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Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
"Painters of the Desert" January & February '08

Ed Ainsworth Photograph from Painters of the Desert

Ed Ainsworth (1902-1968) inspired this exhibit. He was the City Editor, State Editor, and Chief Editorial Editor of the Los Angeles Times and has written numerous magazine articles.

He and his wife Katherine had a passion for the desert, and knew many of the painters who captured the desert's life and beauty. The couple loved to
travel the Southwest and in northern Mexico and owned a ranch on the shores of the Salton Sea. Ed once published a newspaper below sea level which he named the Coachella Desert Barnacle. They knew many of the desert artists personally and counted some of them among their best friends.

Cover Art Painters of the Desert
Not surprisingly, their home became Western art gallery in its own right. In his book, Painters of the Desert, published in 1960, Ed praised the work and lives of 13 desert artists, among them the featured artists in this exhibit, John W. Hilton, Jimmy Swinnerton, Conrad Buff, Victor Clyde Forsythe, Orpha Klinker, and Paul Lauritz.

Below are thumbnails of the exhibit's paintings.
Each is linked to an individual page with enlarged photos.
Enjoy the preview, and we hope to see you at the gallery to enjoy them in person.

John W. Hilton 1904-1983
John W Hilton Moonlight at the Rainbow's End 1975 Midsized Thumbnail
"Moonlight at the Rainbow's End" 1975
John W Hilton Plein Air with Palette
John W. Hilton, plein air with palette from
Painters of the Desert, Ed Ainsworth

"His canvases reflect a radiance he has created
within himself. Worthily he wears the mantle
of one who has captured the sunshine."

Ed Ainsworth

John W Hilton Desert at Evening Midsized Thumbnail
"Desert at Evening"
John W Hilton La Mananita Midsized Thumbnail
"La Mananita" 1963
James Cagney and John W Hilton Painting Together
Hilton with friend
James Cagney
John W Hilton Nascent Lava Midsized Thumbnail
"Nascent Lava" 1968
John W Hilton Fall in the Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
"Fall in the Canyon"
John W Hilton Twentynine Palms Midsized Thumbnail
"Twentynine Palms"
John W Hilton Monument Midsized Thumbnail
Monument 1951
John W Hilton Morning in Spring Midsized Thumbnail
"A Morning in Spring" 1969
John W Hilton Desert Dunes Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Dunes 1936
John W Hilton Moonlight in the Dunes Midsized Thumbnail
"Moonlight in the Dunes"
John W Hilton Cloud Shadows Midsized Thumbnail
"Cloud Shadows" 1966
John W Hilton Embers of Sundown Midsized Thumbnail
"Embers of Sundown" 1964
John W Hilton Hush of Evening Midsized Thumbnail
"Hush of Evening" 1960
John W Hilton Desert Dunes and Mountains
Desert Dunes and Mountains
John W Hilton Smoke Trees at Sundown Midsized Thumbnail
"Smoke Trees at Sunrise" 1956

Will Rogers and Jimmy Swinnerton

American humorist, Will Rogers
meeting Jimmy Swinnerton.
Photo is from
Painters of the Desert
by Ed Ainsworth, 1960.

James Guilford

1875 - 1974

"Truth is his brush.
Jimmy Swinnerton has gone to Nature. He has drunk deep of beauty with eye and heart. He has given it back to the world, so that
all who see it feel a little closer to something deep and fine and mystic, something perhaps that man in his eternal quest calls God."
Ed Ainsworth

Jimmy Swinnerton Pipe and Palette
Palette and Pipe from
the January 1951 issue
of Arizona Highways Magazine.
James Swinnerton Smoke Tree Wash Midsized Thumbnail
Smoke tree wash
Jimmy Swinnerton Nevada Desert Near Hoover Dam Midsized Thumbnail
"Nevada Desert
Near Hoover Dam"
James Guiilford Swinnerton Yuma Desert Midsized Thumbnail
"Yuma Desert"

Conrad Buff 1886 - 1975
"The desert's glories are his. He gazes as it were into the awesome mysteries of the
Almighty's creative fires. In his own way Conrad Buff glorifies Nature itself." ... Ed Ainsworth

Conrad Buff Blue Mountain Midsized Thumbnail
Blue Mountain
Conrad Buff Twin Buttes Midsized Thumbnail
Twin Buttes
Conrad Buff From a Cave Midsized Thumbnail
From a cave
Conrad Buff Self Portrait Older Midsized Thumbnail
Self Portrait
Conrad Buff Younger Midsized Thumbnail
Self Portrait
Conrad Buff Self Portrait Midsized Thumbnail
Self Portrait
Buff Conrad Buff Mary Mid .jpg
Mary Buff
Conrad Buff Mountain River Midsized Thumbnail
Mountain River
Conrad Buff Sunlit Face Midsized Thumbnail
Sunlit Face

Victor Clyde Forsythe California Desert Painter

Victor Clyde Forsythe
1885 - 1962

"The man who dipped his brushes in the sky. Golden hued hills cut with purple shadows. Big fluffy white clouds, brilliant blue sky, the desert sand underfoot, the vivid expectancy of a vast tomorrow."
Ed Ainsworth

Victor Clyde Forsythe River Reflection Midsized Thumbnail
River Reflection
(from the Ed Ainsworth collection)
Victor Clyde Forsythe Desert Life Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Life

Orpha Mae Klinker 1891 - 1964
"The desert entwines her career. The everlasting charm of the desert
dominates her art and life. It always sustains her."
Ed Ainsworth

