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Alex Dzigurski II Sunset Fire Pt Lobos
Sunset Fire, Pt. Lobos
oil on canvas, 9 x 12
Alex Dzigurski II
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Linda Sorensen Bali Hai
Bali Hai, Kauai
oil on canvas, 18 x 24
Linda Sorensen

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney Thumbnail
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in
"Saving Mr. Banks"
& the Making of "Mary Poppins"

Anders Zorn Self Portrait in Red Thumbnail
Anders Zorn,
Sweden's Master Painter
at SF's Legion of Honor

Jules Tavernier Sketch Portrait
Jules Tavernier coming soon to
the Crocker & The Romantic
Life Story of His Studio Stove

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Tom Hanks as Walt Disney & the Making of Mary Poppins
Tom Hanks as Walt Disney in Saving Mr. Banks
Tom Hanks portraying Walt Disney
in Saving Mr. Banks

Tom Hanks expressed that playing Walt Disney was "an opportunity to play someone as world shifting as Picasso or Chaplin." To prepare himself, Tom made multiple visits to the archives of San Francisco's Walt Disney Family Museum watching every piece of film featuring Walt, and he visited Diane Disney Miller, listening to her stories and thoughts. The credits of "Saving Mr. Banks" dedicate the film to Diane Disney Miller who passed away in November.

Tom was keenly aware that his portrayal of Walt would be the first ever on the big screen. He wanted expose the heart of Walt Disney, showing his ability to tell great stories with sensitivity while marshalling a marvelously talented team of artists, musicians, and technicians.

Diane Disney by Norman Rockwell Sharon Mae Disney by Norman Rockwell
Trailer for Mary Poppins, 1964

These childhood portraits of Walt Disney's daughters, Diane and Sharon Mae
were done by Walt's friend, Norman Rockwell. These portraits were prominently displayed in Walt Disney's office in Saving Mr. Banks.

Trailer for Saving Mr. Banks, 2013

The Story of Saving Mr. Banks ... When Walt Disney's daughters Diane and Sharon were still youngsters, Walt gave them a promise he would make a movie of their favorite book, "Mary Poppins."

For twenty years, Walt tried to gain the rights from Mary Poppin's author P. L. Travers. Although Travers rejected being part of what she considered Disney's "silly cartoons," Walt persisted. Finally, after Travers had suffered financial reverses, her resistance eroded and she agreed to fly to Hollywood and explore working with Disney Studios. But as she met with Walt and his team, her resistance hardened.

Walt could feel the rights for Mary Poppins slipping from his grasp. After trying all manner of ways to reach out to convince P. L. Travers, Walt came to understand that her resistance was rooted in painful memories of her father.

After agonizing on what to do next, Walt reached back into his own childhood and uncovered painful memories he had of his father. He discovered ghosts of his past were similar to those haunting Travers. After sharing his story, Walt and P. L. Travers found common ground in their respective pasts, and discovered they shared a common mission. They agreed to use their memories for good, collaborating on one of the most endearing films ever made.

P. L. Travers stressed she did not want Disney's trademark animation to tell her story. Of course, this was a point of contention in the negotiations, and a compromise was finally reached. Most of the film was done with live actors with some accompanying animation.

Julie Andrews Walt Disney and PL Travers at the Premier of Mary Poppins 1964
Julie Andrews, Walt Disney and P. L. Travers
at the premier of Mary Poppins in 1964
Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins

Some of the most memorable moments of the film were the dance sequences featuring Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke, and a group of waiter penguins. To accomplish the blending of live action and animation, Walt called on the services of his long serving animation effects director, Joshua Meador.

Joshua Meador was living in Mendocino at this time, dedicating most of his time to his fine art painting, but he remained on the studio pay role and would return to LA for special projects when Walt asked for assistance.

