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Joshua Meador
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Jon Blanchette 1908 - 1987
Jon Blanchette, Three Boats
Three boats
Jon Blanchette, Mendocino House
Mendocino House
Jon Blanchette, Mendocino Church
Mendocino Church
Jon Blanchette, Coast on a Winter's Day
Coast on a winter's day

Jon Blanchette was born in Sommerset, England, and came to America, first living in Michigan. Showing artistic talents early on, he pursued his art training at the Pittsburg Art Institute. In the 1930's, Jon and his artist wife Jean, a fine sculptor and portrait painter, moved to LA.

He worked in architectural design, interior decorating, and as a technical illustrator for engineering firms. But, he also found some time to work in show business too, designing sets for shows in New York and for Fox Studios in Hollywood.

In 1948, he and his wife moved up the coast to Aptos, CA, where he painted and taught. During summers, he would hold workshops in Mendocino and Carmel. He was noted to be a master of the limited palette, and has held many one man shows in California.

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