Orpha Klinker Portrait of Death Valley Scotty
Scotty's Castle, Death Valley
scene of her portrait of Death Valley Scotty
Orpha Klinker Portrait of Will Rogers and Wiley Post
Orpha next to her portrait of Will Rogers and Wiley Post, done from a photo after their plane had crashed in 1935
Orpha Klinker Valley Oaks and Mountain Midsized Thumbnail
Valley Oaks and Mountain
Orpha Klinker Winter Touches the Desert Midsized Thumbnail
"Winter Touches the Desert"
Orpha Mae Klinker Goats Chavez Ravine Midsized Thumbnail
"Goats, Chavez Ravine"

Lauritz Paul Photo .jpg
Pictured here with the large brushes he used for oil paintings in
Painters of the Desert by
Ed Ainsworth, 1960
Paul Lauritz 1889 - 1975
"Always he paints the desert. Its moods and his are intertwined.
He has found its spirit. And he wishes to spread it to the world."
Ed Ainsworth

Paul Lauritz Passing Storm Midsized Thumbnail
"Passing Storm"
Paul Lauritz Kern River Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
"Kern River Canyon"
Paul Lauritz Lone Pine Midsized Thumbnail
Owens Valley at Lone Pine
Paul Lauritz 17 Mile Drive Carmel Midsized Thumbnail
"17 Mile Drive"

* * * * *
Here are some other famed desert painters included in our exhibit.

Cyril Rigby Baker 1895 - 1966
Cyril Rigby Baker Desert Panorama Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Panorama

Cornelius J. Botke 1887-1954
Cornelius Botke Furnace Creek Wash Death Valley Midsized Thumbnail
"Furnace Creek Wash" Death Valley

Frederick Chisnall 1887-1965
Frederick Chisnall Flowering Dunes Midsized Thumbnail
Flowering Dunes

Desert and mountain
Frederick Chisnall Alabama Hills Midsized Thumbnail
"Alabama Hills"

Gordon Coutts 1868-1937
Gordon Coutts San Jacinto Morning Midsized Thumbnail
San Jacinto Morning

Jade Fon 1911-1983
Jade Fon Mittens Monument Valley Midsized Thumbnail
"Mittens" Monument Valley

Grace Fountain 1878-1942
Grace Fountain Grand Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
Grand Canyon 1931

Paul Grimm 1891-1974

Paul Grimm Desert Charm Midsized Thumbnail
"Desert Charm" 1954

Paul Grimm Lone Smoke Tree Midszied Thumbnail
"Lone Smoke Tree"

Sam Hyde Harris 1889-1977
Sam Hyde Harris Rabbit Run Midsized Thumbnail
"Rabbit Brush"

Arthur Merton Hazard 1872-1930
Arthur Merton Hazard Mount San Jacinto Midsized Thumbnail
Mount San Jacinto in Winter

Anna Hefner 1875-1966
Anna Hefner Clouds Eucalyptus and Ranch Sheds Midsized Thumbnail
Clouds, Eucalyptus and Ranch Sheds

Kathi Hilton (contemporary)
Kathi Hilton Eternal Silence Midsized Thumbnail
"Eternal Silence"
Kathi Hilton Spring Dance Midsized Thumbnail
"Spring Dance"
Carl Hoerman 1885-1955
Carl Hoerman Grand Canyon Midsized Thumbnail
"Gods of the Deep"

Emilio Lanzi Sunset Shadows Midsized Thumbnail
Sunset Shadows
Emilio Lanzi
Emilio Lanzi Desert Hues Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Hues
Emilio Lanzi Canyon Sunset Midsized Thumbnail
Canyon Sunset

Harry Emerson Lewis 1892-1958
Harry Emerson Lewis Shavers Well Midsized Thumbnail
"Shavers Well"

Ralph Love 1907-1992

Ralph Love Monument Valley Midsized Thumbnail
"Rain Squall" Monument Valley
Ralph Love Aglatha Needle Midsized Thumbnail
"Agathla Needle"
Ralph Love Desert Hills Midsized Thumbnail
"Desert Hills "
Ralph Love Near the Salton Sea Midsized Thumbnail
"Near the Salton Sea"
Ralph Love Bodie Midsized Thumbnail
"Bodie California Ghost Town"
Ralph Love Desert Midsized Thumbnail
Desert landscape

Joshua Meador 1911-1965

Joshua Meador Palm Spring Midsized Thumbnail
"Palm Spring"

Ralph Davison Miller 1858-1945
Ralph Davison Miller Grand Canyon 1905 Midsized Thumbnail
Grand Canyon 1905

Andreas Roth 1872-1949
Andreas Roth Desert Town 1930 Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Town 1930

Andreas Roth Desertscape 1933 Midsized Thumbnail
Desertscape 1933

Carl Sammons 1886-1968
Carl Sammons Ocotillo Midsized Thumbnail

Elizabeth Schluessner 1881-1956
Elizabeth Schleussner Back Road Arizona Midsized Thumbnail
Back Road Arizona

Dedrick Brandes Stuber 1878-1954
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Springtime in the Desert Midsized Thumbnail
"Springtime in the Desert
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Desert Cathedral Midsized Thumbnail
"Desert Cathedral"
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Atmospheric Sunset Landscape Midsized Thumbnail
Atmospheric Sunset Landscape

Sylvia Winslow 1910-1996
Sylvia Winslow Desert Verbena Midsized Thumbnail
Desert Verbena

Frances Upson Young 1870-1950
Florence Upson Young Edge of the Desert Midsized Thumbnail
"The Edge of the Desert"

Florence Young 1872 - 1974
Florence Upson Young Desert Midsized Thumbnail

Milford Zornes 1908-
Milford Zornes Rivers Bend Midsized Thumbnail5
Rivers Bend 1948