After Mary Poppins had been released, Joshua Meador spent some time with his friend Joe Cosgrove. Joe was a Los Angeles DJ for KPOL. He became friends with Josh while visiting Carmel, meeting Josh and his wife Libby at a painting exhibition. In one of their many conversations, Josh explained to Joe that the dance sequences for Mary Poppins were filmed on a blank stage with a synch screen.

Joshua Meador Smoke Tree Ranch
Smoke Tree Ranch
by Joshua Meador
on display at the Walt Disney Family Museum
Disney Family Collection -- also seen in Walt's office in Saving Mr. Banks
Joshua Meador Palm Springs Midsized Thumbnail
"Palm Spring" 14 x 18
Disney Collection,
Courtesy of the Meador Family
Toward San Jacinto
Toward San Jacinto 20 x 27
Disney Collection
Courtesy of the Meador Family

Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke would do their dance fully costumed on a bare stage filled with marks and precise choreography. As they danced, they would have to hit their marks to mesh with the already completed animation. After the segment was filmed, Josh returned to his editing bay at Disney studios. There, Joshua Meador mixed each individual animated character and the animated background with the live action on his specialized animation effects moviola.

Joshua Meador is further honored in Saving Mr. Banks. In a scene shot in Walt Disney's office you can spot Joshua Meador's Smoke Tree Ranch, a painting of Walt's Smoke Tree Ranch in Palm Springs. The painting belongs to a collection of paintings Josh gave to Walt. This particular painting remains in the Disney family collection and has been recently on display at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco.

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery currently is offering two paintings pictured above, Palm Spring and Toward San Jacinto which were once part of this collection of paintings Joshua Meador gave to Walt Disney. They are now offered for sale by the Joshua Meador family.

Disneyland is a featured character in Saving Mr. Banks.
In this scene, Emma Thompson and Tom Hanks take a turn on
the King Arthur Carousel.
King Arthur Carousel at Disneyland by Joshua Meador
Fun Time
by Joshua Meador, features Disneyland's King Arthur Carousel. This painting was done soon after Disneyland opened in 1955. This painting is available through Bodega Bay Hertitage Gallery.
Forbidden Planet Poster in a related news ...
Two more of his Joshua Meador's films
are added to the National Film Registry
Mary Poppins Poster

The National Film Registry announced in December their 2013 list of films voted for inclusion. The list includes two films with animation effects by Joshua Meador, MGM's Forbidden Planet 1956 and Mary Poppins, 1964.

Forbidden Planet is the forerunner of the Star Wars series and was the first big budget sci-fi space block buster. The film stars Vincent Price and a very young Leslie Nielsen. MGM wanted Walt Disney's assistance creating the film's special effects. Walt loaned them his best, the services of Joshua Meador.

Trailer for Forbidden Planet, 1956

When making Mary Poppins, Walt wanted to make certain the animation / live action scenes were done well. He called on his long term animation effects director, Joshua Meador to return to LA from Mendocino to work on the project. Meador had to be on stage for the filming of the live action dance scenes making certain the actors hit their marks. Then in post production, Josh blended the live action with animated backgrounds and characters. Walt had long ago equipped Josh with a specialized moviola and a state of the art editing bay which Josh had used in many Disney productions.

Josh has now been part of six films in the National Film Registry. In our March 2012 issue of our newsletter, we reported on the inclusion of Bambi 1942. Other Walt Disney films included in the National Film Registry with contributions by Joshua Meador are Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937, Fantasia 1940, and Pinnochio 1940.

The Walt Disney Family Museum | Saving Mr. Banks official website | Joshua Meador's page on our site | Back to the top

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Anders Zorn Self Portrait in Red 1915
Anders Zorn Self Portrait in Red, 1915,
Oil on Canvas
Anders Zorn, Sweden's Master Painter
at SF's Legion of Honor

Anders Leonard Zorn (1860-1920) was a master painter of the guilded age, and Sweden claims him as one of their favorite sons. He built up an international reputation, traveled widely with extended stays in London, Paris, the Balkans and the United States. His impressionist work in both watercolor and oil are exceptional in their use of light. His achieved his greatest commercial success in doing portraits, including three U.S. Presidents; Grover Cleveland, William Howard Taft and Teddy Roosevelt. In 1889 at the young age of 29, he was made Chevalier of the Legion d'honneur at the Exposition Universelle 1889 Paris World Fair.

