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Joshua Meador
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Robert Gray 1929 - 2011
Photo of artist Robert Gray painting Robert Gray Morro Rock
Morro Rock (offered unframed)
San Luis Obispo County
Original Watercolor
Golden Gate - vintage print
(offered unframed)
San Francisco Poster
(offered unframed)
Robert Gray studied with Rex Brandt, Robert E. Wood, Morris Shubin, Milford Zornes and Robert Uecker. His daringly inventive landscapes show sophistication of form, composition and color, reflecting the influence of those he studied with, but creating a style uniquely his own.
Robert Gray, Moonstone Beach Drive, Vintage Print
Moonstone Beach Drive
vintage print
(offered unframed)
Wells Fargo Stage - vintage print
(offered unframed)
Robert Gray Tribal Mix
Tribal Mix - vintage print
(offered unframed)

Robert was born in Phoenix in 1929, and after growing up in Arizona and serving a stint in the Navy, Robert attended the Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles. He worked as a graphics designer in the LA area before retiring to San Luis Obispo County in 1974, opening his own gallery and small motel along side Morro Bay. His works reside in many renowned private collections and in galleries throughout California.

Robert Gray El Pueblo Grande
El Pueblo Grande - vintage print
(offered unframed)
Morro Bay Poster
(offered unframed)