Mansion in Carson City, NV, and is in the Oakland Museum.

Source: Artists in California 1786 - 1940, Edan Milton Hughes, 3d ed.

William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Yosemite Signature Sentinel Rock, Yosemite
Oil on canvas, 36 x 20
William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Yosemite Signature Enhanced
Digitally enhanced for better viewing
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William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Yosemite William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Yosemite with Frame


William Weaver Armstrong Sentinel Rock Closeup