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Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Monthly
August 2010

Cadenasso and Corot Portraits Side by Side
SF's Giuseppe Cadenasso
finds a work by
Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
in the Rubbish, SF Call, April 7, 1894

Albert Bierstadt Roman Fish Market Gate of Octavia Thumbnail
Albert Bierstadt at the de Young,
Six Paintings Apart From
What You Might Expect

Gallery Notes

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Giuseppe Cadenasso self portrait SF Call Banner April 7 1894 Jean Baptiste Camille Corot
San Francisco's Giuseppe Cadenasso
finds a work by Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
in the Rubbish, SF Call, April 7, 1894
Cadenassos Gem Title SF Call 5 7 1894
Claude Monet once said of Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot, "There is only one master here—Corot. We are nothing compared to him, nothing."

San Francisco's Giuseppe Cadenasso, later known as "the Corot of California" would have agreed with Monet. Below, from the April 7, 1894 edition of the San Francisco Call, is the tale of Giuseppe Cadenasso rescuing a Corot original from a local framemaker's rubbish bin.
Cadenassos Gem Sketch by Jean Baptiest Camille Corot

Just about this time, when the violets are blooming and rheumatism is prevalent, and a "livelier iris changes on the burnished dove," Cadenasso, the artist, sits in his studio on Geary street and drinks inspiration from a small picture hanging above his chamber door.

When the art students pour in, headed by Martinez and Bennett and "French," in the evenings they, too, sit down and drink inspiration from the same picture. Then between puffs of pulverized cabbage leaves that the distinguished artist affects, he will exclaim parenthetically; "Ah, yes, boys, that is a great thing! That is a Corot!"

And the students poke their noses a little closer to the painting and echo the words, "Yes, that is a Corot." When lay visitors enter Cadenasso's studio he invariably, after showing them the portraits which adorn the walls, will finally point out to them that he has reserved as a grand treat, and say:

"Ah, you have seen Cadenasso, now I will show you a Corot."

The average visitors do not seem overwhelmed by the little piece of work of the great French master, but they pretend they are, and when they go home they tell their friends that they have seen Cadenasso's Corot.

As a matter of fact there is little doubt that the work is that of Corot, and how it came into the possession of Cadenasso is quite a story. He was passing a picture - frame store one day, and chanced in to see if he could get some frames. There, jumbled up among a lot of trash he espied a 5 x 8 picture which had all the strength, simplicity and freedom of the great Corot. Then Cadenasso, who is generally harmless as a dove, became wise and a serpent. He asked the price, which the dealer said was $2.50. The painter haggled over the price, and finally elicited from the framemaker that he had purchased the piece for two bits from a seedy looking Frenchman who had the absinthe habit.

After a while, Cadenasso got the picture for a song and hastened to his studio with the prize. He examined it carefully and became convinced that it was no copy, but a genuine original by someone, who, if not Corot, had all Corot's art. One day while trying to fix the picture, which was on board and broken across the corner, Cadenasso found that there was paper pasted over the back of it. He tore this off and to his joy discovered the legend on the back.

Then like the lady in the parable, who on finding her lost piece of silver called her friends in to rejoice, Cadenasso brought all the artists in he could find, and showed them the Corot. since that time when the art-students suspect they don't know everything about art they go to Cadenasso's studio and try to discover the secret of Corot's success. Dilettanti to throng the studio and it is getting quite the fad to see that Corot.

As for Cadenasso he refuses to part with his treasure, which is valued at fully $500. A small Corot at the Art Association rooms was valued at $7,000. He is proud of his possession, and whenever the visitor enters the studio the modest Cadenasso always says:

"You have seen Cadenasso, but now, ah! I will show you Corot."

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Albert Bierstadt at the de Young,
Six Paintings Apart From What You Might Expect

Hudson River artist Albert Bierstadt came to California and produced huge, romantic, and epic scenes of the American West, flooded with illuminated with vast skies and glowing clouds. Some modern criticisms and even some of his contemporary critics considered his work grandiose and indulgent. But paintings
from the de Young's collection show a different dimension to Bierstadt's work.