Zorn's Self Portrait in Red really captures his story. The contrast between his red tailored suit and confident appearance against the drab brown shadowed wall behind is striking. It reveals the two worlds in which Anders Zorn lived. He was most comfortable and proud of his humble Swedish beginnings, but was confident and successful on the international stage.

He is compared often with the American painter, John Singer Sargent. Both were excellent landscape painters, but both gained most of their fame by painting portraits for wealthy clients.

This video features Swedish artist Anders Zorn,
an exceptional painter of water and light effects
in both watercolor and oil

Anders Zorn in the Gilded Age,
The life and art of Swedish genre and portrait painter
Anders Zorn 1860-1920

Anders Zorn's watercolors are something to behold. His colors dance in variant levels of direct and reflected light. His compositions relate compelling tales. His In Alhambra Park captures a candid scene of two lovers on a bench. The two are alone except for the passing of a disinterested cat, content with his own agenda. Castles in the Air shows a young woman shaded and framed by a luminescent parasol. She seems at ease, as if in a dance with the light surrounding her.

Another frequent subject for Zorn were nudes of Swedish women, usually healthy full figured women often glowing in light reflected off water.

Anders Zorn In Alhambra Park
Anders Zorn In Alhambra Park, Watercolor
Anders Zorn Castles
Anders Zorn, Castles in the Air, 1885. Watercolor,
Anders Zorn Reveil
Anders Zorn, Reveil, Boulevard Clichy, 1892. Watercolor
 Anders Zorn Vacation
, 1886. Sweden's priciest painting ever; sold at 26 million SEK on June 3, 2010. Watercolor
Anders Zorn Frileuse Shivering Girl 1894
Anders Zorn, Frileuse, Shivering Girl 1894

In In My Gondola, Zorn shows the back of the oarsman heading toward a red and blueish gray horizon, effectively reflected in the water along with the shimmering image of a passing gondola. In Caique Oarsman, Zorn revisits this same theme, this time showing the face of the oarsman straining backward while pulling on the oars, his shadowed face and body backlit by late afternoon rays on his back and shoulders, and light glaring off the rolling water.

Anders Zorn In My Condola 1894
Anders Zorn In My Condola, 1894. Watercolor
Anders Zorn Oarsman
Anders Zorn, Caique Oarsman, 1886. Watercolor
Anders Zorn Bridge
Anders Zorn, River under Old Stone Bridge, 1884. Watercolor.
 Anders Zorne Brewery
Anders Zorn, The Little Brewery, 1890. Oil on canvas

One of the dreamiest scenes on exhibition at the Legion of Honor was River Under Old Stone Bridge. The shadowed bridge frames the glowing reflections of the flowing river receding into the distance punctuated by silhouetted boulders. You can almost hear the water rolling on its way.

The exhibition included several paintings picturing the brewing industry as practiced in Sweden. Zorn's parents met while both were brewery workers, and talk of brewing must have been a valued dimension of his heritage.

Anders Zorn Self Portait with model
Anders Zorn, Self Portrait with Model
Anders Zorn Midsummer
Anders Zorn, Midsummer Dance, 1897
Oil on canvas
Anders Zorn Fish Market St Ives
Anders Zorn, Fish Market in St. Ives

Zorn's effective use of light is equally evident in his oil paintings. His contrasts of light and shadow are used effectively in guiding his viewers in telling his stories. His confident bold broad brush strokes are remarkable, given the sensitivity he achieves with light. His Self Portrait with Model allows viewers to visit him at work. He seems not offended by the interruption but not thrilled either as his model waits in the shadows. In Midsummer Dance, the color of the far north's late summer light illuminates a warm and inviting outdoor celebration.

