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Cyril Rigby Baker
Ralph Baker
Ruth Manerva Bennett
Harry Cassie Best
Artists A-B Bennett Shroeder Bradbury
Alphonso Herman Broad
John Appleton Brown
Conrad Buff
Ferdinand Burgdorff
George Bickerstaff
Albert Blakelock
Jon Blanchette

Cyril Rigby Baker
1895 - 1966

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Cyril Baker Desert Thumbnail

Ralph Baker 1908 - 1976

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Ralph Baker Snow in Groveland Thumbnail Ralph Baker Lake Webber Thumbnail Ralph Baker Deserted Cabin with Tree Thumbnail
Ralph Baker Cabin by the Lake Thumb Ralph Baker Shed Ladder and Tree Ralph Baker Monterey Cypress Thumbnail Baker Ralph Coast Thumb.jpg

Ruth Manerva Bennett
1899 - 1960

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Ruth Manerva Bennett Oak Grove Thumbnail

Harry Cassie Best 1863 - 1936

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California Oaks and Pasture Path Thumbnail
Harry Cassie Best Half Dome Yosemite Thumbnail Harry Cassie Best Mt Shasta Thumb Harrry Cassie Best Yosemite Valley 1915 Thumbnail Best Harry Cassie Trees with Mt Shasta Thumb .jpg

George Bickerstaff 1893 - 1954 Back to top of page

Bickerstaff George Surf Thumb.jpg George Bickerstaff Sea Spray Thumbnail

Albert Blakelock 1847 - 1919 Back to top of page
After Ralph Albert Blakelock Canoe in Moonlight Thumbnail Robert Blakelock Encampment Thumbnail
Jon Blanchette 1908 - 1987 Back to top of page
Blanchette Jon Coast Thumb.jpg Blanchette Coast on winters day Thumb .jpg
Blanchette Jon Two Boats Thumb .jpg John Blanchette Mendocino House Thumbnail

Bennett Schroeder Bradbury 1914 - 1991 Back to top of page
Bradbury Bennett China Cove Thumb .jpg Bradbury Bennett Seacoast Thumb .jpg  
Bennett Bradbury Beach Sentinels Thumbnail Bennett Bradbury Laguna Coastline Thumbnail  

Broad Alphonso Stream Thumb .jpg

Alphonso Herman Broad
1851 - 1930

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John Appleton Brown 1844 - 1902 Back to top of page
John Appleton Brown Crashing Waves Thumbnail John Appleton Brown Pastoral Pond Thumbnail John Appleton Brown White Geese Thumbnail

Conrad Buff Self Portrait Older Thumbnail

Conrad Buff 1886 - 1975

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Conrad Buff Self Portrait 2 Thumbnail Conrad Buff Blue Mountain Thumbnail Conrad Buff Thumbnail Conrad Buff Self Portrait Younger Thumbnail
Conrad Buff From a Cave Thumbnail Conrad Buff Sunlit Face Thumbnail Conrad Buff Mountain River Thumbnail

Ferdinand Burgdorff
1881 - 1975
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Ferdinand Burgdorff California Coast Thumbnail
Ferdinand Burgdorff Indians in Monument Valley Thumbnail Ferdinand Burgdorr Lone Cypress Thumbnail Ferdinand Burgdorff Monterey Wharf Thumbnail