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Joshua Meador
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Joshua Meador, Genesis

Joshua Meador, Haven
Farms & Towns

Joshua Meador, A Clear Crispy Day, New Mexico
Palm Springs &
Desert Scenes
Joshua Meador Sierra Wilds
Eastern Sierra
Joshua Meador, Mission Arches, Vintage PRINT
Southern Callifornia
and Central America
dJoshua Meador Strolling in the Park
The Joshua Meador
Family Collection
film clips of
Meador's animation credits
Joshua Meador:
critics, exhibitions, etc.

Joshua Meador articles from our Newsletter archives

Joshua Meador, Animation Effects Reel
"A Taste of what Joshua Meador brought to Disney Studios"

... including clips of Josh's work in
Alice in Wonderland, Cinderella, Pinoccio, Saludos Amigos,
and the Id Monster from MGM's Forbidden Planet
along with examples of his signature work with water and oscilloscope effects.

October 2023
Joshua Meador, Rainy Day, c1950-1955 Also of a scene from the town of Bodega Private collection, sold by our gallery
Joshua Meador
loved painting scenes
of small towns

August 2023
Joshua Meador, brochure photo, c1960-65
Joshua Meador:
The Caspar Years near Mendocino
December 2021
Joshua Meador, Haven, Large Thumb excerpt
Joshua Meador's artistic use
of indistict figures
and old weathered buildings
November, 2020
Joshua Meador Pillar of Fire The Ten Commandments
New ... we just learned
Joshua Meador worked on
The Ten Commandments
July 2018
Joshua Meador Paintbrush thumb
Joshua Meador's
Paintbrush Sequence,
in Disney's Aquarela do Brasil
WDFM Blog ... October 11, 2017
Joshua Meador Brochure Photo
Walt's Animation and Special
Effects Master: Josh Meador
Walt Disney Family Museum Blog
January 2017
Joshua Meador Photo
Joshua Meador, admirer
of Granville Redmond
& William Ritschel
SeOctober 2016
Joshua Meador
New Photos of Joshua Meador,
taken during a visit to his
Mississippi Hometownptember 2016

Joshua Meador Thumb 2
"First and Foremost ,"
the Impressionist Paintings

of Joshua Meador
December 2015
Joshua Meador animating Lava for Fantasia
Leonard Maltin ... "Walt Disney...
"Adult and Trippy,"
a NEW Joshua Meador
Animation Highlights Reel
September 2015
Joshua Meador Wild is the Wind
Countess Elektra Rozanska,
writes, "Joshua Meador ...
Moods and Mediums
July 1015
Disney and Dali
Joshua Meador's
"The Last Symphony"
& Disney & Dali: Architects
of Imagination
, at SF's

Disney Family Museum
June 2015
Rufus Ward
Columbus, Mississippi's
Eloquent Historian Rufus Ward,
a Joshua Meador fan
Joshua Meador at Ben Sharpsteen's Retirement Dinner 1959 pictured here with Walt Disney
Joshua Meador pictured in
A panorama of Animation's
Pioneering Legends
June 2014
BODEGA BAY Hitchcock Festival Logo
Is there a Joshua Meador
painting in Hitchcock's 
"The Birds?"
January 2014
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Thumbnail
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in
"Saving Mr. Banks"

& the Making of
"Mary Poppins"
October 2013
Joshua Meador The Carmel Years Thumbnail
Joshua Meador,
The Carmel Years
Jul 2013
Joshua Meador Waiting for Noyo Thumb
Joshua Meador & the
Meredith Fish Company
Jun 2013
Joe Cosgrove at 29 years old
A Disneyland Visit with
Joe Cosgrove, 1950's LA - DJ
and Joshua Meador's Friend
Nov 2012
Poster Art for Forbidden Planet Thumbnail
Joshua Meador, loaned to
MGM for their 1956 Sci-Fi
Thriller, Forbidden Planet
Jul 2012
Joshua Meador Self Portrait Thumbnail
Sonoma County
as painted by Joshua Meador,

1940's and 50's
Mar 2012
Bambi National Film Registry
The Walt Disney Family
Museum Celebrates Bambi's
Selection by the
National Film Registry
Sep 2011
Joshua Meador working on effects for Fantasia
Joshua Meador
from Walt Disney's
Sunday Evening TV show
"4 Artists Paint 1 Tree, (1958)"
& "Tricks of our Trade (1954)
May 2011
Joshua Meador Bubbles Fantasia Rite of Spring
The "Bubbles" in Walt Disney's
Cinderella, the amazing animation
career of Joshua Meador
Mar 2011
Phillip Meador at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery 2009

In Memoriam
A Dear Friend of our Gallery
Philip Meador 1939-2011
Jan 2011
Joshua Meador Self Portrait Thumbnail
New tidbits of historic info
Joshua Meador &
Jimmy Swinnerton,
the California Art Club
Apr 2010
Disney Family Museum
Walt Disney loved artists.
The Walt Disney Family Museum
Displays Paintings from
the family Collection
Nov 2009
Philip Meador
"Joshua Meador Day"
in Columbus Mississippi,
Artist's family attends honors
Oct 2009
Philip and Hildur Meador Thumbnail
Hildur and Philip Meador
Visit Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Sep 2009
Philip Meador son of artist Joshua Meador
A Busy Time
for an Artist's Son,
Philip Meador