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Alexander Dzigurski 1911-1995

Alexander Dzigurski Mendocino Gale

This painting is a major work originally from the estate collection of the artist. The composition encompasses the boiling waters off the Mendocino coastline during a winter gale, showing a strong coastline and the beautiful play of light on the waves. Painted in 1965 from a series of on-location field sketches done by Mr. Dzigurski. A prime example of the artist's finest work.

Alexander Dzigurski Mendocino Gale Signature "Mendocino Gale" 1965
Oil on canvas, 34 x 60

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery is pleased to include this work on our website as a courtesy to the offeror. Please direct inquiries about this painting to the artist's son,
Alex Dzigurski II, through his website or write to

Alexander Dzigurski Mendocino Gale Closeup

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