But Zorn's commercial success came from doing portraits for wealthy or noteworthy. Below are a trio of U.S. Presidents. The Legion of Honor's exhibition includes a full gallery of portraits, all quite striking. Its easy to understand why he was so popular.

President Grover Cleveland by Anders Zorn
Portrait of President Grover Cleveland
Currently on exhibit at the de Young Museum
Etching of President Theodore Roosevelt by Anders Zorn
Etching of President Theodore Roosevelt
President William Howard Taft by Anders Zorn
Portrait of President William Howard Taft
Anders Zorn, Sweden's Master Painter remains at the Legion of Honor through February 2. Also showing is Matisse from SFMOMA through September 7.
The Legion of Honor
| The Zornmuseet (The Zorn Museum) is located North of Stockholm in Mora, Sweden | Back to the top

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Crocker Museum Exterior Jules Tavernier coming soon to the Crocker
& The Romantic Life Story of His Studio Stove

"Jules Tavernier was a prototype of the real Bohemian. Free born, unconventional as the wind, ignorer of public opinion, generous, interesting, erratic, improvident, high strung – all of these things he was in the superlative," so said Ida L Brooks in a San Francisco Call article entitled "The Romantic Life Story of a Studio Stove" published on April 16 1911.

February 16th, Sacramento's Crocker Museum hosts Jules Tavernier (1844-1890): Artist and Adventurer. Tavernier was an accomplished Barbizon painter who adapted his old world training to his adopted home in California. Jules was a popular and valued participant in the frequent Bohemian 'jinx,' and was friends with many of the club's members and artists. Jules had a reputation as the life of the party, and the Bohemians loved having him around.

Unlike many of his Bohemian Club brothers, Jules was a miserable manager of his money. He sold paintings for good sums, but would then celebrate beyond his ability to pay. He gained a widespread reputation for not paying his bills. After years of his partying ways and mounting debt, creditor's pursuit of him had become a growing annoyance. Tavernier's solution was to escape their embrace and sail from San Francisco for Hawaii.

In the Islands, Jules found relief, but in short order, he ran into a local law which forbade indebted people to leave the islands. He was stuck there, and in 1890, Hawaii became the place where Tavernier tragically died at the age of 45. The Bohemian Club, in respect for their departed friend, erected a monument at the site of his Honolulu grave.

Balloon in Mid Air Jules Taverier
Tavernier Studio Stove full page

In February, the Jules Tavernier exhibition opens at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento. In anticipation of this exhibition, here is a colorful article from The San Francisco Call published in 1911, celebrating this character of the San Francisco art scene. Bear in mind this article was written twenty-one years after Tavernier's death, yet it still celebrates his memory as one of San Francisco's greatest characters.

Tavernier ordered his studio stove, but it probably was never paid for. It warmed his studio and was witness to many hours of Tavernier's genius. It glowed during many lingering discussions and drinking parties with fellow artists and friends.

After Tavenier literally sailed off into the Hawaiian sunset, the stove was owned by a sequential list of notable San Francisco painters and writers. This stove which had warmed meals for Jules Tavernier and his close friend Amadee Joullin, it was owned and used in turn by Theodor Wores, Emil Carlsen, Xavier Martinez, Herman Whitaker and Joaquin Miller. It its final days, it was retired to lesser duty, warming bodies at the Bohemian Club. If only that stove could talk!

Below are some excerpts of "The Romantic Life Story of a Studio Stove" by Ida L. Brooks, San Francisco Call, April 16 1911. Click the title above for a large downloadable PDF file of the full article.

