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James Everett Stuart 1852 - 1941

Eight year old James Everett Stuart arrived in California with his parents in 1860. He attended school in San Francisco and studied art with Thomas Hill and William Keith. His early work reflected the mood and mystery of the French Barbizon school. He painted plein air throughout the west and Alaska. He held a special fascination with Yellowstone. Prior to his death at age 88, he maintained a studio in San Francisco near Union Square for nearly thirty years. He was a member of the Bohemian Club, and many of his paintings were hung on the walls of fellow member's homes. His work also adorned the walls of the White House. His work has been exhibited by the historical societies of Oregon, Washington, and Montana. Sources: Ask Art; Edan Hughes, ARTISTS IN CALIFORNIA, Peter Hassrick, DRAWN TO YELLOWSTONE, Peggy and Harold Samuels, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ARTISTS OF THE AMERICAN WEST

James Everett Stuart Road Oak and Bay Trees Midsized Thumbnail
Roadway between Oak & Bay Trees,
Marin County (1916)
James Everett Stuart Mount Shasta 1921 Midsized Thumbnail
"Sunset Glow"
Mt. Shasta (1921)
James Everett Stuart Exposed Reef Sitka 1891 midsized Thumbnail
"Exposed Reef "
Sitka Sound 1891
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James Everett Stuart Photo PortraitJames Everett Stuart
(J. E. Stuart)

James Everett Stuart at Easel

James Everett Stuart Painting
Three photos of J. E. Stuart were submitted by Donna Pierce, a distant relative