Albert Bierstadt Photo
Albert Bierstadt

Born in Germany, three-year-old Albert Bierstadt moved along with his family to New Bedford, Massachusetts in 1833. As a youngster, he made impressive sketches with crayon. Twenty years later, he returned to his native Germany and studied painting at the Düsseldorf School.

Upon returning home, he painted in New England and New York for a brief period, but then embarked upon a daring and adventurous opportunity to explore the American West. He accompanied a U.S. Government surveyor named Frederick W. Lander on his first of many treks into the wilds of the American frontier.

Albert Bierstadt Sierra Nevada Thumbnail
Sierra Nevada (c. 1871–1873), Reynolda House Museum of American Art, Winston-Salem, North Carolina
In his own day, some critics found fault with Bierstadt's work, and he has received increasing criticism to the present day. Some critics suggested his large canvases to be an egotistical indulgence, sized for the self image of anyone who would own one. Especially bold criticism was leveled at Bierstadt because he changed details of the natural landscape to give his works a sense of awe. Some would say he would paint his scenes the way he felt they should be rather than the way they were. But countering all this criticism, Bierstadt regularly sold his paintings for huge sums, while gaining adoration from the art loving public.

Because of his large public appeal and financial success, his fame grew and he was elected a member of the National Academy and received honors for his work throughout America and Europe. He is believed to have completed over 4,000 paintings, many of which survive today, and prints of his work remain widely popular and available. Original works are offered in the auction market from time to time at hefty prices.
Albert Bierstadt Looking Down Yosemite Valley Thumbnail
Looking Down Yosemite Valley (1865), Birmingham Museum of Art, Birmingham, Alabama
Albert Bierstadt Storm in the Rocky Mountains Thumbnail
Storm in the Rocky Mountains (Mount Rosa), 1886, Brooklyn Museum, New York

Above are three thumbnail photos of paintings which typify most of Bierstadt's work

Below are six atypical Bierstadt paintings from the de Young Museum's collection of American paintings.

Albert Bierstadt Roman Fish Market Arch of Octavius
Roman Fish Market, Arch of Octavia, 1858
Albert Bierstadt Sunlight and Shadow
Sunlight and Shadow, 1862
The Roman Fish Market, Arch of Octavia shows the aged architecture glory of Rome's past playing host to a common fish market filed with patrons and merchants going about their daily enterprise without ceremony or romance. His Sunlight and Shadow of a a shaded church door is a stunning piece, exhibiting a practiced eye in discerning the marvelous dance of light and shadow cast on the statues, church door and cobblestones.
Albert Bierstadt Study of Indians Hunting Buffalo
Study of Indians Hunting Buffalo, 1888
Albert Bierstadt View of donner Lake California
View of Donner Lake, California, 1871 - 72

The Study of Indians Hunting Buffalo may have been a scene Bierstadt could have witnessed on earlier treks through the American West, but by the time this painting was done in 1888, the west had been covered with railroad tracks and strung with barbed wire. The shameful slaughter of bison had already taken place. Yet his depiction of daring hunters with spears while riding bareback on mustangs speaks to their courage and strength. This painting stands as a social statement of an American West which had disappeared, and stands along with other of Bierstadt's contemporaries in capturing the scenes of a vanishing west.

Albert Bierstadt California Spring
California Spring
, 1875

Albert Bierstadt Port of Nassau
Port of Nassau

His View of Donner Lake, California done in the early 1870's is a scene familiar to many modern day Californians who've made the relatively easy drive up I-80 to view this lake from the perspective of the mountain slopes rising from its western shore. Although this scene displays Bierstadt's more romantic and traditional treatment, it is a locale not nearly as famous as the multitude of paintings done of Yosemite Valley or Mount Shasta, and is a treat for that reason alone.

His California Spring again is a romantic treatment of a Central Valley agricultural scene, but is far more tranquil than his paintings of the towering Sierra. His Port of Nassau is a working harbor long ago in the Caribbean, and apart from the typical Bierstadt subject matter.

The de Young's American paintings collection has many treasures from a wide variety of American painters, especially some gems from William Keith and Thomas Hill. So, on your next visit to the de Young to see the Birth of Impressionism exhibition (ending September 6) or the soon to arrive Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay beginning September 25, make time to view the de Young's collection of American painters and enjoy these more rare scenes by Albert Bierstadt.

