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Sidney Tilden Daken 1876-1935

Sydney Tilden Daken Sunrise Sonoma County

Sydney Tilden Daken Sunrise Sonoma County Signature "Sunset Sonoma County"
Oil on paperboard 17 1/2 x 21 1/2
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Sydney Tilden Daken Sunrise Sonoma County with Frame

Sydney Tilden Daken Sunrise Sonoma County Closeup

Samuel Tilden Daken, also known as Sidney Tilden Daken, was born in Bunker Hill, IL on June 14, 1876. At age three Daken made the cross-country trek with his parents to California. When he was nine he began to learn the trade of decorator and mural painter. He grew up in San Francisco and studied briefly at the School of Design, but was mostly self-taught.

By 1900 he was painting frescoes and decorating homes in the city. The fire of 1906 destroyed his studio on Van Ness Avenue and much of his early work. He soon opened a studio in Santa Rosa. He taught there before joining the art faculty at Ursuline College in Sonoma. For unknown reasons, Samuel Tilden Daken used the pseudonym Sidney Tilden Dakin after 1910.

By 1932 he was living in Los Angeles. For artists during the Depression survival was difficult. Daken spent his last years in the mountains near Georgetown, CA mining for gold. He died of liver cancer on April 24, 1935. A prolific landscape painter, he painted in the redwoods, Yosemite, Lake Tahoe, Marin and Sonoma counties.

His works were exhibited at the Elks Club (Santa Rosa), 1908; PPIE, 1916. He painted the curtain of the Union Hall and Hotel in Sonoma around 1906-07, which is an exhibit in the museum of the Sonoma Valley Historical Society. He is well represented in museum collections: Fresno Museum; Saint Mary's College (Moraga); Sonoma Co. Museum; Oakland Museum; Nevada Museum (Reno); Depot Park Museum (Sonoma). CA&A;

Source: Crocker Museum Store, per AskArt; Sonoma Valley Historical Society.