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Carl Hoerman 1885-1955
Carl Hoerman, Gods of the Deep Carl Hoerman, Gods of the Deep
Carl Hoerman Gods of the Deep Signature "Gods of the Deep" 1950
Oil on canvas 31 x 28

A full page image of this painting is published in
Shadows on the Mesa
by Gary Fillmore (p 162)
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Carl Hoerman

Carl Hoerman was born in Bavaria in 1885. His father was a wood carver of church altars. His father trained him in carving and carpentry which eventually led Carl to study archetecture. He emegrated to the United States in 1909 and soon opened an architectural firm in Chicago which he operated for eleven years. In 1920, he moved to the southeast shore of Lake Michigan in the town of Saugatuck, Michigan. Karl loved the serenity of the place and the Lake Michigan Dunes. He took up tree farming and painting. He built his home there, a Bavarian styled chalet filled with hand crafted furnishings.

Carl had long held an admiration for Spanish Colonial Architecture, and he purchased a home in Riverside, California, and later in Palm Springs. He made annual trips to the Grand Canyon, which quickly became his favorite painting subject.

Sources: Askart.com, Shadows on the Mesa, by Gary Fillmore, Blue Coyote Gallery, Cave Creek, AZ., p 163, and Carl Hoerman's obituary.

Carl Hoerman, Gods of the Deep

Carl Hoerman, Gods of the Deep