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Carl Hoerman

In 1904, Carl Hoerman was nineteen years old and sailed to America after having sold charcoal drawings and working in the shipyards of Hamburg. He is thought to have received art training in Munich near his birthplace of Babenhausen, Bavaria. He made his way to Chicago where he studied architecture. He maintained his architecture office in Chicago from 1909 until 1920 when he dedicated himself to his painting. He built a studio and art gallery in the town of Saugatuck in southwestern Michigan.

In 1927, he and his artist wife, Christiana Ackermann, began making trips to the Southwest where they painted desert and mountain scenes and the Grand Canyon. They visited Europe and Africa, and later maintained residences in Riverside and Palm Springs, California. Carl was an active member of the Riverside Art Association.

Fellow artist, John W. Hilton gives a glimpse as to the humble nature of Carl Hoerman and why so little is known of him today.

Carl Hoerman Gods of the Deep
This painting is published in Shadows on the Mesa
by Gary Fillmore of the Blue Coyote Gallery, Cave Creek Arizona
, p 162
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In a Desert Magazine article, John Hilton writes, "When I asked Mr. Hoerman about his former life he replied that no one wanted to know about his childhood, his architectural practice in Chicago or why he quit milking cows during his farming period and took up painting in 1924. 'Why,' he asks 'should we rehash my sad and wicked life.'" Sources: Askart.com, Shadows on the Mesa, by Gary Fillmore, Blue Coyote Gallery, Cave Creek, AZ., p 163.

Carl Hoerman Gods of the Deep Signature "Gods of the Deep" 1950
Oil on canvas 31 x 28

Carl Hoerman Gods of the Deep with Frame

Carl Hoerman Gods of the Deep Closeup

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