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Charles F. Keck
1913 - 2003
Charles F Keck Hillside Farmstead
Charles F Keck Photo

Charles F. Keck's work is a fine example of the California style of watercolors of the 1940's.

He attended the Chouinard Art Institute

in Los Angeles during the 1930's, studying with Millard Sheets, Phil Dike, and Lawrence Murphy, and participated in the California Style Watercolor Movement.

Hillside Farmstead
Watercolor 15 1/2 x 22 3/4
Charles F Keck Hillside Farmstead Signature
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After the war, Keck and his wife settled in Los Angeles, and he spent the next 36 years teaching and painting. His favored subjects were landscapes punctuated with people from every day life; industrial scenes, scenes of farm life, and scenes of people toiling at their daily labors. His work shows strong compostion with well defined and sometimes somber tones. He used French hand made paper, and mixed his paints with fresco pigment with a binder. In the 1950's, Keck experimented with abstract expressionism, but continued his traditional style he learned so long agon at the Chouinard Art Intstitute, to first study his subject and then paint it with feeling.

Source: Biography by Sandy Hunter, http://www.tfaoi.com/aa/5aa/5aa333.htm Sandy Hunter is owner of California Art Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA and specializes in works by Charles F. Keck. http://www.californiaartgallery.com

Charles F Keck Book Cover  

Charles F Keck Hillside Homestead with Frame
Charles F Keck Hillside Farmstead Closeup