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Nell Gertrude Walker Warner 1891 - 1970 Warner Nel Walker Path to Sea Mid .jpg
Path to the Sea

She was praised as one of America's foremost painters of flowers, and her western and California landscapes were well known. She was a member of numerous art associations, was exhibited widely, and her paintings won many awards.In

Nell Walker grew up in Nebraska and Kansas, graduating from the Lexington College for Young Women in Missouri in 1910.

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After a brief teaching position in Colorado Springs, she moved to Los Angeles, graduating from the Los Angeles School of Art and Design in 1916. She taught in local LA girls schools, and painted backdrops for silent films.

In 1920, she married a surgeon, Dr. Bion Smith Warner, and traveled in Europe. While living in La Canada and La Crescenta, California, she furthered her painting studies with Nicholai Fechin, Fritz Werner and Paul Lauritz.

In 1945, she married Emil Shostrom and moved to Carmel, CA where she had been a frequent visitor. She resided in Carmel the next 18 years until her death in 1970.

Source: An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West, Philip Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki Kovinick, 1998.