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Linda Sorensen Apple Blossoms Near and Far
Apple Blossoms Near & Far
12 x 12

Edwin Deakin Cattle near the Mission
The Crocker Museum's
late 19th & early 20th century California & American Paintings
Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Mission
Carmel's Charlotte E. Morgan, artist and sister-in-law of
Mary DeNeale Morgan
John Hershy Fish Fest Gulls
Bodega Bay's
Fisherman's Festival 2018,
Notes from the ART TENT

The Crocker Museum's late 19th and early 20th century
California and American Paintings
by Daniel Rohlfing
March issue, 2018
E Charlton Fortune
E. Charlton Fortune:
The Colorful Spirit

at Sacramento's Crocker

Last month, we reported on "E. Charlton Fortune, The Colorful Spirit" now at Sacramento's Crocker Museum. This marvelous exhibition is well worth a trip to Sacramento ... but soon: The exhibition ends April 22nd. (click the link to the left.)

While at the Crocker, view their late 19th and early 20th century California and American paintings. Some of the paintings pictured below were new to us and some were old friends. Arranged chronologically by the artist's birth date, here's a small sampling of some of what the Crocker has on view.

William Hahn, Market Scene, Sansome Street, San Francisco, 1872
William Hahn, American, 1829-1887
Market Scene, Sansome Street, San Francisco, 1872

William Hahn 1829-1887 was born and trained in Saxony at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and the Dusseldorf Academy where Albert Bierstadt studied. While in Dusseldorf, Hahn became friends with a visiting Scottish-San Franciscan, William Keith. Hahn accompanied Keith to Boston where they founded a studio in 1871-72. Keith then returned to San Francisco and Hahn accompanied him.

Typical of Hahn's paintings, Market Scene, Sansome Street San Francisco shows California citizens about their daily business, their dress, pets, customs, architecture and commerce.

Thomas Hill 1829-1908 was one of San Francisco's premier landscape painters along with William Keith, Ransom Holdredge, and Albert Bierstadt. Born in England, he came to Massachusetts in his youth where he painted horse carriages, which lead to interior decorating in Philadelphia and studies at the Pennsylvania Academy. He began visiting the White Mountains of New York and became associated with painters of the Hudson River School. At the outset of the Civil War, he moved to San Francisco in 1861.

Sugar Loaf Peak, El Dorado County 1865 was done after Hill's first Sierra trip in 1865.

Thomas Hill, Sugar Loaf Peak, El Dorado County, 1865
Thomas Hill, American, 1829-1908
Sugar Loaf Peak, El Dorado County, 1865
Norton Bush, Lake Tahoe, 1880
Norton Bush, American, 1834-1894
Lake Tahoe, 1880

Sugar Loaf Peak, El Dorado County was praised as "the boldest and best of Hill's landscapes, and was Judge Crocker's first purchase from a California artist.

Norton Bush 1834-1894 came to Sacramento and began teaching art in the late 1870's. From Sacramento, he made many sketching and painting trips to the Sierra and Lake Tahoe. Done long before the urbanization of the Tahoe basin, Bush's Lake Tahoe serves as a reminder of Lake Tahoe's unsurpassed natural beauty.

Edwin Deakin Cattle Drive Near the Mission, 1876
Edwin Deakin, American, 1838-1923
Cattle Drive Near the Mission, 1876

Edwin Deakin 1838-1923 was born in Sheffield, England. He was trained to paint floral designs on furniture in a Japanese style. His family moved to Chicago in 1856 when Edwin was 18 years old.

At age 32, Edwin and his entire extended family moved to San Francisco. He quickly became well known as a successful landscape painter, becoming a member of the Bohemian Club and serving as director and frequent exhibitor for the San Francisco Art Association.

In the late 1870's, he went on a painting tour of Europe, painting in England, France and Switzerland.

Edwin Deakin, Cascade Falls near Lake Tahoe, 1877
Edwin Deakin, American, 1838-1923
Cascade Falls Near Lake Tahoe, 1877

Many of these works were exhibited in the Paris Salon.

