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Harbors Boats and Reflections on the Water Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery

an exhibition of works drawn from our collection.
In honor of this summer's America's Cup, and to coincide with San Francisco's Legion of Honor's exhibition
, Impressionists on the Water

James Gale Tyler Sailboat Nocturne
James Gayle Tyler 1855-1931
Sailboat nocturne, 14 x 18

James Gale Tyler Sailboat and DorySailboat and Dory,
8 x 10

James Gale Tyler is famous for painting all the Americas Cup races from 1900 through 1930.

His subtle light effects made him popular both in his day and ours.

His work are included in notable collections and his illustrations were published in Harper's. Literary Digest and Century Magazine.

His works were widely exhibited and can be seen at the Corcoran Gallery in Washington, the Mariner's Museum of the New York Historical Society, and the Yale University Library.

California School

This painting is unsigned and has no artist attribution, yet it is one of our gallery's best works. It bears an ink stamped label from Harry Linder's Art Shop in Long Beach. Harry Linder was a well known artist in his own right and at his frame shop, he exhibited works by many friends, among them notable early twentieth century LA artists.

California School San Pedro Boats with Gilded Van Deuren Frame
California School
Sailboats in San Pedro Harbor

This painting is quite successful, drawing the viewer into the scene and suggests the solitude and atmospherics of Southern California. The brush strokes are fat, long, and confident, not accomplished by an amateur.

The carved, gilded framing is by Vandeuren Archival Framing in West Hollywood, California. Input regarding the attribution of this painting is welcome, so please bring forth your ideas.

Richard Dey DeRibcowski Nocturn
Fishing Boat
, 9 x 6

Richard Dey De Ribcowsky pursued his art education in Paris, Florence and St. Petersburg, he moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina where he founded the Academy of Beaux Arts in 1904.

In 1920, he moved to the U.S. He traveled extensively. The last years of his life he resided in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, where his paintings were on display throughout the building.

Richard Dey DeRibcowsky Venice Rialto Bridge
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky 1880-1936
Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy 1917, 20 x 30
Richard Dey DeRibcowsky Venice Canal
Venetian Canal, 1917
20 x 16

Sam Hyde Harris Lakeside
Sam Hyde Harris 1889-1977
Lakeside, 12 x 16
Sam Hyde Harris Boathouse
Boathouse, 20 x 24

Sam Hyde Harris

Sam parents brought Sam to Los Angeles from Middlesex, England in 1904. Growing up, he worked odd jobs while pursuing his art education, including studies with Hanson Puthuff. He was quite successful with commercial art, creating posters for railroads eager to lure travelers to California.

His fine art career was equally as successful. At age 55, he purchased artist Jack Wilkerson Smith's home on Champion Place in Alhambra which later became known as "Artists Alley." This "Montmarte of the Southwest" was also home to Sam's neighbors, Frank Tenney Johnson, Eli Harvey, and Clyde Forsythe, as well as the winter home of New Englander, Norman Rockwell.

Joshua Meador Bodega Pier
Joshua Meador 1911-1965
Bodega Pier, 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Joshua Meador Untitled Red Sunset and Boats on a Beach
Untitled, Red Sunset, 8 x 10
Joshua Meador Waiting at Noyo 240
Waiting at Noyo, 20 x 27

Joshua Meador graduated from the Art Institute in Chicago in 1935. Soon thereafter, Walt Disney was expanding his staff to produce his first feature length cartoon, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." Josh was hired and was lead animator on the project. He remained with Disney Studios becoming the Director of Animated Effects. He is well known for his accomplishments in the field of animated effects, yet during his career, he always thought of himself as a painter first. Every opportunity, he would head out of Los Angeles to paint

landscapes throughout California. He loved visiting Bodega Bay and painted scenes throughout Sonoma County. Beginning in the mid 1950's, he maintained galleries and studios in Carmel Highlands and then in Caspar, just north of Mendocino. He was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association, the Carmel Art Association and was a guest lecturer for the California Art Club.

