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Disneyland &
work related to
Disney Studios
Coastal and Harbor Scenes Eastern Sierra
Coastal Hills,
Farms, & Towns
Southern California,
Central America & other
Palm Springs
& Desert Scenes
Walt Disney
& Meador Family Collections

Joshua Meador 1911-1965, Coastal Hills, Farms & Tow

Larger Paintings
Joshua Meador Perimeter
Perimeter 27 x 40
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Cannery Row
Cannery Row
22 x 30
Joshua Meador Geneerations
Generations 22 x 30
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador 1911-1965, A California homestead and Barn next to a line of Eucalyptus Trees
22 x 30
Joshua Meador 1911-1965, The Three Sisters, three California oaks on a slanting golden California hillside.
The Three Sisters
24 x 34
Joshua Meador Sheep Ranch, Mendocino
"Sheep Ranch" Mendocino 24 x 34
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Captain Vallejo's Casa
Captain Vallejo's House
22 x 30
Joshua Meador, Fountain of Spring, a scene of two figures below two flowering trees, bursting forth with pinks and whites, as if they were fireworks.
Fountain of Spring #1332
22 x 30
Joshua Meador, Park, a tranquil park square with fountain and figures
22 x 30

Medium sized paintings
Joshua Meador, Full Bloom, a sceen of a farm house with springtime red blooming trees bursting forth..
Full Bloom 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Rural Delivery Midsized thumbnail
Rural Delivery20 x 27
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador, Duncans Mills, California
Duncans Mills,
circa late 1940's
20 x 27
Joshua Meador, 1911-1965, Hill Village 1951
Hill Village, 1951. 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Side of a Hill, 18 x 24
Side of a Hill, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador, Playground, a pasture with horses
Playground , 18 x 24
Joshua Meadoer 1911-1965, Jack's Horses 14 x 18
Jack's Horses 14 x 18
Meador Family Collection
Smaller painting and vintage print

Joshua Meador Autumn Oaks
Autumn Oaks, 6 x 8

Joshua Meador Mission Arches Vintage Print
Mission Arches, 15 X 18,
VINTAGE PRINT, Glendale Federal
Savings Collection of California Ar