He established his residence in Berkeley, a large red-tiled mission style home, while keeping a small studio in San Francisco. His most memorable exhibition was at San Francisco's Palace Hotel in April of 1900 which featured an exhibition of Deakin's 21 Mission paintings. Deakin was a major advocate for the preservation of California's missions.

It is thought Edwin Deakin's Cattle Drive Near the Mission 1876 was meant to promote California's place in America's history, as 1876 was the nation's Centennial. The Crocker's placard for this painting does not identify which mission is pictured in the distance. If you have a clue, let us know and we'll include it in our gallery notes. (

Cascade Falls Near Lake Tahoe 1877 is on the southwest side of the lake, near Cascade Lake and Emerald Bay. Deakin often painted oil sketches here for later use in his studio. He was known as a daring hiker, willing to take long and dangerous hikes to capture the perfect vista. A reporter once wrote of him, "He is very venturesome, and once at Cascade Falls, he climbed up the face of almost inaccessible rocks, throwing his sketching material from ledge to ledge."

Edwin Deakin, Christams Day, Hotel de Cluny, Paris, 1880
Edwin Deakin, American, 1838-1923
Christmas Morning, Hotel de Cluny,
Paris France, after 1880
Edwin Deakin Hotel de Cluny Stained Glass Closeup
Close up of Deakin's Christmas Morning,
Hotel de Cluny
with a Nativity scene
Edwin Deakin, Strawberry Creek, Berkeley, 1893
Edwin Deakin, American, 1838-1923
Strawberry Creek, Berkeley Hills, 1893
Christmas Morning, Hotel de Cluny, Paris, after 1880. This is not the only painting of the Hotel de Cluny. His A Souvenir of Cluny done in 1879-1880 featured a nun feeding sparrows outside the Hotel. The painting received mixed reviews, including the art critic of the San Francisco News Letter who stated, "Had the figure been omitted, it would have been a better picture than this." Afterward, Deakin painted Christmas Morning, Hotel de Cluny. To reinforce the Christmas theme, he included a stained glass window of the Nativity while retaining two sparrows from his original A Souvenir of Cluny. Today, there is no such window at the Hotel de Cluny, and may not have been there when Deakin visited in 1880.

Strawberry Creek, Berkeley Hills, 1893 was near his Berkeley studio. Strawberry Canyon and Strawberry Creek were among his favorite Berkeley Hills locations.
Jules Tavernieer, Around the Campfire, 1875
Jules Tavernier, American, 1844-1889
Around the Campfire, 1875
(Encampment in the Redwoods)

Jules Tavernier 1844-1889 died of alcoholism in Hawaii at the young age of 45, but what a life! Born and trained in France, he was one of the best painters ever to make San Francisco his home. He was a celebrated member of the Bohemian Club and everyone's best friend. He often lavishly outspent his earnings and fled San Francisco for Hawaii to escape his creditors.

Around the Campfire 1875 (Encampment in the Redwoods)

depicts Tavernier on a painting excursion with fellow artists and friends Paul Frenzeny and Julian Rix camping in the Bohemian Redwood Grove on the Russian River in Sonoma County.

Frank Myers Boggs was born in Ohio and raised in New York City. He began his artistic career as an engraver for Harper's Magazine. He studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris where his talents for landscape painting were encouraged. After being accepted into the Paris Salon of 1880, he pursued his career in Europe. Boggs painted Dordrecht Harbor (the Netherlands) after 1880, hundreds of years after the subject was previously painted by Dutch artists of the 16th and 17th century. The scene is dominated by the mass of the Dordrecht Cathedral.

Frank Myers Boggs, Dordrect Harbor the Netherlands, c1880-81
Frank Myers Boggs, American, 1855-1926
Dordrecht Harbor (the Netherlands), c1880-81
Theodore Wores, American, 1859-1939 Chinese Restaurant, 1884
Theodore Wores, American, 1859-1939
Chinese Restaurant, 1884
Fernand Lungren, Seats of the Mighty, c1905
Fernand Lungren, American, 1859-1932
Seats of the Mighty, c1905

Theodore Wores often painted in San Francisco's Chinatown. Wores was aware that most San Franciscans thought ethnic areas of the city were unsavory and unsafe. He strongly fought to change such perceptions.

