2/25/2019. Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery takes your online privacy seriously. You may visit the site anonymously as many times as you like without providing any personal information. We neither buy nor sell personal information. Visits are not tracked. Constant Contact provides us with incomplete information that some of the people on the permission-based email list have clicked through the Newsletter announcement to open the actual Newsletter, or website, or have opted out, or emails have bounced. The consumer information that we maintain is limited to an email address list that has generally been signed up for, and postal mail address lists based on sign-ups, purchases, or publicly available information. These are used for our own events, including participation in Art Trails and Art At The Source.

The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect in 2020. It does not apply to our small-sized business. Nevertheless, we would not mind providing disclosures, access, and of course requests to delete information. EU: Wedo not intentionallly collect information on EU residents and do not sell artworks internationally. It is possible for EU residents to sign up for our informational Newsletter without our knowledge (not for offering goods or services).

To be removed from our email list, use the "unsubscribe" link, reply to the email, or send us a separate email, saying "remove" or "no" or similar message. To be removed from mailings, contact us in some manner with that request. Please note that if you are accustomed to receiving an Art Trails or similar collector's quide, you will probably not receive it in the mail unless one or more artists is participating who submits your address that year. Lists are not re-used from prior years.