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Joshua Meador
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Artists A-B
Ralph Baker
Ruth Manerva Bennett
Harry Cassie Best
Arthur Beaumont
George Bickerstaff
Albert Blakelock
Jon Blanchette
Bennett Shroeder Bradbury

Alphonso Herman Broad
Gerrald F. Brommer
John Appleton Brown
Conrad Buff
Ferdinand Burgdorff

Quick thumbnail reference .... Artists A-B
Ralph Baker Ralph Baker, Cabin by the Lake
Cabin by the Lake
Ralph Baker, Shed, Ladder and Tree
Shed, Ladder and Tree
Ruth Manerva Bennett Ruth Manerva Bennett, Oak Grove
Oak Grove
Harry Cassie Best Harry Cassie Best, California Oaks and Pasture Path
California Oaks and Pasture Path
Harrie Cassie Best, Mount Shasta
Mt. Shasta
Harry Cassie Best, Mount Shasta with Trees
Mt Shasta with trees
  Harry Cassie Best, Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley, 1915
watercolor or hand tinted print
Arthur Beaumont Arthur Beaumont, Ship, Sailboat and Buoy, print of a scratchboard
Ship, Sailboat and Buoy, 1927
(black and white ink drawing)
George Bickerstaff George Bickerstaff, Sea Spray
Sea Spray
Albert Blakelock Ralph Blakelock, Canoe in Moonllight
Canoe in Moonlight
Ralph Blakelock, Encampment
Jon Blanchette Jon Blanchette, Three Boats
Three boats
Jon Blanchette, Mendocino House
Mendocino House
Jon Blanchette, Mendocino Church
Mendocino Church
  Jon Blanchette, Coast on a Winter's Day
Coast on a winter's day
Bennett Shroeder Bradbury
Bennett Bradbury Laguna Coast
"Laguna Coastline"
Bennett Schroeder Bradbury Hawaiian Coast with frame
Hawaiian Coast
  Bennett Bradbury Dusk, China Cove, Point Lobos State Park
"Dusk, China Cove Pt. Lobos"
Bennett Bradbury Beach Sentinels
"Beach Sentinels" Carmel Peninsula
Alphonso Herman Broad Alphonso_Herman_Broad_Forest_Stream
Forest Stream
Gerald F. Brommer Gerald F Brommer Piedras Blancas Point Light Vintage Print
Piedras Blancas Point Light
Vintage Print-offered frameless
John Appleton Brown John Appleton Brown Crashing Waves Midsized Thumbnail
Crashing Waves
John Appleton Brown Pastoral Pond Midsized Thumbnail
Pastoral Pond
John Appleton Brown, Geese, a small group of white geese on a grassy pasture with and oak tree and clouds in the distant background
Conrad Buff Conrad Buff Self Portrait Blue Shirt with gold leaf frame frame
Self Portrait
Conrad Buff Self Portrait Blude Shirt with gold leaf frame frame
Self Portrait
Conrad Buff, self portrait, Brown Shirt
Self Portrait
  Conrad Buff, Portrait of Mary Buff
Portrait of Mary Buff
Conrad Buff, Sunlit Face
Sunlit Face
Conrad Buff, Mountain River
Mountain River
  Conrad Buff, From a Cave
From a cave
Ferdinand Burgdorff Ferdinand Burgdorff, Pebble Beach, 1956
Pebble Beach 1956
Indians at Monument Valley, 1972, Ferdinand Burgdorff
Monument Valley 1972
Ferdinand Burgdorff, California Coast, 1911
California Coast 1911
  Ferdinand Burgdorff, On the Wharf, Monterey, CA, 1948
On the Old Wharf,
Monterey 1948