* * * * * * *
Gallery Notes

Joshua Meador, Inner Harbor

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery - new space.

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery now has a satellite gallery. A section of Bodega Bay's Smith & Kirk Contemporary Art and Custom Framing on Hwy 1, next to the Ren Brown Collection, has provided an opportunity to feature other paintings besides the exhibits in the main gallery nearby on Eastshore Road. Smith & Kirk is open Wednesdays through Sundays, so we will be seen by more of the visitors to Bodega Bay. We will be found there some days, and are nearby and available most times. A selection of paintings by Joshua Meador, Alexander Dzigurski and his son Alex II, and John W. Hilton and his daughter Kathi are currently featured.

Linda Sorensen's Paintings now showing
at Smith and Kirk Gallery in Bodega Bay

Also on exhibit at Smith & Kirk are the paintings of Linda Sorensen -- yes, that's Linda of Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery. Stop at Smith & Kirk and take a look. You can also keep up with her new works online at and on

L.L. Sorensen, Vineyard Carousel

Whales in Bodega Bay during the Summer?

Bodega Bay Marine Laboritory reports, and our own eywitness experience confirms, that whales are present in Bodega Bay this summer. There seems to be a large population of krill in our waters attracting the whales. So your next trip to Bodega Bay, you may want to bring along a good set of peeled eyes, a long lensed camera, and binoculars.

Marvin Cone at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, also
home to the paintings of Iowa Regionalist Grant Wood

Linda particularly notes the current exhibitions at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art in Iowa, which features her favorite Regionalist painter Marvin Cone 1891-1965 (to August 22): The Sky's the Limit: Marvin Cone's Clouds. The museum is also showing (to September 19) the Riley Collection of significant works by French Impressionists and Post-Impressionists, as well as offering ongoing viewing of Grant Wood's works there and at the Grant Wood Studio. Cone once said, "The purpose of art is not to reproduce life, but to present an editorial, a comment on life.... The artist does not set out to imitate nature. What would be the purpose of that? Let the camera with its clever mechanism imitate. Art, such as poetry, music, and painting, is simply a portion of the experience of the artist. When we actually see ideals, they become real to us. Art traces an abstraction and makes it audible or visual. It symbolizes the whole of life. We believe in something we can see.”

Marvin Cone, Golden Afternoon 1922

Ropbert DeVee Painting on exhibit at Bodega Bay's Terrapin Creek Cafe

New Works by Robert DeVee at Bodega Bay's Terrapin Creek Cafe

Robert DeVee of the Ren Brown Collection is exhibiting some of his large works at the nearby Terrapin Creek Cafe. The stunning landscapes entertain diners enjoying one of Bodega Bay's exciting culinary wonder, the Terrapin Creek Cafe. The cafe has a dedicated loyal clientel, including Robert DeVee. Drop in for lunch or dinner, a feast for the eyes and the tastebuds.


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Linda and Dan Photo

Smith and Kirk Gallery Bodega Bay

New to Smith and Kirk Gallery : the paintings of Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
and the paintings of L.L. Sorensen
Also offering works of the late Gail Packer.
Conveniently located next to The Ren Brown Collection
1785 A Highway One, PO Box 1116, Bodega Bay, CA 94923 | 707-875-2976
LL Sorensen Kirby Cove Thumbnail
"Kirby Cove" LL Sorensen
Local Color Gallery

IN BODEGA BAY Local Color Artist Gallery
Road Show
Jody Ship and Judy Butler
Reception, Sun, July 4, 2-4 PM
through August 16th | Back to the Top

JC Henderson New Moon Setting
J.C. Henderson
New Moon Setting

Reb Brown Sign Thumbnail IN BODEGA BAY The Ren Brown Collection
Spring 2010 Exhibit:
MYTHOS: Sun and Moon
Recent work by Sarah Brayer
July 15 - Aug 29
Reception Sat, Jul 17, 2-4 PM
Sarah will also be available Sunday afternoon, | Back to the Top
Ren Brown Collection
Terrapin Creek Cafe Andrew and Liya
Liya and Andrew
And while visiting galleries in Bodega Bay, dine at
The Terrapin Creek Cafe "just above Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery"
Here's what Santa Rosa's Press Democrat had to say ...
"... Against all odds, this little storefront restaurant, in the space that was once the Seaweed Café, perched on a hillside above the Bodega harbor marina, has pulled off a culinary coup. In a Wine Country stuffed with world-renowned restaurants, it is, in a quiet and unassuming way, among the best."

