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Charles S. Graham 1852 - 1911
By the time he was 27, he began a fifteen year relationship with Harper’s Weekly. His work appeared in almost every issue during those years covering

a variety of fascinating events. Between the years of 1880 - 1889, he traveled the west doing drawings for his old employer, the railroads.

In 1887, he published a drawing of

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Charles S. Graham

Charles Graham Print Around San Francisco Bay
Around San Francisco Bay
Charles Graham Print San Rafael and the Golden Gate
San Rafael
and the Golden Gate

Yellowstone in Harper’s Weekly. This particular work was done in his Chicago studio, and it is disputed whether or not he was present on that particular expedition to Yellowstone.

As an artist, Graham was not a romantic and did not like artistically glorified views of nature’s grandeur, but preferred views of men taming the west. He was an adventurer as well as an artist. In 1893, he freelanced, doing drawings for the New York Herald, the Chicago Tribune, and his last contribution to Harper’s Weekly was from Cuba in 1898.From 1893 through 1896, Graham called California home, and was a member of Northern California’s Bohemian Club.

Source: Askart

Charles Graham Mountain Path and Conifers
Charles Graham Mountain Path and Conifers Signature
"To my friend Cowles / C. Graham"
Mountain Path and Conifers
Watercolor 11 7/8 x 8 3/4
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Charles Graham Mountain Path and Conifers with Frame

Charles Graham Mountain Path and Conifers Closeup