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Jean Warren School House Beach Thumbnail
Jean Warren,
Schoolhouse Beach
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Monthly - October 2013
Celebrating California, American & Western Art,
Wednesdays through Sundays, 12:00 - 4:00
other times by appointment 707-875-2911 or 510-414-9821 (cell)
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, CA 94923
Now on Exhibit
Joshua Meador Cannery Row
Cannery Row, Monterey
Joshua Meador
Jean Warren Watercolor Artist Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Watercolor Artist Jean Warren
tells what she learned
from Milford Zornes

Joshua Meador The Carmel Years Thumbnail
Joshua Meador,
The Carmel Years

Meyer Strauss Cow and Calf Thumb
The Excommunication
of SF Artist Meyer Straus
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Artist Jean Warren
Watercolorist, Jean Warren
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Watercolor Artist
Jean Warren
tells what she learned
from Milford Zornes
Milford Zornes
Master Watercolor Painter and teacher, Milford Zornes

Last month, we reported on "Milford Zornes, A Painter of Influence" a wonderful exhibition now showing at the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah through October 13. Link

This month, Jean Warren's adds her insights. In 2003, she attended a Milford Zornes watercolor workshop.

Jean Warren Yosemite Halfdome
Jean's painting Yosemite Halfdome

Jean is a a well known for her beautiful watercolors and her watercolor workshops are quite popular. We are honored that she exhibits her work at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery.

Beyond painting, Jean and her husband Phil share a passion for Bodega Bay's local sea life. They are local volunteers for the Marin Mammal Center. Their contagious passion has rallied the Bodega Bay community in support of their endeavors.

Milford Zornes Workshop, 2003
by Jean Warren

I had the feeling that I was experiencing an important, pivotal moment in my art career as I listened to and watched Milford Zornes at one of his workshops. I even wrote in my sketchbook, "in awe, living history."

He talked about the "artist" vs "the painter," and shared that he preferred "painter" over artist. Later I realized that me meant that we as painters are always learning; artists feel they have already reached their goal.

He said that painting is a pattern on a 2-D surface and that all art is abstract if its art. He was concerned about "readability," identification of what it is and what it means. Design is the basic form of the picture, like a story in a novel or theme in music.

"Look at what (Half Dome) says, it rises from the valley, so say this in your painting."

He said, "Don't stay too long at the scene. Take away the values and the colors. Painting is a game of contrasts through dark and light, neutral vs pure color, complementary colors, warm vs cool, texture.

"One line can tell the whole story." he called this 'story line.' He used a line that started at the top and weaved through the painting vertically. He wanted the felling of escaping the picture plane, going beyond.

All the rest of the lines are developing lines (subordinate.) He said, "Base a painting on a good line. From there you can develop value and color."

"Line is the true abstract symbol. Horizontal for foundation, vertical for supporting, angular for bracing, curved for decorative."

He wanted us to think about why we chose our lines. I wrote down horizontal for sound, curves for direction, angles for mischief.

He urged us to always DRAW! Look, study, (trees, rocks, etc).

He mixed his colors on the paper, letting them mingle on their own rather than mixing them on the palette.

Jean Warren Passages
Jean Warren Schoolhouse Beach
Jean's painting Schoolhouse Beach, now at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery

"Colors live in the shadows. If a shape is warm, keep it warm throughout. Use warm greens because trees are living matter."

He talked about the 'bead' on the edges of a wash so the wet paint can be brought down the page before it dries. I teach this technique to my students, a basic confidence builder.

His tree shapes were treated as one shape, not as single trees. He told us to look at the big mass first, and to create a variety of space divisions. His shapes had purpose and meaning, and his colors were bold.

Jean and her husband Phil are volunteers for the Marin Mammal Center. When a marine mammal is in trouble, it is the Warren's phone which rings. They have gear at home used to make assessments and if necessary, they execute captures and transfer sea mammals to the Marin Mammal Center for treatment.

