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Joshua Meador 1911-1965

Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa Signature "Captain Vallejo's Casa" #1776
on the plaza in Sonoma, CA, c. late 1940's

Oil on Linen, 22 x 30

Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa

Captain Vallejos Casa with frame

Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa Closeup

Joshua Meador really enjoyed Sonoma County, doing many scenes of the coast in Bodega Bay and nearby Duncans Mills and the town of Bodega. But he made the trek across the county to Sonoma Plaza in the late 1940's, and produced this painting entitled Captain Vallejo's Casa.

Captain Salvador Vallejo was General Mariano Vallejo's youngest brother and during the Bear Flag Revolt, was the head of the garrison at the Vallejo Mission. In 1846, both General and Captain were captured by John C. Fremont and were held prisoner at Sutter's Fort. After the war, the Vallejo's proved their allegience to the United States. Mariano Vallejo became one initial members of California's State Senate. During the Civil War, Salvador Vallejo was commissioned a Major in the Union Army, and saw service as far east as Arizona, but did not see combat.

Today, Captain Salvador Vallejo's La Casa Grande still stands. It now is home to the Swiss Hotel, a fine hotel and Italian restaurant, providing a fine restaurant and hotel while preserving a scenic and historic corner of Sonoma's glorious past. The building was constructed in 1836. If only these walls could talk.