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Joshua Meador
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Artists Hi - J

Anna Althea Hills
John W. Hilton
Kathi Hilton
Elizabeth Hoen

Carl Hoerman
Ransome Gillet Holdredge
Thelma Speed Houston

Ralph Hulett
Ned Jacob
Carl Henrik Jonnevold
Quick thumbnail reference .... Artists Hi - J
Anna Althea Hills
Anna Althea Hills Wooded Stream and Sheep
Wooded Stream and Sheep
oil on canvas
Anna Althea Hills White Roses
White Roses 1904
Anna Althea Hills Red Roses
Red Roses
  Anna Althea Hills Yellow Daffodils
Yellow Daffodils
Anna Althea Hills Pale Opal
Pale Opal, watercolor
John W. Hilton John W Hilton, Fall in the Canyon, Anzo Borrego State Park, east of the Salton Sea
Fall in the Canyon

John W Hilton, La Mananita, 1963
La Mananita, 1963
John W. Hilton, Twentynine Palms
Twentynine Palms, 1950
  John W. Hilton, A Morning in Spring
"A Morning in Spring" 1969
John W Hilton, Desert at Evening
Desert at Evening
John W Hilton, Monumnet
Monument ,1951
  John W Hilton, Desert Dunes, 1936
Desert Dunes 1936
John W Hilton, Moonlight in the Dunes
Moonlight in the Dunes
Kathi Hilton Kathi Hilton, San Jacinto Nocturne
San Jacinto Nocturne 24 x 30
Kathi Hilton, Golden Promise
Golden Promise, 15 x 30
Elizabeth Hoen Elizabeth Hoen, Sonoma Valley, 1899
Sonoma Valley, 1899
Carl Hoerman Carl Hoeman, Gods of the Deep, Grand Canyon,
Gods of the Deep, 1950
Grand Canyon
Ransome Gillet Holdredge Ransome Gillet Holdredge, Old Mill in the Redwoods, site of today's Bohemian Club grounds on the Russian River in Sonoma County, California
Old Mill in the Redwoods
(Bohemian Club Russian River)

Thelma Speed Houston Thelma Speed Houston, Cathedral
Balboa Park Scene

Thelma Speed Houston,  The Church Door
The Church Door

Thelma Speed Houston, Big Sur
Big Sur
  Thelma Speed Houston, Augie's Restaurant
Augies (once famed
San Diego restaurant)
Thelma Speed Houston, San Louis Rey Bell Tower
Bell Tower, Mission San Luis Rey
Thelma Speed Houston, Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis
  Thelma Speed Houton, Blue and Red Abstract
Blue and Red abstract
offered unframed
Thelma Speed Houston, Hillside Park
Hillside Park
Ralph Hulett Ralph Hulette, Sierra Bridge
Sierra Bridge,
offered unframed
Ralph Hulett, The Open Gate
The Open Gate
Ned Jacob Ned Jacob, Cowbow with Duster, charcoal sketch
Cowboy with Duster
Carl Henrik Jonnevold Carl Henrik Jonnevold 1856-1955, Indian Rider, Yosemite Valley (created in the late 1880's)  Oil on canvas, 28 x 36  $17,000
Indian Rider, Yosemite Valley
Carl Jonnevold Moonrise over the River Thames in London
Moonrise over the River Thames
Carl Henrik Jonnevold 1856-1955, A Verdant Landscape  Oil on board, 8 x 10  $4,000
A verdant landscape