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Joshua Meador
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Nels Hagerup
Joan Hanford
Artists H-He Sam Hyde Harris
Arthur Merton Hazard

Arthur Harlow
Charles Henry Harmon

Quick thumbnail reference .... Artists H - He
Nels Hagerup Nels Hagerup, Sunset Beach, San Francisco
Sunset Beach, San Francisco
Nels Hagerup, Across the Golden Gate
Across the Golden Gate
Hagerup Nels Surf Crashing Mid .jpg
Surf Crashing
  Nels Hagerup, Beached Schooner
Beached Schooner
Nels Hagerup, Raccoon Straits by Angel Island in San Francisco Bay
"Raccoon Straits"
Nels Hagerup, Beached Schooner, San Francisco Bay
Beached Schooner
Joan Hanford Joan Hanford, Seacoast with Point Arena Light
Seacoast, Pt. Arena Light
Charles Henry Harmon Charles Henry Harmon, Manzanita Dunes
Manzanita Dunes
Arthur Harlow Arthur Harlow, Red and Yellow Roses Still Life
Red and Yellow Roses Still life
Sam Hyde Harris Sam Hyde Harris Carlsbad Backwater
Carlsbad Backwater
Sam Hyde Harris Eucalyptus and Marsh
Eucalyptus and Marsh
Sam Hyde Harris Lakeside
  Sailboats in San Pedro Harbor
Boats in San Pedro Harbor
unsigned / unattributed
Believed circle of Sam Hyde Harris

Sam Hyde Harris, AnchoredAnchored

Sam Hyde Harris Rabbit Brush
Rabbit Brush
  Sam Hyde Harris Cathedral Canyon Sketch 1951
Cathedral Canyon, 1951 (oil sketch)
Sam Hyde Harris, Eucalyptus and Hillside,
Eucalyptus and Hillside
pencil on paper, black frame
with dark charcoal mat

Arthur Merton Hazard Arthur Merton Hazard Lupines on a California Hilside 1923
Lupines on a
California Hillside, 1923
oil on canvas, 20 x 24
Arthur Merton Hazard Mount San Jacinto in Winter
Mount San Jacinto in Winter
Arthur Merton Hazard Seal Rock
Bird and Seal Rocks, California
oil on canvas laid down on board
12 x 15
  Arthur Merton Hazard Seine Boat Provincetown, Cape Cod, 1922
Seine Boat, Provincetown, 1922
watercolor, 13 1/8 x 19 1/4

Arthu Merton Hazard Sunset on Cape Cod with Windmill
Sunset on Cape Cod,
watercolor, 14 x 19,
offered unframed