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Joshua Meador
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Joshua Meador, Genesis

Joshua Meador, Haven
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Joshua Meador, A Clear Crispy Day, New Mexico
Palm Springs &
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Joshua Meador, Mission Arches, Vintage PRINT
Southern Callifornia
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The Joshua Meador
Family Collection
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Meador's animation credits
Meador on Film
4 Artists Paint 1 Tree
& Tricks of our Trade (1954 )
Joshua Meador:
critics, exhibitions, etc.

Joshua Meador: Critics, Quotations, Exhibitions, & Notable Collections
Alfred Frankenstein Art Critic San Francisco Chronicle Arthur Millieer Art Critic Los Angeles Times Logo, California Art Club
Alfred Frankenstein, long time Art Critic for the San Francisco Chronicle wrote,

"Joshua Meador's landscapes are free, breezy, vigorous, and full of subtle touches of painter-craft. They suggest movement and atmosphere and relationships in space."

Arthur Millier, Art Critic for the Los Angeles Times wrote,

"Joshua Meador has the happy faculty of seeing a picture in everything from wharves to hills and paints his scenes with striking realism. He sees the outdoors with fresh eyes and a good sense of what many people can enjoy."

California Art Club (CAC)
at their January 16 1959 meeting at Rancho Golf Club House in Palm Springs.

Newsletter intro ... "Joshua Meador is highly individualistic and his technique is definitely his own. He is able to produce a feeling of boldness with restraint."

Sante Fe News art Critic Alfred Morang and fiddle Logo Vallejo Times Herald Logo  
Alfred Morang,
Sante Fe Artist
& Art Critic for
the Sante Fe News

"Joshua Meador paints with fine command of gray tonality, and understands the use of color to project a most interesting quality of imagnination."
E. M. Polley,
Art Critic for
The Vallejo Times Herald

"This is the essence of Meador's landscapes, clean, sparking color, appplied in such a way that the eye blends the hues, tints and shades. His canvases of Mendocino County, for instance, look as if everything has been freshly rained on, and the wobbly old fences, although they look weathered and used, are not dirty and dusty."


-Joshua Meador's son Philip quoting his father, what 'Josh' often said to admirers standing behind him as he painted. -
"First and foremost, I'm a painter, Disney is my day job."

-Joshua Meador, occasion of an exhibition at Rutherford Galleries in Portland, OR
"I think I'm inclined toward impressionism. But, I want to paint and interpret the way I feel and not be influenced by any one school. I like to select a subject according to the emotional quality and enjoy painting it emotioally rather than breaking it down to rule, form or dynamic symetry."

-Interview with Countess Elektra Rozanska (Newsletter, September, 2015)
When asked about the development of an animated sequence like the fire scene in Bambi, Meador replied, "You're touching on a subject that is very tehnical and lengthy. A sequence first is developed in the story department. Then it is given to the director who controls the picture. The effects work is turned over to the effets department where it is drawn. This is my special field. Then the effect is interpreted by the artist to whom it is assigned."

Los Angeles County Museum, Contemporary Painting / U.S., (Meador's Conway Summit, between Bridgeport and Mono Lake, 1951
California Palace of the Legion of Honor, Contemporary American Painting, 1952
Society of Western Artists (SWA), 12th Annual Exhibition, 1951, de Young Museum, San Francisco
National Orange Show, 1953
National Academy of Design, 1955
de Young Museum, San Francisco, Regional Show
Frances Webb Gallery, Laguna Beach Art Assocciation Show
New Mexico Museum of Art, Sante Fe, NM
Greek Theater, Los Angeles, 1948
Santa Paula Annual Art Exhibition, 1950 & 1954
Sierra Madre Library, 1955
Pasadena Art Museum, 1954
Intervalley Savings and Loan Exhibition, 3 Artists Exhibition, Hanson Puthuff, Ralph Hulett & Joshua Meador.
Rutherford Galleries, 1434 Southwest Mill Street, Portland, OR, 1952
Rutherford Galleries, 3024 Fillmore St. , San Francisco, CA (relocated from Portland)

Frances Webb Gallery, Laguna Beach Art Association Exhibition
Whittier Art Association Gallery, Whittier, CA
Barker Brothers Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, 1951
Maxwell Galleries, San Francisco, CA
The Lane Galleries, Westwood Village, 1027 Glendon Ave, Los Angeles, CA
Paaske Gallery, Riverside, CA
Whites' Art Store, 2315 Honolulu Ave, Montrose, CA

Notable Collections
-Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library, Austin, TX. In 1965, Josh was honored by NASA when he was chosen to be the artist on board the aircraft carrier retrieving the first returning astronauts from the moon. Josh gave a painting entitled California Coast was given to the LBJ administration when he was chosen. Unfortunately, Josh died later in 1965 and was unable to paint the astraunauts returning from the moon in July of 1969.
Joshua Meador California Coast LBJ Presidential Library
California Coast, 24 x 36
Walt Disney Family Museum, San Francisco, CA This painting is of Walt Disney's Smoke Tree Ranch, nestled at the foot of Palm Spring's Mt. San Jacinto. This painting was used in the recent film Saving Mr. Banks staring Tom Hanks. It was hanging in Walt's office behind his desk.
Joshua Meador_Smoke Tree Ranch
Smoke Tree Ranch
, 24 x 36
United States Air Force Art Collection, Vandenburg AFB, CA
We are still researching the occasion why this painting was done and given to the Air Force.
Joshua Meador Bird 519 United States Air Force, Vandenburg AFB, CA
Bird 519
, 1962
Fred MacMurray was a personal friend and fan of Joshua Meador paintings. Josh became acquainted with MacMurray when he starred in Disney's "Flubber" movies in the early 1960's. MacMurray had long been a Hollywood star, but Meador's son Disney had fond rememberences of him and his kindness to Josh.

the Diane Disney Miller and Ron Miller art collection.

