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Ralph Hulett 1915 - 1974

Born in Illinois, August 1, 1915, Ralph Hulett has been a prominent West Coast artist, associated with landscape painting, movie animation, and illustration. He was educated in Illinois and California where he had a four-year scholarship to Chouinard Art Institute, where he studied with Phil Dike and Millard Sheets. From 1937, he was associated with Walt Disney Studios where he was involved in animation, background and color styling. He was a close friend of fellow Disney artist Joshua Meador, and accompanied Meador on numerous painting excursions.

As a painter, he was a member of the American Watercolor Society, California Watercolor Society, West Coast. He was featured in a recent exhibition entitled California Regionalism at Santa Monica's California Heritage Museum featuring works works by Phil Dike, Ralph Hulett, Emil Kosa Jr., Ben Messick, Barse Millar, Phil Paradise, Paul Sample and Millard Sheets. Ralph's painting Under the Overpass participated in the exhibit and is pictured below.

Ralph Hulett working at home studio, circa 1965
in his home studio, painting a country scene, circa 1965
On the easel, a piece created for the LA Department of Public Works
Ralph Hulett Robert E Wood
California Watercolor Society Meeting in 1965,
left to right, Gerald Brommer, Ralph Hulett, Jae Carmichael, Robert E. Wood and Keith Crown
... courtesy of CaliforniaWatercolor.com

Tony Peters blog has more information about Ralph. Tony is a southern California artist who came to know of Ralph Hulett's paintings in an extraordinary way.

Sources: Askart, and correspondence with the artist's son (also named Ralph Hulett). Photos courtesy of the Hulett family. Also, information from Southern California artist and Ralph Hulett fan, Tony Peters http://tonypetersart.blogspot.com and CaliforniaWatercolor.com

Ralph Hulett working at Disney Studio 1940's
at work at Disney Studios, circa 1940's
appears to be working on Lady and the Tramp

Ralph Hulett The Open Gate Midsized Thumbnail
The Open Gate

Ralph Hulett Under the Overpass
(Not offered by our gallery) ... Ralph Hulett
Under the Overpass 1950
Recently exhibited as part of California Regionalism at Santa Monica's California Heritage Museum

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