Below, Jean is about to capture a sea lion which had been deemed ill enough for capture and transport to the Marin Mammal Center. How many of you have used a butterfly net to capture such a large wild animal?
Jean Warren Sealion Capture
An community event arranged by Jean and Phil Warren,
a Marin Mammal Center Sea Lion Release just north of Bodega Bay,
Saturday Sept 7 at Scotty Creek Beach

How did Jean and Phil Warren get involved with the Marin Mammal Center? Jean says, "Some years ago, Phil and I went on a whale/wildlife boat trip with the Point Reyes Association to Cordell Bank, 20 miles out to sea from Bodega Bay. On board were two marine biologists from The Marine Mammal Center who got excited about the sea lions and whales that we were observing that day. We told them that we were interested in volunteering somehow and they said that they really needed ‘stranding’ volunteers in our area, which now includes Point Reyes to Fort Ross."

Jean's artwork can be viewed
at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery as well as her website And, if you keep an eye on the beaches in and around Bodega Bay, you may see Jean and Phil strolling, cleaning up, and keeping a watchful eye on our wildlife.

Jeans page on our website | Jean's website | the Marin Mammal Center | The Grace Hudson Museum | Milford Zornes Page on our site | Back to the top

Joshua Meador Painting at Garrapata State Beach Carmel California
Joshua Meador painting en plein air at Garrapata State Beach
Joshua Meador,
The Carmel Years, 1955-1960
by Daniel Rohlfing

Roughly between 1955 and 1960, Joshua Meador maintained a gallery and studio in Carmel Highlands. He and his wife Libby lived above an old fire station with their studio and gallery below. Josh painted the local scenery, enjoyed the camaraderie and inspiration of the Carmel Art Association and would often exhibit his paintings at the Carmel Highlands Inn.

After the Great Depression and WW II, Carmel was on the rise. With the popularity of the novel John Steinbeck's Cannery Row, literary fans came to Monterey seeking the flavor of the novel's settings and characters.

The seaside village with its working wharf was transforming from being the home of pungent and dingy fish canneries into a scenic seaside destination boasting the best of the California Coast.

Forbidden Planet

While working as a painter in Carmel Highlands, Josh maintained his career as Director of Animation Effects for the Disney Studios. He kept an LA apartment near the studio which he used while working on special projects at the Disney Studios.

One of the highlights of Josh's animation work came in 1956. Walt Disney was approached by MGM Studios for assistance in making their science fiction film Forbidden Planet. Walt was intrigued by the project and loaned Joshua Meador's services to MGM for the project. The film features some of Josh's most creative film work for which he is well known as a pioneer in animation and science fiction film making.

Two major Disney projects done during Josh's Carmel years were 1959's Darby O'Gill and the Little People and 1958's Sleeping Beauty. Darby O'Gill is noted for its mixing of animated and live characters in a single scene. This was one of Joshua Meador's specialties which he later put to work in Mary Poppins.

This short film is entitled "4 Artists Paint 1 Tree," and was first broadcast on Walt Disney's Sunday evening TV show in 1958. Walt introduces and narrates as Joshua Meador and three other artists demonstrate their painting technique.
Sleeping Beauty was the film in which Josh created "fairy dust." The 1958 Walt Disney short film, Four Artists Paint 1 Tree shows Josh creating the fairy dust for this film as well Josh demonstrating his pallet knife painting technique.
Darby O'Gill Sleeiping Beauty
Joshua Meador Cannery Row
Cannery Row, a new work now available at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Joshua Meador Monterey Marina
Monterey Wharf, Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery

Libby and Josh truly enjoyed living away from the LA area along their beloved California Coast. Beginning in the late 1940's, Josh and Libby traveled up and down the coast, enjoying trips north into Oregon. One of their favorite destinations in this early period was Bodega Bay and Sonoma County. By 1955, they decided to move to the Coast. They chose Carmel for its beauty, and it was closer to Los Angeles for Josh to get back and forth.

Of the Carmel locations Josh loved were Garrapata State Beach, Point Lobos, the Monterey harbor and Cannery Row.

