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Maurice Logan 1886 - 1977

Maurice Logan, Gull Cove
Gull Cove, original watercolor

Maurice Logan, Dockside Calm
Dockside Calm,
(vintage print)
offered unframed

Portrait of Maurice Logan

In the 1920’s, Maurice George Logan painted and exhibited with an Oakland group known as “the Society of Six.”

The Society of Six were devoted to the colorist principles of the French Fauvists, and included Selden Connor Gile, August F. Gay, Maurice Logan, Bernard Von Eichman, William H. Clapp, and Louis Siegriest.

The Six banded together to share costs, rents, ideas, and exhibitions spaces.

Logan’s works grew more subdued as he aged, and by the end of the 1930’s he had abandoned his colorful palette entirely. A native of California, Maurice Logan studied with a number of San Francisco’s finest instructors, starting with Richard Partington. He further studied with Theodore Wores, and Frank Van Sloun at the San Francisco Institute of Art, and at the Art Institute of Chicago and the California College of Arts and Crafts, where he ultimately taught between 1935-1943.