He continued creating such art on his travels in Japan, England, Hawaii, Samoa and Spain. In Hawaii, he worked closely with Ukiah's Grace Hudson as she painted native Hawaiian subjects. Chinese Restaurant depicts a welcoming scene done in golds and greens, where congenial company can enjoy good food, drink and music.

Fernand Lungren 1859-1932 was born in Maryland and trained in Philadelphia at the Academy of Fine Arts with Thomas Eakins and later in Paris. In 1892, as an artist working for the railroads, he painted portraits of native Americans and landscapes. In 1903, he moved to Los Angeles, eventually settling in Santa Barbara. Seats of the Mighty's was painted on the eastern slope of the Rockies near Colorado Springs. The daring composition of this striking painting uses interlocking diagonal lines as he depicts the dynamism and peril above the tree line.

Guy Rose, Food for the Laborers, 1890
Guy Rose, American, 1867-1925
Food For the Laborers, 1890

Guy Rose 1867-1925 was a California native, raised on his family's ranch in the San Gabriel town of Rosemead. His father was a prominent California State Senator. A childhood hunting trip with his brothers lead to tragedy. Guy was injured by being shot in the face. As he recuperated, he sketched and painted with both watercolors and oils.

After high school, Guy studied in San Francisco at the School of Design with Virgil Williams, Warren Rollins and Emil Carlsen. After studies in Paris at the Academie Julian, he participated in the Paris Salons between 1890 and 1909. In 1899, he and his wife bought a cottage and lived in Giverny from 1904-1912.

From 1918 to 1920, the Roses spent the summer in Carmel.

A year later while serving as Director of the Stickly Memorial School of Art in Pasadena, he suffered a paralyzing stroke.

Artistically, Guy Rose is recognized as one of California's greatest impressionists.

Food for the Laborers 1890 was exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1890. This painting is done in a polished French style that Rose learned at the Academie Julian. The pose of the woman is Rose's nod to Whistler's Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1, most commonly referred to as Whistler's Mother.

Laguna Trees c1916 shows the influence of Impressionism. He had just returned from living in Claude Monet's home of Giverny. During this period, he painted plein air. Notice Rose's paint application, approach to color and lightness of touch compared with his earlier work, Food for the Laborers 1890.

Guy Rose, Laguna Trees, c1916
Guy Rose, American, 1867-1925
Laguna Trees , c1916
Seldon Connor Gile, The Garden, 1919
Seldon Connor Gile, American, 1877-1947
The Garden, 1919

Seldon Conner Gile 1877-1947 was active in Bay Area painting from the 1910's to the mid 1930's. He was a founder and leading member of the Society of Six, a group of artists known for their fauvist styles, especially their use of rich color. Later on, the Society of Six artists proved to be influential on the work of Bay Area figurative expressionists.

Gile was greatly impressed by the impressionists and fauvists he saw at San Francisco's Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915. From that point on, he abandoned his earlier style which used muted colors.

In The Garden, Gile uses small dabs of pure color in a pointillism style, allowing the color to mix optically rather than being pre-mixed on the palette.

Untitled Cows and Pasture is a pivotal work in California Art History. It links the the fauvist ideas practiced with the Society of Six with the Figurative Movement of the 1950's.

Richard Diebenkorn saw and admired this painting, saying "Gile's painting is about painting and the act of painting, as much as it is about simple unencumbered subjects." The Crocker advises viewers of this painting to "notice the repetition of colors and shapes that both balance and enliven the composition."

In the 1930's, Giles mood changed. He did watercolors, painting depression era workers. He also did a couple of mural projects, a mural for the Belvedere Library and for a railroad office in San Francisco.

Seldon Conner Gile, Untitled, Cows and Pasture, no date
Seldon Connor Gile, American, 1877-1947
Untitled (Cows and Pasture), no date

In his home in the Tiburon / Belvedere area, he refused to get too close with his neighbors, choosing to not go beyond doorway pleasantries. He spent his last days at the Marin County Hospital and farm and died of cirrhosis of the liver.