Joshua Meador Tending the Net
Joshua Meador's Tending the Net, Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Joshua Meador Forest Primeval
Forest Primeval, Private Collection
At times, Josh would entertain guests visiting from Los Angeles including his good friend from the Disney Studios, watercolor background artist Ralph Hulett. For a time, he shared his Carmel Studio with Bennett Bradbury, another Disney artist visiting from Laguna Beach.

In 1960, Josh and Libby decided to build their dream home on the Coast. When costs in the Carmel area proved to prohibitive, they headed north to Mendocino. Just north of Mendocino is a tiny town of Caspar where Libby and Josh built a home high on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific. Josh passed away there, suffering a heart attack at the age of 54 while painting.
Joshua Meador Sousa's Cove
Sousa's Cove, Private Collection
Joshua Meador Monterey Marina
Monterey Marina, Private Collection
Joshua Meador's Page | Back to the top

SF Call Banner July 31 1895
The Excommunication of
San Francisco Painter Meyer Straus
by Daniel Rohlfing
Meyer Strauss Cow and Calf
Meyer Strauss, Cow and Calf
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Collection

Over nine days in 1895, Meyer Straus was excommunicated from the First Congregational Church in San Francisco, and he was reinstated a week later. For Straus, it was a public relations nightmare, and part of that nightmare was that the entire episode was covered by The San Francisco Call.

Strauss, 64 years old at the time, was a well known San Francisco painter and member of the Bohemian Club.

Jul 31 1895
Aug 1 1895
Aug 2 1895
Aug 3 1895
Aug 4 1895
Aug 8 1895
Jul 31, 1895Jul 31 Article
Jul 31 Article

Today, people often say there is no such thing as bad publicity. Oscar Wilde said, "The only thing worse than having people talking about you is not having people talking about you."

In 1895 Meyer Straus had many people talking about him, and he probably didn't like it.

Aug 2
Aug 2 Article
Meyer Straus Painting
Meyer Strauss, Barnyard Friends 1896
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Collection
Aug 1Aug 1 Article

"Why was Meyer Straus being excommunicated?" As Claude Rains said to Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca, "I'd like to tell you it was because he killed a man. Its the romantic in me." But such is not the case. Meyer Straus' excommunication had nothing to do with salacious or evil actions or plots.

What makes this a noteworthy story is that Meyer Straus was not a "shock artist." He was a quiet and humble painter who would begin every painting session with prayer, dedicating his work to the glory of God.

In his quiet manner, he had written a private letter to another member of his parish saying something less than complimentary about the parish pastor, Dr. C. O. Brown. Reading between the lines of the San Francisco Call's articles, it appears Meyer Strauss expressed an opinion of Dr. Brown which was far less lofty than the opinion Dr. Brown had of himself. He was guilty of stepping on the wrong man's toes.

Thursday, August 8, 1895
Thursday August 8 Article 1

Thursday, August 8, 1895 (Continued)Thursday August 8 Article 2
Sunday, August 4, 1895
Sun Aug 4 Article 1
Sunday, August 4, 1895 (Continued)
Sun Aug 4 Article 2

With his position threatened, Dr. Brown administratively pulled the strings and plotted. He succeeded in calling a quickly arranged meeting of selected church people which voted to excommunicate Meyer Straus.

But when this excommunication was announced, it did not meet with the approval of the greater membership of the congregation. Dr. Brown was quickly was called onto the carpet by calmer leaders. In less than a week, this hurried excommunication was rescinded, and Meyer Straus was reinstated onto the congregation's membership rolls.

It took a while for the facts to come out, but they did. The only thing Meyer Straus was guilty of was stepping on the hem of the garment worn by a proud and powerful man with an overly inflated ego.

For those inside the congregation, this was a raging tempest. Emotions ran high, voices were raised, relationships were strained and frayed. The issues were driven by strong personalities with swollen egos and illusions of power.

But beyond the confines of the congregation, this was much ado about nothing. It appeared to be a comical side show, the subject of snickering conversation over morning coffee. Had Herb Caen had been around in 1895, this story would have garnered more than its share of ink and comment.

