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Virginia Chism Darce 1910 - 1985

Virginia Chism Darce was a watercolorist and artist in the Spokane, Washington area.

She also contributed murals, stained glass murals, and mosaics at the historic Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood, Oregon, built by the WPA in 1936 and 1937. Virginia's famed Paul Bunyan mural was featured in the concluding episode of the PBS series, Lodges of the Pacific Northwest, which visits historic lodges at Mount Rainier, Mount Hood, Oregon Caves, and Crater Lake. Further down this page are photos of her Timberline Lodge artwork and a shot of Virginia and her assistants working on the mural.
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Timberline Lodge Mount Hood Oregon
Timberline Lodge, Mount Hood, Oregon

Virginia Chism Darce Spring Landscape 1944

Virginia Chism Darce Spring Landscape 1944 Signature "Spring Landscape " 1944
Watercolor 15 x 19 1/2
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Virginia Darce Spring Landscape 1944 with Frame

Virginia Chism Darce Spring Landscape 1944 Closeup

Virginia Darce creating Paul Bunyun Mural
Virginia Darce Mosaic Timberline Lodge Mt Hood Oregon

More of Virginia Darce's Timberline Lodge work can be seen at
Source: Davenports, and the linked site above.

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