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Joshua Meador
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Robert E Wood Photo Robert E. Wood 1926 - 1999
Robert E. Wood, Tropical Jewels
Tropical Jewel
Robert E. Wood, Against the Sea, (Ponte d'Ishia, a bridge on an island just off Naples, Italy)
Against the Sea, (acrylic)
(Ponte d'Ishia, a bridge
on an island just off Naples, Italy)
Robert E Wood at his easel Robert E Wood Forest Texturees
Forest Textures (watercolor)
offered unframed
Robert E Wood Ranchhands at Dusk
Ranch Hands at Dusk
offered unframed

After World War II, Robert studied watercolor painting and was influenced by Rex Brandt and Phil Dike. He exhibited his works mostly in Southern California, paintings done near Claremont. He enjoyed doing harbor scenes in Corona del Mar and Newport Beach. Robert was active in the watercolor world, participating in the American Watercolor Society, the California Watercolor Society and the West Coast Watercolor Society. Source: Robert E. Wood Online Tribute.

By the 1960's, he was recognized as one of the best of the California Watercolorists who came along after World War II. He most often worked with transparent colors but frequenly added opaque colors if the added to a particular work.

From California Watercolors, An Illustrated & Biographical Dictionary by Gordan McClelland and Jay T. Last ...

"Robert E. Wood grew up in Southern California. Just after World War II, he began seriously studying watercolor painting and was influeced by Rex Brandt and Phil Dike. By the late 1940's, he was in a graduate program and already exhibiting watercolors in museum and gallery shows. His works from this period often depict regional subjects found near Claremont, where he was attending college, and harbor subjects near Corona de Mar and Newport Beach."
Robert E Wood with Watercolor Artist Ralph Hulett and others
California Watercolor Society Meeting in 1965,
left to right, Gerald Brommer, Ralph Hulett, Jae Carmichael,
Robert E. Wood and Keith Crown ... courtesy of CaliforniaWatercolor.com

"By the early 1960's, he was acknowledged as one of the premier California Watercolorists to emerge during the post-war eral The personal style for which he became well-known was clearly developing. While most of his works have been painted with transparent watercolors, he also freely incorporated opaque colors or other complimentary mediums if they improved a specific work of art. His paintings often balance areas of pure abstraction with stylized, but recognizable subject matter. Throughout his career, he divided his time between painting outdoors and working inside his studio."

"Wood also established a career in teaching watercolor painting. He taught at the University of Minnesota, Otis Art Institute, Scripps College and the Brandt-Dike Summer School of Painting. Beginningh in 1961, he held the position of Director of the Robert E. Wood School of Painting in Green Valley Lake, located in the San Bernardino Mountains. His book, Waterolor Workshop was published by Watson-Guptill in the early 1970's and has been reprinted three times. Wood also taught traveling waterocolor workshops in Russia, Sweden, France, Japan, Tahiti, Jamaica, Ireland and other countries."

"In addition, Wood exhibited his works in New York City at the National Academy of Design and in commercial art galleries. He was also an active member in the American Watercolor Society and served as its vice president. On the West Coast, he exhibited regularly with the California Water Color Society, West Coast Watercolor Society, and in gallerys. from 1950 onward until his passing, his work was offered in over eighty-one one-man shows."

Source: Robert E. Wood Online Tribute ...