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Selections from our Collection, (through February 13, 2011)
A Sampling Historic California Artists

plus works by Joshua Meador
, Kathi Hilton & Alex Dzigurski II

Selections from our Collection, California Artists
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Robert Rishell Redwoods
Robert Rishell, Trail of the Giants , 30 x 40
John W. Hilton  Desert Dunes
John W. Hilton, Desert Dunes, 18 x 24
Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast
Charlotte E. Morgan, Carmel Coast, 20 x 14
Conrad Buff Sunlit Cliffs
Conrad Buff, Sunlit Face, 16 x 24
Conrad Buff Self Portrait
Conrad Buff, Self Portrait,
14 x 11 1/2
Alexander Dzigurski Silver Moon
Alexander Dzigurski, Silver Moon, 30 x 40
James Swinnerton Yuma Desert
James Swinnerton, Yuma Desert, 16 x 20
Milford Zornes North Ligurian Coast
Milford Zornes, North Ligurian Coast, 9 x 13
Ferdinand Burgdorff On the Wharf
Ferdinand Burgdorff, On the Old Wharf, 18 x 24
Milford Zornes Canyon de Chelly
Milford Zornes, Canyon de Chelly, 8 1/2 x 11
Alexander Dzigurski Dance of Light
Alexander Dzigurski, Dance of Light , 24 x 36
Dedrick Stuber Stream in the Moonlight
Dedrick Stuber, Stream in the Moonlight, 13 x 10 1/4
Edmond Woods Morning Boats
Edmond Woods, Morning Boats, 8 x 10
Elizabeth Schleussner Twin Eucalyptus
Elizabeth Schluessner, Twin Eucalyptus, 10 3/4 x 13 3/4
Jon Blanchette Fishing Boat in Inner Harbor
Jon Blanchette, Fishing Boat in Inner Habor, 8 x 10
Hugo Anton Fisher Niagra Falls
Hugo Anton Fisher, Niagara Falls,
4 3/4 x 6 3/4
Grace Allison Griffith Grazing Sheep Sonoma
Grace Allison Griffith,
Grazing Sheep Sonoma,
13 1/2 x 16 1/2
Grace Allison Griffith Early Spring
Grace Allison Griffith,
Early Spring, 16 x 20

Clyde Forsythe Warmth of the Desert
Clyde Forsythe,
Warmth of the Desert
, 12 x 16
Davis Francis Schwartz Embarking Schooner
Davis Francis Schwartz,
Embarking Schooner, 10 x 12
Sam Hyde Haris Cathedral Canyon
Sam Hyde Harris,
Cathedral Canyon
(Sketch), 12 x 16
Nell Walker Warner Pansies
Nell Walker Warner, Pansies, 12 x 16
Karl Schmidt Coastal Oaks and Eucalyptus
Karl Schmidt,
Coastal Oaks and Eucalyptus,
3 1/2 x 5
Ralph Love Foothills of Green
Ralph Love, Foothhills of Green, 16 x 20
Karl Schmidt Rocky Cove
Karl Schmidt,
Rocky Cove,
3 1/2 x 5
Joshua Meador, 1911 - 1965
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Joshua Meador Tending the Net
Tending the Net, 36 x 30
Joshua Meador Caspar Point
Caspar Point, 22 x 34

Joshua Meador Caspar Inlet
Caspar Inlet, 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Rural Delivery
Rural Delivery, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Shoreline
Shoreline 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Cliff Shapes Caspar
Cliff Shapes Caspar, 22 x 30

Joshua Meador Generations
Generations, 22 x 30
Smaller works
6 x 8 on board
Joshua Meador Figures on a Beach
Figures on a Beach
Joshua Meador Estuary Seabirds
Estuary Seabirds
Joshua Meador Sandpipers
Joshua Meador Modernist Pier
Modernist Pier
Joshua Meador Marine Rocks
Marine Rocks
Joshua Meador Rainy Day
Rainy Day, 22 x 30
Joshua Meador Strolling in the Park
Strolling in the Park, 24 x 36
Joshua Meador Sonoma Coast
Sonoma Coast Sketch 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Outdoor Market
Outdoor Market
Sketch 6 x 8
Joshua Meador Red Roses
Red Roses, Oil on Linen
10 x 8
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove
Pacific Cove, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Rock Fishing
Rock Fishing, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor (Bodega Bay), 18 x 24
Kathi Hilton
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Kathi Hilton Awakening Spring
Awakening Spring, 20 x 24
Kathi Hilton Golden Promise
Golden Promise, 15 x 30
Kathi Hilton Flowering White Yuccas
Flowering White Yuccas, 20 x 24
Kathi Hilton Morning Splendor
Morning Splendor, 18 x 24
Kathi Hilton Palms
Kathi Hilton Desert Verbena
Desert Verbena
Kathi Hilton Flowering Desert
Flowering Desert
Kahti Hilton Smoke Tree
Smoke Trees, 18 x 14
Set of three miniatures, each 5 x 5
Kathi Hilton Valley Splendor
Valley Splendor, 12 x 16
Alex Dzigurski II
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Alex Dzigurski Sierra Lake
Sierra Lake, 16 x 20
Alex Dzigurski Bodega Ghost
Bodega Ghost, 14 x 18
Alex Dzigurski Marin Spring
Marin Spring, 18 x 24
Alex Dzigurski Mistral Point Bonita
Mistral, Point Bonita, 12 x 16

Alex Dzigurski Moonlight Tide Mendocino
Moonlight Tide, Mendocino
14 x 11
Alex Dzigurski Petaluma Highway Cottage
Petaluma Highway Cottage, 9 x 12
Alexander Dzigurski Splash of Autumn Gold
Splash of Autumn Gold
9 x 12
Plumpjack Vineyards, Yountville, CA
Alexander Dzigurski Sunset Glow
Sunset Glow 8 x 10
Alexander Dzigurski Golden Breakers
Golden Breakers, 9 x 12
L. L. Sorensen
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L L Sorensen Glorious Day at China Cove
Glorious Day at China Cove, 30 x 30
LL Sorensen Kirby Cove at the Golden Gate
Kirby Cove at The Golden Gate
16 x 20
L L Sorensen Above the Estero 18 x 24
Above the Estero, 18 x 24
L L Sorensen Ranch by the Sea Early Dawn
Ranch by the Sea, Early Dawn, 20 x 24
L L Sorensen Road to Point Bonita Light
Road to Point Bonita Light, 18 x 24
L L Sorensen Reflections Along Tomales Bay
Reflections Along Tomales Bay, 16 x 20
L L Sorensen Sonoma Dunes
Sonoma Dunes, 20 x 16
LL Sorensen Daybreak Bodega Bay and Point Reyes
Daybreak Bodega
Bay and Point Reyes

12 x 9

L L Sorensen Bay Hill to Bodega Bay
Bay Hill to Bodega Bay, 16 x 20
L L Sorensen Vineyard Carousel
Vineyard Carousel, 18 x 24