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Jean Baptiste Camille Corot 1796 - 1875 Jean Baptiste Camille Corot

In 1897, Claude Monet wrote, "There is only one master here - Corot. We are nothing
compared to him, nothing." 

Forty years earlier In 1856, Corot summarized his painting in these words. "Beauty in art is truth bathed in an impression received from nature. I am struck upon seeing a certain place. While I strive for a conscientious imitation, I yet never for an instant lose the emotion that has taken hold of me. Reality is one part of art; feeling completes it… …Before any site and any object, abandon yourself to your first impression. If you have really been touched, you will convey to others the sincerity of your emotion."

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Jean Baptiste-Camille Corot Montefontaine

Montefontaine, Barbizon School
Mid-century reroduction Print
16 x 22,