And nearby, in Sonoma, Napa & Marin Counties
Christopher Queen Gallery

IN DUNCANS MILLS Christopher Queen Galleries
3 miles east of Hwy 1 on Hwy 116 on the Russian River
BOHEMIAN SOJOURN ... 20th Annual Exhibition
Early artists of the Bohemian Club, 1870's - 1920's |707-865-1318| Back to the Top

Self Portrait of Xavier Martinez
Bobbi & Ron Quercia

IN DUNCANS MILLS Quercia Gallery
Quercia Gallery presents
"Totally Totem" (Lighted Interior Totems)
Reception: Sunday, August 1, 3 - 6 pm Open: August 1 - August 31, 2010
The concept of candle lit interior totems, is explored by four Sonoma County sculptors, Monty Monty, Susandra Spicer, Lillian Lehman,
& Bobbi Jeanne Quercia
Hours: 11am-5pm, Thur - Mon (707) 865-0243 | Back to the Top

Quercia Gallery Duncans Mills
Annex Galleries Santa Rosa IN Santa Rosa The Annex Galleries
specializing in 19th, 20th, and 21st century
American and European fine prints

The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
Lee Youngman Photo Thumbnail

IN CALISTOGA the Lee Youngman Gallery

Michael McGrady, Actor / Artist in
"Celebration of Color"
Reception: August 7, 2010, 5-7 PM
show continues through August 20th | Back to the Top

Paul Youngman Mustard
Paul Youngman

Jeanette Legrue and her painting Lillies Thumbnail

IN TOMALES Tomales Fine Art
Host artist Janette LeGrue

August 14-29, 2010 - Timothy Horn
Artist Reception: Saturday, August 14, 5-7pm - Meet the Artist! | Back to the Top

Tomales Fine Art Gallery
QuickSilver Gallery Exterior

IN FORESTVILLE The Quicksilver Mine Co.
6671 Front St. (Hwy. 116) Downtown Forestville PHONE: 707.887.0799
July 9 - August 15, 2010 SOJOURNS Louisa King Fraser
Artist Reception: Saturday, July 10, 4—6pm
Gallery Talk: Thursday, August 5, 7pm
August 20—September 26, 2010 ONE ACROSS THE BOW: Works on Paper
William Smith, Artist Reception: Saturday, August 21, 4—6pm
| Back to the Top

Linda Ratzlaff IN GRATON Graton Gallery
9048 Graton Road, Graton, California (707) 829-8912

"Nature's Inspiration" July 6 - Aug 15 Linda Ratzlaff, Katherine Fell,
Caroline Hipkiss & Cynthia Hipkiss Reception: Sunday July 11, 3-6pm Back to the Top
Bodega Landmark Gallery Thumb IN BODEGA Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection
"The Coast, the Hills and the Vines"
A group exhibition celebrating the beauty of the Northcoast
17255 Bodega Highway Bodega, California USA 94922 Phone 707 876 3477 | | Back to the Top

West County Design Center

IN VALLEY FORD West County Design
Join us for our 4th Anniversary Celebration, "Looking West" -- Landscapes by Wendy Goldberg, Kai Samuels-Davis, Darryl Vance -- , Show continues through August 22, 2010
West County Design, 14390 Highway One, Valley Ford, CA 94972, 707-876-1963
Craig Collins, Craig Collins Furniture, Sharon Eager, West County Design,
Patrick Miller, Bohemian Stoneworks
(Across from the Valley Ford Hotel and its famed Rocker Oysterfeller's Restaurant) | Back to the Top
Sillouette of Cypress Kai Samuel-Davis Thumbnail
Silouette of Cypress
Kai Samuel-Davis
BBHPhoto Dennis Calabi
IN PETALUMA Calabi Gallery
Sebastopol's own famed master conservator Dennis Calabi brings his rare knowledge and experience to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork.

