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Grace Fountain
1858 - 1942

Fountain Grace Shasta Thumb.jpg
"Mount Shasta"
by Grace Fountain. 1934
72 x 84
Turtle Bay Exploration Park,
Redding, California.
Grace Fountain Photo
Grace Fountain participating
in a choir, Southern Oregon
Historical Society

Grace Fountain was born in Yreka, California in 1858, thirty miles north of Mt. Shasta. As a young girl, she moved to nearby Ashland, Oregon. She didn't begin painting until age 24, but made it her life's work, establishing a studio in Portland. About forty of her paintings have been sold in recent years by one Portland auction house alone.

A year after the 1906 San Francisco earthquake, she moved to Oakland at age 50, and remained there until 1942. During this period, she painted many natural locales, including the Grand Canyon, Crater Lake, and Mt. Shasta.

Grace painted huge canvases of grand natural sites such as Crater Lake at, the Grand Canyon and Mt. Shasta. The Mt. Shasta painting to the right is amazing, an oil canvas measuring six feet high by seven feet wide.

Her painting of Crater Lake was owned by the Southern Pacific Railroad and was exhibited at the National Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C. In 1931, her Sunrise Grand Canyon was exhibited at the California Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.

From the Southern Oregon Historical Society ... "One painting accompanied a story by Joaquin Miller in Sept. 1904, Sunset Magazine. Her mentor was painter William S. Parrott. Moving to Portland in the 1890's she had a studio and taught art to women. After 1906 the family moved to Oakland, California and a sympathetic art colony. They remained life-long friends of Joaquin Miller and lived on or near his property. Grace Fountain continued painting well into her 70's and died in1942 in Oakland. Her sister Mabel was also a landscape artist who remained in Ashland. The sisters remained close and visited often. Source: "Grace Russell Fountain: Her Life & Art, 1858-1942" By Gail Evans-Hatch publ. 2013"

Sources: Sources: Siskiyou.edu, Phil Kovinick and Marian Yoshiki Kovinick, An Encyclopedia of Women Artists of the American West, 1998. Southern Oregon Historical Society.

Grace Fountain Grand Canyon National Park Arizona 1931

Sunrise, Grand Canyon 1931
Oil on canvas, 35 x 42
Fountain Grace Grand Canyon Sign .jpg Fountain Grace Grand Canyon Nameplate .jpg
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Fountain Grace Grand Canyon .jpg

Fountain Grace Grand Canyon Part .jpg