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Charles F. Keck
William Keith
Orpha Mae Klinker
Robert Leroy Knudson
Louis Krupp
Wayne LaCom
Federick Stymetz Lamb
Robert Landry
Emilio Lanzi
Artists K - M Florence Louise MacKenzie
Gustav Adolph Magnussen

Jean Mannheim
Joshua Meador
Nellie Moody
Charlotte E. Morgan
Lorenzo Palmer Latimer
Paul Lauritz

Harry Victor Law
Bertha Stringer Lee
Jake Lee
Leonard Lester

Harry Emerson Lewis
Gustave Liljestrom

Harry Linder

Isabel Lockwood
Maurice Logan
Ralph Love
Leon Lundmark

Charles F. Keck
1913 - 2003

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Charles F Keck Hillside Farmstead Thumbnail

Keith William Cows Thumb .jpg

William Keith

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Orpha May Klinker Valley Oaks and Mountain Thumbnail
Orpha Klinker Winter Touches the Desert Thumbnail

Knudson William Leroy The Storm Thumb .jpg

William Leroy Knudson
1929 -

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Louis Krupp Borrego Springs Thumbnail

Louis Krupp

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Wayne LaCom Park Lake Thumbnail

Wayne LaCom
1922 -

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Frederick Stymetz Lamb
1863 - 1928

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Frederick Stymetz Lamb Mountain and Evergreens Thumbnail Frederick Stymetz Lamb Imressionist View of SF Bay from the Berkeley Hills thumbnail Frederick Stymetz Lamb Hillside Path Thumbnail

Robert Landry Watercolor Falling Leaves Thumbnail

Robert Landry 1921 - 1991

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Robert Landry Lost Kite Thumbnail Robert Landry Beach Scene with Seagull Thumbnail
Robert Landry Geese at Rivers End Thumbnail Robert Landry Commencing the Hunt Thumbnail Robert Landry Shack and Windmill Thumbnail Robert Landry Seagulls Thumbnail
Emilio Lanzi Fortress Butte Thumbnail Emilio Lanzi 1884-1965
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Lorenzo Palmer Latimer Redwoods Thumbnail

Lorenzo Palmer Latimer

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Paul Lauritz Passing Storm Thumbnail
Paul Lauritz 17 Mile Drive Thumbnail
Paul Lauritz Kern River Canyon Thumbnail
Paul Lauritz Lone Pine Thumbnail

Jake Lee Koalas Thumbnail
Jake Lee Cat Thumbnail
Jake Lee Tug with Figure Thumbnail
Jake Lee Shack Thumbnail
Jake Lee Tugboat Thumbnail

Leonard Lester Delphiniums 1 Thumbnail Leonard Lester Delphiniums 2 Thumbnail

Harry Emerson Lewis 1892 - 1958
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Lewis Harry Emerson Coast Trees Thumb .jpg Lewis Harry Emerson Bodega Bay Thumb .jpg

Gustave Liljestrom
1880 - 1958

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Liljestrom Gustave Mountain Lake Thumb .jpg

Harry Linder 1886 - 1931

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Linder Harry Trees and Stream Thumb .jpg

Isabel Lockwood
(early 20th century)

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Isabel Lockwood California Seacoast Nocturne Thumbnail

Maurice Logan 1886-1977
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Maurice Logan Dockside Calm Print Thumbnail

Ralph Love 1907 - 1992
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Ralph Love Aglatha Needle Thumbnail Love Ralph Bodie California Thumb .jpg Ralph Love Monument Valley Thumbnail Ralph Love Desert Hills Thumbnail
Ralph Love Near  the Salton Sea Thumbnail
Ralph Love Foothills Thumbnail Love Ralph Salsipuedes Thumb .jpg Ralph Love Desert Thumbnail

Lundmark Leon Nocturn Thumb .jpg Lundmark Leon Joy of the Pacific Thumb.jpg

MacKenzie Florence L B CA Desert Gold Town Thumb .jpg

Florence Louise
Bryant MacKenzie 1890 - 1968

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Gustave Adolph Magnussen Laguna Canyon Thumbnail Gustave Adolph Magnussen Pekingese Dog Thumbnail

Jean Mannheim
1863 - 1945

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Jean Mannheim Sunset Glow Thumbnail

Joshua Meador Captain Vallejos Casa Thumb Joshua Meador Caspar Point Thumb Joshua Meador Cliff Shapes Caspar thumb
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove
Joshua Meador Generations
Joshua Meador Glacier Thumb
Joshua Meador Park Thumb
Joshua Meador Rural Delivery
Joshua Meador Down to the Village Thumb
Joshua Meador Mendocino Sheep Ranch
Joshua Meador Strolling In the Park Thumb
Joshua Meador Tending the Net Thumb
Joshua Meador The Last Symphony Thumb
Joshua Meador To Water Thumb
Joshua Meador Village By the Ocean thumb
Joshua Meador Bodega Pier
Joshua Meador Chicken Race Sante Domingo Pueblo
Joshua Meador A Clear Crispy Day
Joshua Meador Duncan's Mills
Joshua Meador Hill Village
Joshua Meador Inner Harbor
Joshua Meador Monterey Pier
Joshua Meador Newport Harbor Oregon
Joshua Meador Rock Fishing
Joshua Meador Sierra Cabin

Nellie Moody Grapes Thumbnail

Nellie Moody
(19th century)

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Charlotte E. Morgan
1867 - 1947

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Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast Thumbnail