Calabi Gallery presents our Summer Selection Exhibition! This will include work from the Spring Exhibition, with exciting new additions. We have freshened up the walls by adding another tier of paintings, creating a salon style effect and allowing us to show mor art.

144 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952 Call 707-781-94952 |Back to the Top
Granville Redomond
"A Passing Storm"
Granville Redomond
Vintage Bank Petaluma Thumbnail IN PETALUMA Vintage Bank Antiques
Vintage Bank Antiques is located in Historic Downtown Petaluma, corner of Western Avenue and Petaluma Blvd. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Warren Davis and the rest of the team at Vintage Bank Antiques has assembled a spectacular inventory of paintings. From the 18th Century to Contemporary Artists. We have paintings to suit every price point and collector level. If you have a painting for sale, please consider Vintage Bank Antiques. Contact Warren Davis directly at
101 Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952, ph: 707.769.3097 | Back to the Top
Petaluma Arts Council Art Center IN PETALUMA Petaluma Arts Council
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions
and involve the whole community
in appreciation, involvement and recognition of art

July 16 – September 19, 2010
Art of the Doll: Protection, Healing, Power and Play | Back to the Top

Petaluma Art Center
Photo:Anita Diamondstein
And, while on the Big Island, visit these friends of our gallery ...
Isaacs Art Center In Waimea, Big Island, Hawaii Isaacs Art Center
Well worth the effort ... while on the Big Island, visit its best Museum and Gallery,
with some impressive and historic Hawaiian art. | Back to the Top
Jules Tavernier Kilauea by Moonlight c 1890 Thumbnail
Kilauea by Moonlight
Jules Taverier c 1890
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Links to current museum exhibits
relevant to Early California Art
The Greater Bay Area
, Southern California, & Beyond
The Greater Bay Area

The Walt Disney Family Museum
tickets available online

Film of the Month ... Swiss Family Robinson (1960)
1:00pm and 4:00pm, Theater (except Tuesdays and August 13, 14, and 21.)
August 13 + 14 – Lecture ... John Canemaker Presents Two Guys Named Joe 6:30pm, Theater
(August 13); 3:00pm, Theater (August 14)
August 21 – Inside the Tree House with Swiss Family Robinson Actor Tommy Kirk 3:00pm, Theater

Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail

San Francisco de Young Museum
from Musée d’Orsay"
Birth of Impressionism"
Closes ... September 6th

Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne and Beyond: Post-Impressionist Masterpieces from the Musée d’Orsay
September 25, 2010 - January 18, 2011

De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society
Think California
September 24, 2009- February 5, 2011

California Historical Society Thumbnail

San Francisco
Legion of Honor

Impressionist Paris: City of Light
Jun 5 - Sep 26, 2010

San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
ontemporary Jewish Museum

Reinventing Ritual: Contemporary Art and Design
for Jewish Life

April 22, 2010 - October 3, 2010
San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail

Oakland Museum of California

Open After Renovations

PIXAR: 25 Years of Animation
drawings, paintings, & sculptures
from Ratatouille, WALL-E,
UP, and Toy Story.
- The new Gallery of California Art showcases more than 800 works"... one of the largest and most comprehensive holdings of California art"

Oakland Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco

"Calder to Warhol,
Introducing the Fisher Collection"

Through September 19
Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Museum

Polaridad Complementaria:
Recent Works from Cuba
Jun 5 - Aug 29

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail
Santa Rosa
Charles M. Schultz Museum

The Language of Lines:
Imaginary Places in the Comics
April 24 to August 22, 2010

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa Moraga
Hearst Art Gallery

Superbly Independent: Early California paintings by Annie Harmon, Mary Deneale Morgan, and Marion Kavanaugh Wachtel July 25 - September 19, 2010

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen

Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA 95476
(707) 939-7862
Silence, Exile, and Cunning
May 1 - July 25
Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

Seaweed, Salmon, and Manzanita Cider,
A California Indian Feast
Grace Hudson Museum

San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th– and 21st–century artworks including paintings, sculpture, installation, new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.

