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Alex Dzigurski II with on of his larger paintings
Alex and one of his paintings "Evening Fire," 48 x 72

Alexander Dzigurski II 1968-

Alexander Dzigurski and son Alex Dzigurski II
Alexader Dzigurski and Alex II
Alex, a well-known and highly collected artist in his own right, is the son of Alexander Dzigurski 1911-1995, the famous painter who came to the United States from Slovenia after WWII and became internationally known for seascapes and majestic mountainscapes. Alex was born in 1968 in Atherton, California, and grew up with the sights, scents and sounds of his father's working studio. As his father before him, he exhibited his talents early on. He studied at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, Illinois, with teachers Ted Smuskiewicz and Irving Shapiro, and graduated in 1990. Afterward, he won a scholarship to the Institute of Fine Arts of Los

Alex Dzigurski II Sierra Lake
This Alex Dzigurski painting is available through
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery

Sierra Lake 16 x 20

Angeles, and then continued under the professional guidance of his father. He is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America, belongs to the California Art Club, and was in the Palette and Chisel Academy in 1989-1990. (Source: AskArt) He resides in Mountain View, California, where he maintains his studio.

Since Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery is an on-line only gallery, we've returned our Alex Dzigurski's studio. You may contact Alex to acquire his work directly from him.

Below are thumbnails of Alex's work which was shown at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Click on each image to see larger photos of each painting.
Alex Dzigurski website, 650-218-5706
Alex Dzigurski Harvest's Anticipation
Napa Autumn 14 x 18
Alex Dzigurski II Cyrpess at Sunset
"Sunset Fire," Pt. Lobos, 9 x 12
Alex Dzigurski II Blushing Horizon
Asilomar Wildflowers 18 x 24
Alex Dzigurski II Marin Spring Midsized Thumbnail
Marin Spring 18 x 24
Alex Dzigurski Grand Teton Meadow
Grand Teton Meadow, 20 x 24
Venana Moonlight Alex Dzigurski
Ventana Moonlight, 24 x 20
Alex Dzigursi Southbound Sunset
Southbound Sunset, 24 x 36
Cypress Sunset Alex Dzigurski
Cypress Sunset, 18 x 24
Morning Light Carmel Valley Alex Dzigurski
Morning Light, Carmel Valley, 18 x 24
Alex Dzigurski II Bodega Ghost Midsized Thumbnail
Bodega Ghost
14 x 18
California Idyll Alex Dzigurski
California Idyll, 18 x 24
Bixby Widlflowers Big Sur Alex Dzigurski
Bixby Wildflowers, Big Sur, 18 x 24
Alex Dzigurski II Mistral Pt Bonita Midsized Thumbnail
"Mistral, Pt. Bonita"
12 x 16
Alex Dzigurski II Moonlight Tide Bendocino Midsized Thumbnail
"Moonlight Tide, Mendocino"
14 x 11
Rocky Coast Medocino Alex Dzigurski
Rocky Coast Mendocino, 16 x 20
Alex Dzigurski II Sonoma Coast Sunset Midsized Thumbnail
Sonoma Coast Sunset
12 x 16
Alex Dzigurski II Fort Ross Coastlline Midsized Thumbnail
Fort Ross Coastline
12 x 16
Halfdome Yosemite Autumn Alex Dzigurski
Halfdome Yosemite Autumn, 24 x 20
Point Lobos Springtime Alex Dzigurski
Point Lobos Springtime, 18 x 24
Point Lobos Cypress Alex Dzigurski
Point Lobos Cypress, 20 x 16
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