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Joshua Meador
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  Artists T - Z  
Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait
Stephen Seymour Thomas
James Gale Tyler
Manuel Valencia
Napoleon Primo Vallejo
Meeuwis Van Buuren (Dutch)
Nell Gertrude Walker Warner

Rene Weaver
George Arnold Weeden
Jack Wisby

Robert E. Wood
Florence Young
Frances Upson Young

Milford Zornes

Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait
(after) Arthur Fitzwilliam Tait, Chicks 1864
Group of Chicks, 1864
Stephen Seymour Thomas Stephen Seymour Thomas, Makapuu Point, Oahu, 1938
Makapuu Point, Oahu 1938
Stephen Seymour Thomas, Carmel Dunes, 1951
Carmel Dunes, 1951
Stephen Seymour Thomas, Monterey Coast
Monterey Coast
James Gale Tyler James Gale Tyler, Sailboat nocturne, 1893
Sailboat Nocturne
James Gale Tyler, Sailboat and Dory, nocturne
Sailboat and dory
Manuel Valencia

Manuel Valencia, Lupines on the Northern Coast
Lupines on the Northern Coast

Manuel Valencia, Redwood Forest
Redwood Forest
Manuel Valencia, Aftere Rain
After Rain
  Manuel Valencia, Haywagon
Napoleon Primo Vallejo Napoleon Primo Valljo Crashing Waves 1895
Crashing Waves, 1895
Meeuwis Van Buuren (Dutch) Meeuwis Van Buuren (Dutch), Dunes and Grasses
Dunes and Grasses
Nell Gertrude Walker Warner Nell Walker Warner, Path to the Sea
Path to the Sea
Rene Weaver Rene Weaver, Tuolumne River, 1944
Tuolumne River, 1944
George Arnold Weeden George Arnold Weeden, Coastal Hills, 1914
Coastal Hills
, 1914
Jack Wisby after Jack Wisby, Mt Tamalpais and Rolling Hills
Mount Tamalpais and Rolling Hills
Robert E. Wood Robert E Wood, Tropical Jewel
Tropical Jewel
Against the Sea Acrylic Abstract,  Ponte d'lshia, near Naples, Italy
Against the Sea

Acrylic Abstract,
Ponte d'lshia, near Naples, Italy
Robert E Wood Forest Texturees
Forest Textures,
offered unframed
  Robert E Wood Ranchhands at Dusk
Ranch Hands at Dusk,
offered unframed
Florence Young Florence Young Inlet
Florence Young Half Dome Yosemite
Half Dome, Yosemite
Florence Young Mount Whitney from the Alabama Hills
Mt. Whitney from the Alabama Hills
  Florence Young Eucalpytus and Mountain
Eucalyptus and Mountain
Florence Young Desertscape
Florence Young Cabin in the Foothills
Cabin in the Foothills

Frances Upson Young

Frances Upson Young The Edge of the Desert Mt. San Jacinto, near Palm Springs, CA
The Edge of the Desert
Mt. San Jacinto,
near Palm Springs, CA
Frances Upson Young Cypress Cove California Coast
Cypress Cove
California Coast
Milford Zornes Milford Zornes, Mount San Antonio (Mount Baldy), 1989
Mt. San Antonio (Mount Baldy), 1989
Milford Zornes, Ghosts, 1960
Ghosts 1960
Milford Zornes, North Ligurian Coast, NW Italy, 1987
North Ligurian Coast (Italy) 1987
Milford Zornes, Orchard under Gray Skies, 1941
Orchard Under Gray Skies 1941
Milford Zornes, Catalina Island Coast, 2000
Catalina Coast, 2000
Millford Zornes, The Arch Leguna, Leguna Beach, CA  1973
Newly offered
The Arch Laguna
, 1973
Laguna Beach, CA