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Joshua Meador
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Artists C - D
Alice Chittenden
Eliot Candee Clark
Gordon Coutts

Carl Dahlgren

Dave Dalton
Virginia Chism Darce
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky

Phil Dike

Leon Dolice
Horace Wolfe Duesbury
Alex Dzigurski II
Alexander Dzigurski

Quick thumbnail reference .... Artists C - D
Alice Chittenden
Alice Chittenden, A Snow Covered Path
A Snow Covered Path
Eliot Candee Clark Eliot Candee Clark Lone Cow
Lone Cow
Eliot Candee Clark Deserted Farm
Deserted Farm
Eliot Candee Clark Purple Hills
Purple Hills
Gordon Coutts Gordon Coutts, Upper Toulumne Sundown, a mountain stream with towering Sierra snow capped peaks in the background lighted by the setting sun
Upper Tuolumne Sundown

Gordon Coutts, Grazing Below Mount Tamalpais
Grazing below Mount Tamalpais
Gordon Coutts, San Jacinto Morning
San Jacinto Morning
Carl Dahlgren Dahlgren Carl Bridalveil Mid .jpg
Bridalveil Falls, Yosemite
Carl Dahlgren, Sunlit Forest Stream
Sunlit Forest Stream
Dahlgren Carl Forest Path Mid.jpg
Forest Path
  Dahlgren Carl Sheep Hillside Mid .jpg
Sheep on hillside
Carl Dahlgren, California Vista, Sheep, green hills and distant mountains
California Vista
Dave Dalton Dave Dalton, Silver Light 1983
Silver Light, 1983
Virginia Chism Darce

Virginia Darce, Spring Landscape, 1944
Spring landscape, 1944

Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Rialto Bridge Venice, Italy 1917
Rialto Bridge, Venice, Italy, 1917
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Rolling Waves
Sunset and Rolling Waves
  Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Venetian Canal 1917
Venetian Canal, 1917
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Supper Time
Supper Time
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky Fishing Dory Nocturne
Fishing boats nocturne
Philip Latimer Dike Phil Dike, After Sailing, Balboa Harbor
After Sailing, Balboa Harbor
Phil Dike, Urban Shore
Urban Shore
Leon Dolice Leon Dolice, Chrysler Building, New York
Chrysler Building
Leon Dolice, Crashing Ocean
Crashing Ocean
Horace Wolfe Duesbury
Horace Duesbury, Sierra Nevada lake with sailboat
Sierra Nevada
lake with sailboat
Alex Dzigurski II Alex Dzigurski II, Eastern Sierra Lake
Sierra Lake
Alexander Dzigurski Alexander Dzigurski, Wochein, Slovenia's Mt. Triglav
Wochein, 1943
(Mt. Triglav, Slovenia)
Alexander Dzigurski, Obere Weisenfelsersee
Obere Weisenfelsersee (Austria)
Alexander Dzigurski, Radhausberg, Austria
(near Salzburg, Austria)
  Dzigurski Alexander Positano Italy Mid .jpg
Positano, Italy
Alexander Dzigurski, Dance of Light
Dance of Light
Alexander Dzigurski, Eastern Sierra
Eastern Sierra
  Alexander Dzigurski, Grand Tetons Stream with jagged peaks in the background
Grand Tetons stream