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California / American School \| Printbin

Featuring The Joshua Meador
Seascapes & Landscapes
by Linda Sorensen

From the Printbin

Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot
Richard Dey De Ribcowsky
Victor Clyde Forsythe
Robert Swain Gifford
Charles Graham
Robert Gray
John W. Hilton
Kathi Hilton
Maurice Logan
Richard Dey De Ribcowski
J. D. Smillie
James Guilford Swinnerton

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Prints by
Robert Swain Gifford
1840 - 1905

Mt Tam and Red Porch
Mt. Tamalpais and Red Porch

Mouth of the Russian River Robert Swain Gifford Print Thumbnail
Mouth of the Russian River
Prints by
J. D. Smillie
1833 - 1909

John David Smillie San Francisco Golden Gate Thumbnail
San Francisco Bay

James David Smillie Mirror Lake Yosemite Thumbnail
Mirror Lake, Yosemite
Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot
1796 - 1875
Jean Baptiste Camille Corot Montefontaine Barbizon Print Thumbnail
Montefontaine Barbizon Print

print by
Richard Dey
De Ribcowsky
1880 - 1836

Richard Dey De Ribcowski Sunset Aflame Thumbnail

Prints of works by
Victor Clyde Forsythe
1885 - 1962
Victor Clyde Forsythe The Gold Rush Print Thumb
"The Gold Rush"
Prints of
Harper's Magazine
Illistrations by
Charles S. Graham
1852 - 1911

Charles Graham Print Around San Francisco Bay
Around San Francisco Bay
Charles Graham Print San Rafael and the Golden Gate
San Rafael
and the Golden Gate SOLD

Prints by
Robert Gray
Robert Gray El Pueblo Grande
El Pueblo Grande
Vintage Print

Robert Gray Tribal Mix
Tribal Mix
Vintage Print
Prints of works by
John W. Hilton 1904 - 1983
(all signed)
John W Hilton Print Joshuas in the Moonlight Thumbnail
"Joshuas in the Moonlight"
John W. Hilton Print Flowering Dunes
"Flowering Dunes"
John W Hilton Print Papago Dawn Thumb
"Papago Dawn"
John W. Hilton Red Mountain Thumb
"Red Mountain"
John W. Hilton The Hills of Home Print Thumb
"The Hills of Home"
John W. Hilton Wittenberg Yuccas Thumb
"Wickenburg Yuccas"

Prints of works by
Kathi Hilton 1939
Kathi Hilton Silent Sentinel Print Thumbnail
Silent Sentinel
copy 44 of 890

Print of work by
Maurice George Logan
1886 - 1977

Maurice Logan Print Dockside Calm Thumbnail
Dockside Calm
Prints of works by
James Guilford Swinnerton
1875 - 1974
James Guilford Swinnerton Desert Cacti Print Thumb
"Desert Cacti"
James Guilford Swinnerton Desert Horizon Print Thumb
"Desert Horizon"
James Guilford Swinnerton Salton Sea Print Thumb
"Salton Sea"