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Photo of Grace Griffith circa 1905
Photo of Grace Griffith, circa 1905
Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith 1885 - 1955

Grace studied art in San Francisco with Lorenzo P. Latimer. She created landscapes of Sonoma and Marin Counties.

Grace Myrtle Allison Griffith was born in Sebastopol, California.  Her father, Nathaniel A. Griffith, was a successful pioneer fruit rancher. In 1883, he purchased 80 acres on Laguna Road west of Santa Rosa which contained a year round spring fed stream. He introduced the Gravenstein apple to the Sebastopol region.  He was a close friend of famed horticulturist Luther Burbank. Grace did paintings and illustrations for Luther Burbank of his hybrid fruits. Aside from raising apples, he and his wife Ida raised and encouraged three remarkable and talented daughters: Grace, a gifted painter, Alice, an avid and active enthusiast of nature, and Nell, a gifted and well published California poet.

Grace Allison Griffith Spring Shower Valley of the Moon Midsized Thumbnail
"Spring Shower, Valley of the Moon"
Grace Allison Griffith Early Spring Midsized Thumbnail
"Early Spring"
Grace Allison Griffith Sheep Hills and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Sheep, Hills and Eucalyptus
Grace Allison Griffith Meadow Oaks Triptych
Meadow Oaks triptych
Grace Allison Griffith Grazing Sheep Sonoma Midsized Thumbnail
Grazing Sheep Sonoma, 1924
Grace Allison Griffith Woodland Path Midsized Thumbnail
Woodland Path
Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Poppies Midsized Thumbnail
"Mossy Oaks and Poppies"
Grace Allison Griffith Dune Path Midsized Thumbnail
Dune Path, 1913
Grace Allison Griffith Poplars Path and Fence Midsized Thumbnail
Poplars, Path and Fence
Grace Allison Griffith Landscape at Twilight Midsized Thumbnail
Landscape at Twilight
Grace Allison Griffith California Oak and Sheep Midsized Thumbnail
California Oak and Sheep
Grace Allison Griffith Pasture and Eucalyptus Midsized Thumbnail
Pasture and Eucalyptus
Grace Allison Griffith Oak and Stream Midsized Thumbnail
Oak and Stream
Grace Allison Griffith Mossy Oak and Spring Midsized Thumbnail
Mossy Oak and Spring
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Grace Allison Griffith Photo of Farmnouse
Griffith FamilyFarmhouse
burned, 1919.

Grace studied art in San Francisco with Lorenzo P. Latimer.  Her works are mostly landscapes of Sonoma and Marin Counties.  She was married early in her life to Charles B. Allison, and for a time painted under the name Allison Griffith.  In 1919, the family farmhouse burned and Grace lost many of her early works.  She and her sister Alice opened an art studio in Hawaii, and remained as working artists there for two years.  It was in Hawaii that she gained her first real recognition.  Nine of her paintings were published in the Magazine of Hawaii.

Portrait of Nathaniel A. Griffith 1896
Portrait of Nathaniel A. Griffith
by Vera Del Sticker, 1896.
courtesy of the artist's family

While visiting Europe, she had opportunities to exhibit her work, became a member of the Royal Watercolor Society of London, and her works were shown throughout England and Scotland.  In the 1920's, her works were exhibited at the California State Fair and in exhibitions of the San Francisco Society of Women Artists. Solo shows of her work were held at the Print Rooms in San Francisco, the Claremont Hotel Art Galleries in Berkeley, the Kanst Galleries in Los Angeles, and Gump's Gallery in San Francisco.

Grace married Archibald O. Harris in 1939 and the couple settled in Berkeley where they remained until "Archie" died in 1950. Grace then returned then to her family's farm where she remained with her sister Alice until her death in 1955.  Grace and her family are noted in the History of Sonoma County, 1926.

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