E. R. Donohoe 19th Century

Donohoe E R Mt Tam .jpg

Mt. Tamalpais, circa 1895
Watercolor, 8 x 12

E R Donohoe Mt Tamalpais

This masterful watercolor by E. R. Donahue is a mystery. She's not listed, but appears to have been a student of L. P. Latimer. A note written in 1937 on the back of this painting dates the painting around 1895. This piece has been recently reframed, and the note on the back is visible through plexiglass. A picture of the note follows.

Donahoe E. R. Verso .jpg

The note reads, "Mt. Tamalpais painted by E. R. Donahoe and given to Mary R. Boscherling. This picture was painted about 1895. E. R. Donahoe was the maternal grandmother of Montagu Hawkin, who was born in San Rafael, California, in sight of this mountain and he walked up it with his father, Montagu Hawkin, when only 7 years old. -- Montagu Hawkin 6/4/ 37

Source: Information posted verso on the painting.