Armin Hansen, Shark Fishers, no date
Armin Hansen, American, 1886-1957
Shark Fishers, no date

Armin Hansen 1886-1957 was a native San Franciscan. He studied at the Mark Hopkins Institute with Arthur Mathews. During 6 years of study in Europe, he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart under Carlos Grethe, a painter of maritime scenes, and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich. He spent time in London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and Nieuwpoort, Belgium.

He returned to San Francisco in 1912 and first visited Monterey / Carmel in 1913. Although he was not among the founders of the Carmel Art Association, he later served as its President. He entertained many artists in Carmel including members of the Society of Six and was an art teacher of E. Charlton Fortune.

Shark Fishers is typical of Armin Hansen's work, with figures of Monterey's fishermen about their tasks. He loved to tell tales in his paintings of the rigors of physical labor, hardship, danger, bravery and loss.

Conrad Buff 1886-1975 escaped Switzerland and the tyranny of his father as a teen. He worked on a Swiss dairy farm in Wisconsin briefly before moving to Los Angeles. He initially painted houses, but soon became acquainted with other artists.

In 1917, Buff worked for another artist, Edgar Payne. Payne had received a large commission to create murals for all eleven floors for the new Congress Hotel in Chicago. Young Buff worked along side Payne's wife, Elsie, Jack Wilkerson Smith, Peter Nielsen and Grayson Sayer. Buff's job was to paint sky and clouds while others did foreground and flowers. Buff made $5.00 a day.

With his new found wealth and friends, Buff soon began making artistic treks to the Sierra and the Southwestern deserts. He became friends of many artists including Maynard Dixon and developed a distinctive desert painting style, marked by geometric shapes and strong colors. Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery has a small number of Conrad Buff's paintings. This painting of Canyon de Chelly is noteworthy due to Buff's often used technique of "cross hatching."

Conrad Buff, Canyon de Chelly, c1940
Conrad Buff, American, 1886-1975
Canyon de Chelly, Arizona, c1940

This is of course a slim glimpse of what the Crocker Museum offers. And nothing substitutes for the impact of the art in person. Don't forget their superb current exhibition E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit which runs through April 22. Plan a trip to Sacramento, have a great lunch out and an afternoon of artistic delight.

The Crocker Museum of Art | E. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit | Conrad Buff at Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery | Back to the Top
ALSO ... opening soon
A TWO-YEAR EXHIBITION ... April 22, 2018 - April 26, 2020
Nature's Gifts, Early California Paintings from the Wendy Willrich Collection
John Marshall Gamble, A Spring Morning, Poppies and Bush Lupine
John Marshall Gamble
A Spring Morning, Poppies and Bush Lupine, 1915

Carmel's Charlotte E. Morgan, artist and
sister-in-law of Mary DeNeale Morgan by Daniel Rohlfing
Charlotte E Morgan The Mission
Charlotte E. Morgan, The Mission

Charlotte Morgan 1867-1947 was a fine artist and energetic pillar of art education and the Carmel art community, but little is written of her. Her sister-in-law, Mary DeNeale Morgan, was one of the Carmel Art Colony's stars.

Charlotte Elizabeth Bodwell Morgan was born in Lakeville, California, just east of Petaluma. Charlotte enrolled at the School of Design in San Francisco in 1886.

There, she studied with Emil Carlsen, Raymond Yelland, Amedee Joullin, and Arthur Mathews. Her classmates included her future sister-in-law Mary DeNeale Morgan and life long friends, Kate Carew, Evelyn McCormick, Louise Carpenter and Josephine Blanch.

In 1894, Charlotte married Mary DeNeale Morgan's brother, Ross Morgan, a mining engineer. The young couple moved to the Mother Lode Country in Amador County. When back in the Bay Area, the couple shared a residence with the extended Morgan family in Oakland on 19th Street, including Mary DeNeale Morgan. In 1902, the Morgans moved to Berkeley where Ross was named the Assistant Oakland City Engineer. Charlotte continued her art education, studying privately with Lorenzo Latimer. After falling ill in 1914, Ross died four years later in 1917. Charlotte continued working, teaching drawing at Berkeley High School.