Jules Tavernier's Studio Stove Intro Paragraph Stove Sketch

"Tavernier came to San Francisco in 1874, having been exiled from France as a communist after the attempted establishment of a commune of 1871. During the interval he and Paul Frenzeny had been engaged by Harper's Weekly to make illustrations in the country of Sitting Bull. They spent some time there and became very friendly with the great chief and his tribesmen. Tavernier was presented by them with some curious and valuable gifts when he departed."

"There are those who consider that he belongs among the great artists. But however acridly the critics may quarrel over that, they will amiably agree that he was a prototype of the real Bohemian. Free born, unconventional as the wind, ignorer of public opinion, generous, interesting, erratic, improvident, high strung – all of these things he was in the superlative."

"When Tavernier and the stove took up quarters at the 728 Montgomery Street studio, there was but one extremely large studio there with an old fashioned circular skylight. Large though the room was, the stove answered the requirements, and those who know Tavernier say it probably never was paid for."

Amadee Joullin Xavier Martinez Jules Taverneir

"During two years, was the almost constant companion of Tavernier, with the advantage of having a father who came between him and the inconveniences of want. When there were funds he and Tavernier dined together at the restaurants, each paying for two weeks at a time alternately. Joullin was a pupil during this time and received from him inspiration for his later indian subjects."

"One of the most amusing incidents enacted in the presence of the studio stove in those days was the visit of a sheriff on one of the occasions when his landlord was hounding Tavernier for the rent. He knocked at the door and Tavernier opened it."

“Is Mr. Tavernier in?” asked the sheriff?

“No, he has just gone out.” said Tavernier. “Will you come in and wait for him? He won't be long.”

Joaquin Miller

“All Right, I will,” said the sheriff. It was then about 3 o'clock.

“Do you object if I go right on with my work?” said Tavernier.

“Not at all,” said the sheriff.

So Tavernier worked and the sheriff waited. At 6 o'clock he decided to come back the next day.

Practically the same thing happened on the next two days following. Each day the sheriff reported the strange nonappearance of his man. At last he was asked if he knew what Tavernier looked like. He acknowledged that he did not. The next day an officer who knew

Jules Tavernier Honolulu Monument

Tavernier went with him. He stood out of sight of the door until the salutations had been exchanged and the invitation to enter extended. Then he stepped forward and introduced the sheriff to Mr. Tavernier.

“How much rent do you owe, Mr. Tavernier? Asked the sheriff.

“Thirty or forty dollars."

“Ill settle that for you,” said the sheriff. “Let's go out and have some dinner.”

It was easy for to make friends as to run in debt.

"The studio itself had its jinks frequently. An old piano, quite out of tune, helped with the singing and dancing. A manikin, clothed as the inclination of the moment dictated, acted as chaperon. Other friends of Tavernier, besides those already mentioned, who came together for merry making, were Julien Rix, Charlie Robinson, Ransome Holdridge, Henry Raschen, Gideon Jacques Denny and Carl von Perbrandt."

"Tavernier's affairs with the sheriff's at last became so annoying that he decided to leave the city. He went to Honolulu. There he met with a law deterring a debtor from leaving the islands. The only interpretation of that for him was that he must remain there for the rest of his life, and that was what he did."

Jules Tavernier Volcano at Night 1880s
Jules Tavernier (1844-1889) Volcano at Night (c. 1880's)
Hilton John W Nascent Lava  Halemaumau Crater Kilauea1968
Seventy-eight years after Tavernier's death, the Volcano school continues,
John W. Hilton, Nascent Lava, Halemaumau Crater, Kilauea 1968
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Collection

"His friends here had a plan to kidnap him and bring him back, but the plan fell through. While there his subjects were chiefly the fires of volcanoes."

Today he is known as the father of the volcano school. (See our February 2010 article.) He died in in Honolulu in 1890. The Bohemian Club, with money raised by subscription among its members, erected a monument over his grave." A large painting of the Kilauea caldera erupting hangs in the lobby of the Volcano House in Volcano National Park.

* * * * *
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