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Bertha Luce Emory
Justin Faivre
Henrietta Riddle Fish
Hugo Anton Fisher
Jade Fon

Artists E-G Bill Freeman
Charles S. Graham
Robert Gray
Una Gray
Grace Allison Griffith
Paul Grimm
Victor Clyde Forsythe
Grace Fountain
William E. Frates
Emery Bertha Luce Ackerman Creek 1919 Thumb .jpg

Bertha Luce Emery
1873 - 1957

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Justin Faivre Hillside Barn Thumbnail Justin Faivre 1902 - 1990 Back to top of page  
Justin Faivre Grazing at Esteros End Thumbnail Justin Faivre Ocean Beach Thumbnail Justin Faivre Carquinez Field Tran and Ship Thumbnail Justin Faivre Estuary Docking Thumb

Henritta Riddell Fish 1856 - 1925 Back to top of page

Henrietta Riddle Fish Marsch Sunset Thumbnail
Hugo Anton Fisher 1854 - 1916 Back to top of page
Fisher Hugo Anton Marin Pastoral Thumb .jpg Fisher Hugo Anton Cows Thumb .jpg Fisher Hugo Pasture Pond Thumb .jpg Hugo Anton Fisher Landscape Waterfall Thumbnail
Fisher Hugo Anton Cows in Marsh Thumb .jpg Hugo Anton Fisher Rocky River Landscape Thumbnail Hugo Anton Fisher Sheep in Spring Meadow Thumbnail Fisher Hugo Anton Marsh Thumb .jpg
Fisher Print Thumb .jpg
  Hugo Anton Fisher Niagra Falls Thumbnail
Jade Fon 1911 - 1983 Back to top of page
Fon Jade Night Owl Thumb .jpg Jade Fon Mittens Monument Valley Thumbnail Jade Fon Great Canada Goose Thumbnail
Victor Clyde Forsythe 1885 - 1962
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Victor Clyde Forsythe Warmth of the Desert Thumbnail Victor Clyde Forsythe Desert Life Thumbnail Victor Clyde Forsythe River Reflection Thumbnail
Fountain Grand Canyon Thumb .jpg

Grace Fountain
1858 - 1942

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William E. Frates 1896 - 1969 Back to top of page
Will Frates Falkerson Ranch Thumbnail Will Frates Seaside Farm Thumbnail
Bill Freeman 1927
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Bill Freeman Summer Range Thumbnail

Charles S. Graham
1852 - 1911

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Charles Graham Mountain Path and Conifers Thumbnail

Robert Gray

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Robert Gray Hollister Peak Thumbnail

Una Gray -1930 Back to top of page
Gray Una Mt Road Thumb .jpg Una Gray Mount Hood Thumbnail
Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith 1885 - 1955
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Grace Allison Griffith Sheep Hills and Eucalyptus Thumbnail Griffith Alllison Dune Path Thumb .jpg Griffith Allison Early Summer Thumb .jpg Griffith Allison Pasture Path Thumb .jpg
Grace Allison Griffith Landscape at Twilight 1937 Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Grazing Sheep Sonoma 1924 Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Harris Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Pasture Thumbnail
Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Meadow Triptych Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Poplars Path and Fence Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Poplar Trio and Brook Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Spring Shower Valley of the Moon Thumbnail
Grace Allison Griffith California Oak and Sheep Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Spring Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Stream Thumbnail Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus Thumbnail
Paul Grimm 1891 - 1974 Back to top of page
Paul Grimm Desert Charm Thumbnail SolPaul Grimm Lone Smoke Tree Thumbnail