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Joshua Meador
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Justin Faivre 1902 - 1990

Justin Faivre, Old Bay Farm Island
Old Bay Farm Island
, 1955-75

Justin Faivre, Goat Rock
Goat Rock, Sonoma Coast
Justin Faivre Carquienz Field Train and Ship Midsized Thumbnail
Carquinez Strait
Ship Train and Field
Justin Faivre, Willamette Valley, Oregon
Willamette Valley, Oregon, 1968
Justin Faivre, Ocean Beach
Ocean Beach

(offered unframed)
Justin Faivre, Grazing at Estero's End
Grazing at Estero's End
(offered unframed)
Justin Faivre, Docking at Estuary's End
Docking at Estuary's End

(offered unframed)


Justin Faivre arrived in San Francisco in his late twenties during the Great Depression. He was born in Matthews, Indiana, grew up in Portland where he studied with Howard Ellis, and spent the first few years as a Californian in Los Angeles before making the Bay Area his home.

In 1934, he began exhibiting his oils and watercolors at the Oakland Art Gallery which later to become the Oakland Museum. His first studio was in Oakland and then he settled in Alameda. Faivre's work was greatly influenced by the Society of Six, a group of six Oakland painters influenced by the French Fauvists. The six included Selden Connor Gile, August F. Gay, Maurice Logan, Bernard Von Eichman, William H. Clapp, and Louis Siegriest.

They were known for using textural effects, thick impasto, and rich colors, showing the influence of Paul Cezanne and and Henri Matisse. His subjects included still lifes, landscapes, portraits, and marine scenes. He held memberships in the Society of Western Artists and the Alameda Art Association. Sadly, while in his later years, his shed containing many of his works was burgularized and he died penniless.

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