Joshua Meador Rock Fishing
Rock Fishing , 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Point Arena Light
Point Arena Light, 12 x 16
Josha Meador Monterey Wharf
Pier at Monterey, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador Inner Harbor
Inner Harbor 18 x 24
Davis Frances Schwartz

After studying at the Art Institute in Chicago, Davis Schwartz worked as a commercial illustrator for the Cleveland Plain Dealer. In 1903, he moved to California, first working for the LA Times and then moving north to San Francisco in 1924. He maintained his studio in the Ferry Building for thirty years, and was the person charged with the huge relief map of California housed there, an astonishing exhibit which was two-football fields in length! He was a member of the Carmel Art Association and the Society of Western Artists.
Davis Schwartz Boys Fishing on the Bay
Davis Francis Schwartz 1879-1969
Boys Fishing on the Bay, 5 1/2 x 4 1/2
Davis Schwartz Embarcing Schooner
Embarking Schooner, 10 x 12
Davis Schwartz Bay Sailing
San Francisco Bay Sailing
5 1/2 x 4 1/2

Jake Lee

Jake began painting boats and fishing docks in his hometown of Monterey. He worked as a commercial artist for a San Francisco newspaper and along with his painting friend, Dong Kingman, he painted street scenes, often of San Francisco's Chinatown.

He is well known for a series of watercolors he did for Johnny Kan of Kan's Chinese Restaurant. (See our newsletter article of April, 2011 to see these paintings of Chinese American Life.)

In 1944, he was living in Los Angeles, exhibiting with the California Watercolor Society and worked as an illustrator of children's books. Although his commercial career demanded lots of time, he found time to teach art at the Brandes Art Institute.

Jake Lee Tugboat
Jake Lee 1915-1991
Tugboat, 5 x 7 1/2
Jake Lee Tugboat with figure

Tugboat with figure,
5 3/8 x 7 3/4

The exhibition will include works by these well known California artists
George Gardner Symons Sea Coast
George Gardner Symons 1861-1930
Sea Coast, 12 x 16

Carl Henrick Jonnevold Moonrise over the Thames
Carl Jonnevold 1856-1955
Moonrise over the Thames
London, c 1900-1910, 13 x 18

Jean Mannheim Sunset Glow
Jean Mannheim 1863-1945
Sunset Glow, 12 x 16

Leon Lundmark Nocturne
Leon Lundmark 1875-1942
Moonlight, 12 x 16

Arthur Merton Hazard Seine Boat Providence
Arthur Merton Hazard 1872-1930
Seine Boat Provincetown 1922, 14 x 20

Nels Hagerup Beached Schooner
Nels Hagerup 1864-1922
Beached Schooner, 10 x 14
Phil Dike After Sailing
Phil Dike 1906-1990
After Sailing, 8 1/4 x 8 3/4

William Ritschel Boats in the Surf
William Ritschell 1864-1949
Boats in the Surf, 6 3/4 x 9
Edmond Woods Morning Boats
Edmond Woods 1905-1990
Morning Boats, 8 x 10

Ralph Baker Cabin by the Lake
Ralph Baker 1908 - 1976
Cabin by the Lake, 22 x 30
Sandra Beebe Quiet Cove Pacific Grove
Sandra Beebe (contemporary)
Quiet Cove, Pacific Grove 18 x 24

Jon Blanchette Three Boats
Jon Blanchette 1908-1987
Three Boats, 20 x 24

Karl Schmidt Boats on a Beach
Karl Schmidt 1890 1962
Sailboats on a Beach, 9 x 12

Justin Favre Carquinez Strait Train and Ship
Justin Faivre 1902-1990
Carquinez Strait Ship, 14 x 11

Alexander Dzigurski Adriatic Fishing Boats
Alex Dzigurski II (contemporary)
Adriatic Fishing Boats, 16 x 20

Florence Young Inlet
Florence Young 1872-1974
Inlet, 22 1/2 x 29
Elmer Stanhope Pallidinis Fish Company
Elmer Stanhope 1907-1956
Palladinis Fish 1950, 18 x 24

Frederick Stymetz Lamb Sunset Berkeley Hills
Frederick Stymetz Lamb 1863-1928
Sunset, Berkeley Hills, 20 x 16