During these years, she shared a studio with Mary DeNeale Morgan in the Oakland City Hall. Mary spent her summers in Carmel and Charlotte soon accompanied her, and eventually became a part-time Carmel resident in 1923 when she purchased a seasonal home and studio. In 1922, she studied with Carmel artist and friend Armin Hansen.

In the fall of 1923, Charlotte moved 150 miles north of San Francisco to Ukiah where she taught art for four years at Potter Valley High School. In assorted Ukiah area records, Charlotte's attendance was frequently noted at social events such as teas, sporting events, Grange dances, and the Potter Progress Club. Her summers of course were spent in Carmel. In 1927, Charlotte received a substantial inheritance. She left her Ukiah teaching position and spent the next summer in Europe, visiting England, France, Switzerland and Italy. Later that year, she moved to Carmel full time. Soon afterward, Charlotte and Mary DeNeale Morgan were two of the founding members of the Carmel Art Association.

Although she painted scenes at Sutter's Creek in Amador County, in Sonoma County and San Francisco, Charlotte's favorite scenes were in Carmel and its beautiful environs. Some of her works are in the collections of the City of Carmel and the Harrison Memorial Library of Carmel. She exhibited in local events throughout her artistic career.

Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast Point Lobos
Charlotte E. Morgan, Pt. Lobos, Carmel Coast
oil on canvas, 20 x 14
presently offered by Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
Charlotte E Morgan Kuster House, Carmel Point
Charlotte E. Morgan, Kuster House, Carmel Point
once offered by the Josh Hardy Galleries, Carmel, CA

The local Carmel paper, The Pine Cone, listed in its social notes in November 1943 that Charlotte hosted an afternoon tea reunion of her San Francisco School of Design classmates at her Carmel Studio. The surviving members included Louise Carpenter, Ethel Martin Sparks (second wife of Will Sparks) and

Charlotte E Morgan Carmel Coast
Charlotte E. Morgan, Carmel Coast
Charlotte E Morgan A Patriot's Life
Charlotte E. Morgan, A Patriot's Life

Mary DeNeale Morgan. The same paper reported on February 1947 that Charlotte Morgan had regained the ability to walk after major surgery. A little over a month later though, the paper published her obituary. She died, March 29, 1947 at the age of 80.

To date, we've been unable to find a photo of Charlotte. If you know of one, please let us know and we will gladly publish it.

Charlotte Morgan's Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery page | Back to the Top

John Hershey Fish Fest Gulls
John Hershey's Photo, Fish Fest Gulls captures the essence Bodega Bays Fisherman's Festival,
A celebration of the magic of Bodega Bay,
The Birds, the fishing, the sea and the fun.
Fisherman's Festival 2018, Art Tent Notes
by Daniel Rohlfing
Spring equinox has passed and daylight savings time has returned. Longer and warmer days bring the return of Bodega Bay's Fisherman's Festival. This year's annual celebration takes place April 14 & 15.

Visitors come to take part in the Blessing of the Fleet, boat races, and bands, bands and more bands. Our local Fire and Rescue professionals and the Coast Guard present their gear and emergency vehicles for display. The community works hard to present this charitable fund-raising event.

Folks enjoy Bodega Bay Fish and Chips and Sonoma County wines while watching animal and pet parades, painted faces, arts and crafts and the ART TENT.

This year's ART TENT participants include oil paintings by Pamela Leotta-

Wallace and Linda Sorensen, Watercolors by Susan Berg and Sarah Good, abstract redwood sculpture by Patrick Harper, dichroic fused glass jewelry by Suzanne Kaplan, the photography of Diane Perry and Mara Kaltreider, hand-turned bowls by Jo Spies Athey, and metal sculpture by Jeff Nowak.

