CA School San Pedro Boats .jpg
in San Pedro Harbor


Oil on canvas, 16 x 24
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This 16 x 24 oil on canvas bears a Linder's Art Shop ink-stamped paper label on the top stretcher bar (artist Harry Linder 1886-1931, who arrived in California in 1917 and established a gallery in Long Beach, California where he exhibited the works of local artists; source: Edan Hughes, Artists in California 1786-1940) and beyond that has no marks that would identify the painter.

The brush strokes of the water, boats, and dock structures are fat, long and confident, and appear to eliminate at least one candidate that the palette suggests. The sky is relatively flatly applied, which may eliminate others.

The size of the painting is not standard for early 20th Century works of this type, and may be an additional clue. It is a very successful painting that draws the viewer into the scene and strongly suggests the quiet solitude and atmospheric of the past in that Southern California locale.

The carved, gilded framing is by Vandeuren Archival Framing in West Hollywood, California. Input regarding the attribution of this painting is welcome.

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CA School San Pedro Boats Mid .jpg