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Joshua Meador
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Joshua Meador, on film, in his own words
... in Walt Disney's 1958 short film 4 Artists Paint 1 Tree

... in Walt Disney's 1954 short film Tricks of our Trade

In this marvelous short 1958 film, Walt Disney narrates as four of his legendary studio artists, Marc Davis, Eyvind Earl, Joshua Meador and Walt Paregoy demonstrate and explain their individual painting techniques as they all paint the same subject, a California life oak.

Josh often spoke with curious visitors who stood behind his easel as he painted, and now, you can be one of them. Enjoy as Josh explains how he paints as he paints.

"I don't thoroughly mix the colors on the palette, but let them mingle as I spread the paint onto the canvas."

After seeing this, you can better appreciate the texture and lively flow of Josh's paintings.

Joshua Meador Hand and Palette Knife

Joshua Meador animating bubbling lava
for The Rite of Spring segment in 1939's Fantasia.
In 1939, Walt Disney Studio released a major achievement in animation, Fantasia.

One segment of the film was based on The Rite of Spring, a piece of music composed by Igor Stravinsky. Joshua Meador was in charge of this portion of the film, a segment based on the history of the early history of the Earth, a time of violent volcanos and threatening skies.

In 1954, Walt wanted to share how animation was made. Joshua Meador along with animation effects associates artists Jack Boyd and Dan McManus went back into the workshop, and recreated what they had done fifteen years earlier and demonstrated the process they had used to animate The Rite of Spring segment.