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Carol Grigg, Earth Healer with white mat
currently in a whte mat, 29 x 39 3/4 overall
Carol Grigg 1942 -
Carol Grigg Riding Woman Earth Healer, $125
(plus $50 if shipped, due to its oversized shipping size)
Litho Print from an original Watercolor,
29 x 39 3/4 overall, 22 x 31 2/4 (sight)

Carol Grigg Riding Woman

Carol Grigg is known for her paintings of Native American women riding or leading their horses. She paints in several seemingly different styles and focuses on a diverse range of subject matter. She is a self-taught artist who was in fact taught from the cradle.
Carol Grigg Photo

She simply did not come from a formal art school background. "My family allowed me to express myself in as many ways as I needed and encourage me with their interest and love." She also expresses herself as a potter, sculptor, poet, songwriter, musician, and singer.

Her early life developed another aspect of her artistic work for which she is now known, which is her deep commitment to the Earth and the environment. Recently, she's been involved in the effort to save what is left of a world she grew up in but which is rapidly disappearing. As an artist who wishes to preserve the environment and to honor the Native American culture and its belief in living in harmony with Mother Earth, Grigg's background has certainly prepared her for that role.

She says her motivation for painting is to teach. When she presents an idea over and over, like the horse and rider, it's a way of carrying that message to more people. When creating a simply uncluttered image, she says she likes the purity of feeling it generates and the fact that is is accessible to both the visually sophisticated the unsophisticated alike. Grigg produces images that evoke emotions, which work on people in mysterious and subtle ways.

Carol lives on a small Oregon farm, home to dogs, cats, pigs, and of course, her horses. Grigg has a special bond with horses, as evident in her watercolors, that has existed from early childhood. "They comfort my eye and my mind," she confesses. "To watch a horse in the distant field, to remember my own standing in the moonlight outside my window, so white in the darkness ... this makes my heart stand still, something I will never forget"

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