Meador Paintings sold by Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
  Joshua Meador Mood Indigo
"Mood Indigo" # 1805 22 x 30
Disney Collection
courtesy of the Meador family
Joshua Meador Smoke Trees Midsized Thumbnail
Smoke Trees 20 x 27 SOLD
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Far Beyond Disney Collection Midsized Thumbnail
"Far Beyond" #1820 14 x 18
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Pow Wow Midsized Thumbnail
Pow Wow 18 x 14
Disney Collection
Joshua Meador Pacific Cove Midsized Thumbnail
Pacific Cove 20 x 27
Joshua Meador Rainy Conversation
Rainy Conversation
, 8 x 6
Joshua Meador Snowfalls Golden Moment
Snowfall's Golden Moment
6 x 8
Joshua Meador Shoreline Midsized Thumbnail
Shoreline 16 x 12
Joshua Meador Veiled Morning
Veiled Morning
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Edge of the Bay Midsized Thumbnail
Edge of the Bay 18 x 14
Joshua Meador Beach at Morro Bay
Beach at Morro Bay, 18 x 24
Joshua Meador Reflective Road
Reflective Road SOLD
6 x 8
Joshua Meador Two Barn Curve
Two Barn Curve SOLD
6 x 8
Joshua Meador Tidepools 1905
Tidepools, 1905,
12 x 16
Meador family Collection
Joshua Meador Red Roses Still Life
Untitled, Red Roses Still Life, 14 x 16
Joshua Meador Red Roses Midsized Thumbnail
Red Roses
10 x 8
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Medor Marine Rocks Midsized Thumbnail
Marine Rocks 6 x 8
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Finale Midsized Thumbnail
Finale 12 x 27
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Bach Sonata for Cello
Bach Sonata for Cello
18 x 24
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Gray Tone Midsized Thumbnail
Gray Tone, 14 x 18
Joshua Meador I Dreamt I was Painting
I Dreamt I Was Painting
18 x 14
Joshua Meador Fun Time Midsized Thumbnail
Fun Time
22 x 30 SOLD
(the King Arthur Carousel, Disneyland)
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Boat Anchorage Midsized Thumbnail
"Boat Anchorage"
18 x 24
Joshua Meador Rain People Midsized Thumbnail
Rain People, # 1457
27 x 18 - SOLD
Joshua Meador Rainy Day Midsized Thumbnail
"Rainy Day" SOLD
(Bodega, CA)
22 x 30
Toward San Jacinto
Toward San Jacinto SOLD
Disney Collection 20 x 27
Courtesy of the Meador Family
Joshua Meador Spring Rain
Spring Rain (near Valley Ford, CA)
20 x 27 SOLD
Joshua Meador Palm Springs Midsized Thumbnail
"Palm Spring" 14 x 18 SOLD
Disney Collection,
Courtesy of the Meador Family
Joshua Meador Ebb Tide Stroll
Ebb Tide Stroll 6 x 8 SOLD
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Modernist Pier Midsized Thumbnail
Modernist Pier
6 x 8 SOLD
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Left by the Tide Midszied Thumbnail
Left by the Tide (Bodega Bay)
20 x 27 SOLD
Joshua Meador River Homes Midsized Thumbnail
River Homes
20 x 27
Meador Family Collection

Joshua Meador Caspar Inlet Midsized Thumbnail
Caspar Inlet 16 x 12 - SOLD
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Left by the Tide Midsized Thumbnail
Los Altos Ranch SOLD
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Fishermans Wharf
Fisherman's Wharf
22 x 30 SOLD
Meador Family Collection
Joshua Meador Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves Midsized Thumbnail
Coastal Rocks and Crashing Waves

26 x 36
Joshua Meador Homeward Bound Midsized Thumbnail
"Homeward Bound"
26 x 36
Joshua Meador Stewarts Point Midsized Thumbnail
"Stewart's Point"
24 x 34
Joshua Meador Almond Alley Midsized Thumbnail
Almond Alley
22 x 30
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Forest Primeval Midsized Thumbnail
"Forest Primeval"
22 x 30
Joshua Meador Mission Midsized Thumbnail
22 x 30
Joshua Meador Village in the Valley Midsized Thumbnail
"Village in the Valley"
22 x 30
Cambria Pines, Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Sierra Retreat Midsized Thumbnail
Sierra Retreat
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Castaway Midsized Thumbnail
20 x 27
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Oatman Mine Midsized Thumbnail
Oatman Mine Arizona
20 x 27
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Sousas Cove Midsized Thumbnail
"Sousa's Cove"
20 x 27
(South of Carmel)
Joshua Meador Old Pasture Midsized Thumbnail
The Old Pasture
20 x 27
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Remote Midsized Thumbnail
20 x 27
Joshua Meador Granville Redmond Home Midsized Thumbnail
Granville Redmond House
20 x 27
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador Bodega Dock Midsized Thumbnail
"Bodega Dock" 18 x 24

Joshua Meador Beach at Morro Bay Midsized Thumbnail
"Beach at Morro" Morro Bay
18 x 24
Meador family collection
Joshua Meador De Regesso Midsized Thumbnail
De Regreso
18 x 14
Joshua Meador Red Barn Midsized Thumbnail
Red Barn
8 x 10
Joshua Meador Woodland Stroll Midsized Thumbnail
Woodland Stroll
7 x 9
Joshua Meador Rainy Windy Day Midsized Thumbnail
Rainy Windy Day
6 5/8 x 7 5/8