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Joshua Meador
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Harry Law, The Dignity of the Earth
The Dignity of the Earth, 1929
Watercolor, 4 x 6
, offered unframed
Harry Victor Law

Ye Ancient Willow, Harry Law, 1931
Ye Ancient Willow, 1931
Watercolor, 6 5/8 x 9,
offered unframed

Harry Victor Law painted watercolors. He first was active in Northern California, beginning in Salinas, then Oakland and San Francisco. In 1923 at the age of 55, he moved south to Los Angeles where he was active in the California Watercolor Society, and maintained friendships and associtions with many artists, including his friend, John W. Hilton. Harry Victor Law exhibited at the Art Institute in Chicago, the California Watercolor Society, the Berkeley League of Fine Arts, and the Bradford Gallery in Los Angeles.

Both paintings pictured above were given to John W. Hilton as tokens of freindship by Harry Victor Law, and are offered from the Kathi Hilton collection.