Meyer Straus was probably stressed and consumed by these events. He may have spent hours worrying about the public airing of his relationship with the First Congregational Church, that it would be ruinous to his professional reputation. But it appears he carried himself as a reasoned and well mannered gentleman throughout. His response to these difficulties were not all that far removed from how he painted, with prayerful concentration, an appreciation for the beauty around him and his sensitivity in his approach.

Meyer Strauss Cows in Stream
Meyer Strauss, Cows in Forest Stream
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Collection
about six months later ...
Jan 25 1896 Dateline
Meyer Strauss Article Jan 25 1896 continued
Meyer Strauss drawing of Junipero Serra and Monterey Cypress Meyer Strauss Article Jan 25 1896

Did this furor strike a blow to Meyer Straus' professional success? No, not at all.

Five months later, the San Francisco Call published another article most complimentary to Meyer Straus and his prayerful approach to painting. It also publicizes that his painting has drawn the attention of San Francisco's pre-eminent art patron, Mrs. Jane Stanford.

Jane and Leland Stanford had a reputation of acquiring the services of the most worthy of California artists. For Meyer Straus to have received the attention of Mrs. Stanford and to have that attention published in the San Francisco Call certainly brought welcome attention.

MEYER STRAUS Biographical Sketch ... (1831-1905) Meyer Straus was born in Bavaria in 1831. He came to the U.S. in 1848 when he was 17. He moved from Ohio to St. Louis in 1853 where he worked as a scene painter at the Old Pine

Street Theater. After living briefly in the South in Mobile and New Orleans, he moved to Chicago where he painted scenery at Hooley's Theater. In 1875, his scene painting skills brought him to San Francisco where he worked for Tom Maguire of the Bush Street Theater and the Grand Opera House.

He established and maintained his own studio, and in 1877 was able to give up scene painting entirely. He made frequent sketching trips to Yosemite and to Marin and Monterey Counties, and occasionally ventured northward to Oregon. In 1890, he became an American citizen. Today, he is best known for his California landscapes and his portrayal of farm animals. He was a member of the Bohemian Club and the San Francisco Art Association. His works are presenting in the collections of the Oakland Museum, the Society of California Pioneers and the Sierra Nevada Museum in Reno.

*Note regarding the spelling of "Straus or Strauss" ... The San Francisco Call spelled the artist name "Strauss." The artist signed his paintings both before and after 1895 with one s, "Straus." It appears the San Francisco Call used the older German spelling without first checking with Meyer Straus himself.

Meyer Strauss page on our website | Back to the top
* * * * *
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Quercia Gallery Duncans Mills
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The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
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Left ... Lee Youngman, Right ... Paul Yougman

Paul Youngman
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IN GRATON Graton Gallery

- ARTrails Preview Show
Show Dates: September 24 - October 20, 2013

James Freed, Sandra Rubin, Peter Krohn and Marcia Lavine
October 22 - Dec 1

Graton Gallery | (707) 829-8912  |
9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444 | Open Wednesday ~ Saturday 10:30 to 6, Sunday 10:30 to 4

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to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork. |Back to the Top
Right ... Yellow Eye (Protest) by Robert Pearson McChesney, 1946, Oil on Masonite

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Easton, Crustacean Dancing Dream, American Alabaster
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If you have a painting for sale, please consider Vintage Bank Antiques. Contact Warren Davis directly at
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el Dia de los Muertos, Oct 5 - Nov 3
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions and involve the whole community
coming exhibition ... opening "Uncovered Genius" The creative lives of Artists with disabilities through Sep 15
El Día de los Muertos Petaluma, 2013 Tree of Lives / Arbol de Vidas, Oct 5 - Nov 3

Petaluma Art Center
Photo:Anita Diamondstein
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The Greater Bay Area

The Walt Disney Family Museum
This museum tells Walt's story from the early days.
(on the Parade Grounds) 104 Montgomery Street,
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129
-- view location on Google Maps

Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail San Francisco
de Young Museum
David Hockney: A Bigger Exhibition
Oct 26 - Jan 20

De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society

UNBUILT SAN FRANCISCO: The View from Futures Past
Curated by Benjamin Grant and Cydney M. Payton
Sep 6 – Dec 29
California Historical Society Thumbnail

San Francisco
Legion of Honor

Permanent European and Impressionist Paintings

"Impressionists on the Water"
through Oct 13

San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
Contemporary Jewish Museum
Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art
Highlights from SFMOMA's collection
through Oct 27

San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail

Oakland Museum of California

ongoing Gallery of California Art
-showcasing over 800 works from the OMCA's collection

Oakland Museum Thumbnail

San Francisco

Currently closed for a major expansion

Santa Rosa
Sonoma County Museum
Artistry in Wood
throughOct 20

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail

Santa Rosa
Charles M. Schultz Museum

"Mid Century Modern" through Oct 27

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa

Hearst Art Gallery

Points of View: Mary Lou Correia and Paul Kratter

The Artist Revealed: Artist Portraits and Self-Portraits
Oct through Dec

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano Museum

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen

Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA

Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA 954
Kitchen Memories:
Kathleen Thompson Hill Culinary Collection

Sep 7 - Dec 1
(707) 939-7862

Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

Milford Zornes: A Painter of Influence
through Oct 13

Grace Hudson Museum Bolinas
Bolinas Museum

featuring their permanent collection,
including Ludmilla and Thadeus Welch, Arthur William Best, Jack Wisby, Russell Chatham, Alfred Farnsworth.
Elizabeth Holland McDaniel Bolinas Embarcadero thumbnail

Walnut Creek
Bedford Gallery, Lesher Center for the Arts

Home: Shelter and Habitat in Contemporary Art
through Nov 17

Lesher Ctr for the Arts Walnut Creek CA

San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th & 21st century artworks including paintings, sculpture, new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.

San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail

Monterey Museum of Art

In Process: Andrew Schoultz
through Nov 17

Monterey Museum of Art

Palo Alto
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University

Rodin! The Complete Stanford Collection

Cantor Art Center at Stanford University
Crocker Art Museum
Permenant Collection
-coming in Feb '16 ...
Jules Tavernier, Artist and Adventurer

through May 11 Sacramento
Capitol Museum

Governor's Portrait Gallery
Permanent Exhibits

Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail
Stockton's Treasure!
The Haggin Museum

"if you've not visited yet, you must go!"
-Largest exhibition of Albert Beirstadt paintings anywhere,
-Joseph Christian Leyendecker,
(Norman Rockwell's mentor)
see our Newsletter article, April 2011
Southern California (and Arizona)

Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Art of the Americas, Level 3:
Artworks of paintings and sculptures from the colonial period to World War II— a survey of of art and culture
& "Levitated Mass"

Los Angeles County Museum of Art Irvine
The Irvine Museum
California Impressionism
through Jan 9, 2014
Irvine Museum Thumbnail

Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara
Museum of Art

Degas to Chagall:
Important Loans from The Armand Hammer Foundation
and the Collection of Michael Armand Hammer

Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail

Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Permanent Collection
American 19th century Landscape Painting

Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art
Permanent Collection
San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

The Huntington Library

American Art Collection

Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri, Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran, William Keith, Mary Cassatt, Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena

Norton Simon Museum

-Permanent collection, European paintings

Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
Museum of California Art

Sam Francis:
Five Decades of Abstract Expressionism
from California Collections
through Jan 5

Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb
Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum

Rodeo! A Tribute to Louise Serpa

James Gallery
June 22 through September 22, 2013

Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89
& Beyond
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum

Seattle Art Museum

Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Permanent Collection: American Art

Portland Art Museum Thumbnail

Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum

Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago
Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.

Cedar Rapids Museum of Art Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings

Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail

Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art Thumbnail
Philadelphia , PA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Campus
Barnes Foundation Campus Philadelphia Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
The Brooklyn Museum Thumbnail
New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York