San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail

Crocker Art Museum

Galleries Closed
JUNE 7 - OCTOBER 9, 2010

Crocker Art Museum Thumbnail

Capitol Museum

Permanent Exhibits

Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail
Monterey Museum of Art
Land & Sea,
Paintings and Photographs of
Monterey and Beyond

January 30-October 24, 2010
MMA Pacific Street

Monterey Museum of Art

Southern California (and Arizona)
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

-Land & Sea: Paintings and Photographs of Monterey and Beyond.
Through October 24
Featuring paintings, photographs, watercolors and etchings, Land & Sea will offer visitors a unique look at how Monterey’s natural and urban landscape has influenced the many artists who lived and worked in Monterey and abroad.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Irvine The Irvine Museum
"Saving Paradise"
Over a hundred years ago, many artists were fascinated with the splendor of California, which compelled them to paint the scenic beauty of California. Although the great romantic image of Old California remains, the unique landscape has changed dramatically. For our time, we are fortunate to be able to view some of these rare paintings and are able to briefly return to a time long ago when California was an unspoiled paradise.

Irvine Museum Thumbnail

Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara
Museum of Art

Colorscope: Abstract Painting 1960 - 1979

March 20 - August 15, 2010

Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Colors of the West: The Paintings of Birger Sandzén, Apr 17 - Sept 12 McCALLUM WING
In 1894 Sandzen immigrated to the United States. Considered a post-Impressionist for his use of color and expressionist in technique, Sandzén created vibrant and dynamic paintings of prairie and western landscapes. In 1908, he made his first trip to Colorado and in 1915 became a regular visitor to Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. He found the Southwest and its mountains “… a paradise for the painter.”

Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art

Toulouse-Lautrec's Paris
Selections from the Baldwin M. Baldwin Collection
Through December 12, 2010
San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

Santa Monica
California Heritage Museum
Extended Exhibition
through Aug 29

Evolution and Art in California

California Heritage Museum Santa Monica
Norton Simon Museum

Hiroshige: Visions of Japan
June 04, 2010 - January 17, 2011
Permanent collection,European paintings
Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
The Huntington Library
American Art Collection

Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, William Keith, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Hart Benton and many more.
Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena

Museum of California Art
Main Gallery:
California Design Biennial: Action/Reaction
July 18, 2010 – October 31, 2010

Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb Los Olivos
Wilding Museum

The Desert Speaks: The Art of Fernand Lungren
June 16 through September 19, 2010
Wilding Museum Los Olivos Thumbnail

Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum

Portraits of the West: The Kenneth M. Freeman Legacy Exhibition
"Rembrandt of the Rodeo"
June 26 through October 24, 2010

Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89
& Beyond
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum

Everything Under the Sun:
Photographs by Imogen Cunningham
July 11, 2009–August 29, 2010

Seattle Art Museum Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Permanent Collection

Portland Art Museum Thumbnail
Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery
Christo and Jeanne-Claude: Remembering the Running Fence, Sonoma and Marin Counties, California, 1972-76, A Documentation Exhibition
April 2, 2010 – September 26, 2010

Grand Salon Installation—Paintings from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago

Permenant collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery
Permanent collection
American Paintings

Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail Atlanta, GA
High Museum of Art

The American collection ... paintings by William Merritt Chase, Henry Ossawa Tanner, John Twachtman and Childe Hassam. It includes landscapes by Hudson River School artists, figure paintings by Henry Inman and John Singer Sargent, and still-life paintings by John Frederick Peto, William Michael Harnett
and William Mason Brown.

Atlantas High Musuem of Art Thumbnail

Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus
is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.
The Sky’s The Limit:
Marvin Cone’s Clouds

May 1 - August 22, 2010

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Roanoke, VA
The Taubman Museum
19th & 20th Century Paintings
John Singer Sargent, Thomas Eakins, Winslow Homer, Robert Henri, Childe Hassam & others.
Permanent Exhibit
Taubman Musuem Roanoke Virginia