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Raoul Maucherat De Longpre 1843 - 1911

Raoul Maucherat De Longpre Lilacs and Leaves

In manner of Raoul Maucherat De Longpre
Lilacs and Leaves Still Life
Oil on canvas 22 1/2 x 18
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Raoul Maucherat De Longpre Lilacs and Leaves with frame

Raoul Maucherat De Longpre Lilacs and Leaves Closeup

This 19th Century unsigned canvas, now placed in an antique period frame, bears the greatest similarities to the works of Raoul Maucherat De Longpre (1843-1911). Although categorized as a French-American floral painter, he is not believed to have travelled to the United States. There are U.S. exhibition records for his paintings, and it is believed that his younger brother Paul de Longpre (1855-1911) represented his works in the United States. Lilacs were Raoul's favorite subject, and there are many auction records showing highly similar presentations. Bouquets that appear to float in the air were one of his three principal compositional types. (The signature was usually lightly painted on an angle to the right of the stem bottoms.) However, relatiely few available auction records show oil paintings. More of Paul's auction records are oil paintings.

Considered a prodigy, Raoul de Longpre was making a living as a floral painting at age 12. In 1864 he debuted at the Paris Salon. His paintings are in museum collections including the National Museum of American Art in Washington, D.C.

It is of course possible that his works were so well desired in the 19th Century that they may have attracted skillful contemporaneous copyists. However, an unsigned work in oil when the original would have been in watercolor does not indicate a forgery motivation.

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