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The paintings below are currently on view at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery.
Click on the thumbnails to link to the page for each.

These are but a sampling of our entire gallery collection. If you are planning to visit the gallery soon and wish to view any particular painting from our collection which is not pictured below, let us know via email when you wish to visit, and we will have the painting or paintings at the gallery when you arrive.

file:///Macintosh HD/Users/danielrohlfing/Documents/Verio_BBHGallery/De_Ribcowsky_Richard_Dey_Nocturne_Mid.jpg
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky
Seascape nocturne with fishing boats
Southern California

Anna Hills, White Daffodils
Sam Hyde Harris

Orpha Klinker, Winter Touches the Desert

Harry Linder, Coastal Nocturne
Harry Linder, Trees and Stream
Gustav Magnussen, Pekingese
Karl Schmidt,
Coastal Oaks and Eucalyptus
Karl Schmidt, Rocky Cover
Karl Schmidt, Sailboats on a Beach
Dedrick Brandes Stuber,
Stream in Moonlight

Ruth Manerva Bennett
Oak Grove

"WPA" California Style Watercolors


Thelma Speed Houston,
San Francisco Freeway and Fog

Ralph Baker, Monterey Cypress
Ralph Baker, Snow in Groveland
Wayne Lacom, Park Lake
Robert Landry, Falling Leaves
Robert E. Wood, Tropical Jewels
Milford Zornes, Mount San Antonio

The Joshua Meador Collection
Cannery Row
Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa
Captain Vallejo's Casa
Joshua Meador Ebb Tide Stroll
Ebb Tide Stroll
Joshua Meador Estuary Seabirds
Estuary Seabirds
Joshua Meador Full Bloom
Full Bloom
Joshua Meador Generations
Point Arena Light
Joshua Meador Modernist Pier
Modernist Pier
Joshua Meador Palm Spring Walt Disney Collection
Palm Spring,
Walt Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Shoreline
Joshua Meador Spring Rain
Spring Rain
Joshua Meador Taos Pow Wow
Taos Pow Wow
Joshua Meador Tending the Net
Tending the Net
Joshua Meador Tidepools
Joshua Meador Red Sunset Boats
Untitled, Red Sunset Boats

Classic California Desert Painters
Clyde Forsythe Warmth of the Desert
Clyde Forsythe, Warmth of the Desert
Paul Grimm Lone Smoke Tree
Paul Grimm, Lone Smoke Tree
John W. Hilton Hazy Day's End
John W. Hilton Hazy Day's End

John W. Hilton La Mananita
John W. Hilton, La Mananita

John W. Hilton Monument
John W. Hilton, Monument 1951
Ralph Love Untitled Desert landscape
Ralph Love, Untitled Desert
Coming In April
John W Hilton Nascent Lava Midsized Thumbnail
"Nascent Lava" 1968
Kilauea Eruption, Volcano National Park
coming in April
James Swinnerton Smoke Tree Wash Midsized Thumbnail
Smoke tree wash
30 x 40

Alice Hunt Curtis Yosemite
Alice Hunt Curtis, Yosemite
19th Century Northern
California Painters
Hugo Anton Fisher Niagara
Hugo Anton Fisher, Niagara

Carl Dahlgren California Vista
Carl Dahlgren, California Vista
Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus
Grace Allison Griffith
Pasture and Eucalyptus

Grace Allison Griffith Valley of the Moon
Grace Allison Griffith
Valley of the Moon
Nels Hagerup Dune Grasses
Nels Hagerup, Dune Grasses
Nellie Moody Grapes Still life Sonoma
Nellie Moody,
Sonoma Grapes Still life
Marius Schmidt Redwoods Stream
Marius Schmidt, Redwoods Stream

Also on display are the oil paintings of Alexander Dzigurski and his son Alex Dzigurski II,
the Desert Paintings of Kathi Hilton, the oil paintings of Linda Sorensen,
Watercolors by Jean Warren, and the photography of Diane Perry