Gallery Exterior Signs
Here's how to find our location, 90 minutes north of the Golden Gate

Our gallery does not display of our entire collection. If you are planning a trip to Bodega Bay,
please give us an advance word of your visit. If there are particular artworks from our on-line collection you wish to consider, we will have them availble for you when you arrive.

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Map SF to BBHGallery

Look for Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery on Google Maps,
or look to the left.

Here is the easiest way
not to get lost

Coming up Hwy 101 from the South, exit in Petaluma at the Washington Street Exit.

At the bottom of the exit ramp, turn left onto Washington.

Proceed west through town. Washington becomes the Bodega Highway. You have about 25 miles to go to Bodega Bay

Bodega Highway proceeds through the Sonoma County farm country, and just after the small town of Bloomfield, Bodega Highway merges with California Hwy 1.

Soon after you merge with Hwy 1, you pass through the town of Valley Ford, 7 miles to go.

BBH Gallery Map in Bodega Bay

Once arriving at Bodega Bay, you will proceed through the entire town, passing the Tides Restaurant.

At Pelican Plaza, the road curves to the right. Follow the road through the curve past Pelican Plaza, down the hill, then to the left uphill.

At the top of the hill, look to the left.You will see Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery (letter A on the map) and our neighbor, The Ren Brown Collection on the left side of the road.