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James March Phillips 1913 - 1981
James March Phillips Photograph James Marach Phillips, Cypress and Coast Monterey
Cypress and Coast Monterey

James March Phillips, Ranchhouse San Jose
Ranchhouse San Jose
James March Phillips, Along the Coast, Mendocino
Along the Coast, Mendocino
James March Phillips, Landing Mallard
Landing Mallard,
Mallard Series
James March Phillips, Mallards on Shore
Mallards on Shore,
Mallard Series

James was born in 1913 in Fresno, California. He cannot recall a time he was not interested in drawing and painting.

James March Phillips could not recall a time when he wasn't interested in drawing and painting nature.

He did not begin is art career early though due to World War II. James served n the European thater. After the war, the GI Bill aided him in his art studies at the Jean Turner Art Academy in San Francisco along with other noted California watercolorists, Louis J. Rogers, Alfred Owles and Baaron J. Paget Fredericks.

He describes his art saying, "Essentially, I am a realist in my painting, attempting to portray subjects in their true form and color." Phillips was an ardent outdoorsman, and loved walking beaches, watching birds and wildlife. He loved painting seascaapes. In his opinion, painting nature in true perspective is the greatest challenge an artist must face.

He is noted for his realistically rendered subject in both form and color, yet within that realism is James March Phillip's personal interpretation.

He often expressed that his greatest challenge as an artist was to recreated nature in true perspective. He has gained recognition in watercolor, and was represented by the finest galleries in the West. Source: Biography and photo accompanying painting