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Joshua Meador
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Dedrick Brandes Stuber The Charm of Old Ships
The Charm of Old Ships

23 x 18
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Eucalyptus at Twilight with gold leaf frame
Eucalyptus at Twilight
20 x 16
Dedrick Brandes Stuber 1878 - 1954

Eucalyptus and Farmhouse
14 x 12
Dedrick Stuber Stream in the Moonlight
Stream in Moonlight
13 x 10.25
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Desert Cathedral
Desert Cathedral
20 c 24
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Springtime in the Desert with Frame
Springtime in the Desert
30 x 36
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Silver Morning
Silver Morning
10 x 13
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Atmospheric Sunset Landscape
Atmospheric Sunset Landscape
10 x 13
Dedrick Brandes Stuber Lake and Hils
Lake and Hills
10 x 12.5

Dedrick Brandes Stuber is known for his California landscapes; seascapes, mountain landscapes, and desert scenes.

His atmospheric tall willowy eucalyptus trees in a pastoral setting with a farm, or with a small town with a particular church at their bases or in the distance have been identified as having been done in and around Elsinore, California in the 1920’s.

He also enjoyed painting scenes of tall ships sailing or in harbors and of blooming deserts with billowing clouds. Like many of the LA artists, he made painting treks to Arizona to paint the Grand Canyon or Monument Valley.

Urban scenes with complex brushwork skillfully suggesting forms of homes and their yards, probably in and around Los Angeles are particularly prized by collectors.

The bright colors of his skies and forms of his clouds are distinctive as well as certain other characteristics of specific types of his works.  A painting with his stylized clouds is in the collecrtion of the Smithsonian and is pictured to the right.

Dedrick Stuber was born in New York, and attended the Art Students League.  He studied with Bridgman (Charles J.), Julian Onderdonck, and Clinton Peters, and was influenced by Barbizon painters Camille Corot and Charles Francois Daubigny.  He moved to California in 1920, but there is evidence that he had made an earlier trip, because there is a 1915 painting called "Silver Mining" in a private collection. He preferred painting plein air at sunrise, when it was cool and shady.

His work resides in the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington, D.C., the Pasadena Art Museum, The Fleischer Museum of Scottsdale, Arizona, and the Irvine Museum.  His work is associated with the following galleries:  Wilshire Galleries, Barker Brothers, Newhouse Galleries.  He was a member of the Laguna Beach Art Association, the Glendale Art Association, the Painters and Sculptors of Southern California, and the Painters and Sculptors Club. Sources:  AskArt; Edan Hughes books; The Redfern Gallery website
Passing Clouds, Collection of the Smithsonian American Art Museum collection Dedrick Stuber, c 1933-1934, 40 1/8" x 50"
Dedrick Brandes Stuber, Passing Clouds c 1933-34
Smithsonian American Art Museum, Washington, D.C.