Fish Fest Art Tent
The Local Art Tent,
a Fisherman's Festival Tradition
Susan Berg Quiet Passage
Susan Berg, Quiet Passage
Susan Berg Sahara Sunset
Susan Berg, Sahara Sunset
Susan Berg, Cat Nap
Susan Berg, Cat Nap
Pam Wallace Vinyard Painting
Pamela Leotta-Wallace, Vineyard Scene
Pam Wallace, Breaking Wave Back lit
Pamela Leotta-Wallace,Backlit Wave
Susan Kaplan Egrit and Moon
Suzanne Kaplan, Egret and Moon
Susan Kaplan Necklace and matching earings
Suzanne Kaplan, Necklace and matching Earrings
Susan Kaplan Glass Jewelry
Suzanne Kaplan, Glass Jewelry
Diane Perry Reflections
Diane Perry, Reflections
Diane Perry, Dockside Reflections
Diane Perry, Dockside Reflections
Linda Sorensen Historic D Ranch
Linda Sorensen, Historic D Ranch, Point Reyes National Seashore
Diane Perry Spud Point Marina
Diane Perry, Spud Point Marina
Linda Sorensen, Sun Sinking
Linda Sorensen, Sun Sinking
Linda Sorensen, Slip Slidin' Away
Linda Sorensen, Slip Slidin' Away
In 2015, some of the Art Tent artists "ham it up."
John Hershey Photo 2015 Fisherman's Festival, John Hershey
Bodega Bay photographer John Hershey
John Hershey Photo 2015 Fisherman's Festival, Linda Sorensen and Diane Perry
Bodega Bay painter Linda Sorensen
& Bodega Bay photographer Diane Perry
John Hershey Photo 2015 Fisherman's Festival, Wanda McManus
Bodega Bay watercolorist, the late Wanda McManus,
long time Fisherman's Festival
Art Tent coordinator and participant

In 2015, photographer John Hershey initiated some Blues Brothers-inspired photographic fun. With fellow artists' help, John photographed artists wearing Fisherman's Festival bright orange tee shirts and sweatshirts with dark sunglasses. This year, Art Tent participants are saddened by the recent loss of our friend and leader, Wanda McManus. Wanda passed away in February, but would have insisted that all her artist friends carry on boldly inspired with the best of her artistic spirit and enthusiasm.

Bodega Bay Fisherman's Festival official page | Back to the Top

Linda Sorensen Apple Blossoms Near and Far
Apple Blossoms Near and Far
Linda Sorensen

Sebastopol's Apple Blossom Festival, 2018
April 21 & 22, 2018, 10-5 pm, Ives Park
Celebrating the rich history of the Apple and the Promise of the Vine
click their website for more info

Apple Blossom Fesitval Apple Pie
Cover of Watercolour Magazine

Special Congratulations to Bodega Bay watercolor painter Jean Warren, chosen a finalist in the National Watercolor Society & The Art of Watercolour Magazine's 2017 competition. Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery featured Jean's paintings for several years and they were most popular among visitors. Look for news of the NWS competition on Jean's website,

Jean and Phil Warren vising LInda Sorensen's Art Trails Open Studio 2017
Jean and Phil Warren
visiting Linda Sorensen's
Art Trails Open Studio
October 2017
At the Landmark Gallery
in Bodega
Linda Sorensen Cypress Over Highway One
Linda Sorensen's
Cypress over Highway One
9 x 12

Linda Sorensen's paintings currently showing at:

Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection,
located inland in the town of Bodega, west end of town a half block from the Casino, and just across from the General Store and the Bodega Volunteer Fire Department.

Corrick's "Art Trails Gallery,"
located in downtown Santa Rosa on 4th Street, just steps from Santa Rosa's newly reopened town Square.

At Corrick's in Santa Rosa
"Art Trails Gallery"

Linda Sorensen Hawks Hill to Point Bonita
Linda Sorensen's
Hawk Hill to Point Bonita
24 x 30
Linda Sorensen at Easel at Monte Rio Redwood Cabin Studio
Linda Sorensen at her easel
on Dutch Bill Creek in Monte Rio

Linda Sorensen presently rents an artist's cabin/studio, located in Monte Rio, overlooking Dutch Bill Creek among redwoods -- near the Russian River.

She reports plenty of company from the mallards and mergansers on the Creek. This was the location for her Art Trails Open Studio 2017.

Linda Sorensen's Redwood Cabin Studio
Linda's redwoods cabin studio

What's showing in Bodega Bay?
Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery Sign

Bodega Bay Heritage Gallery
featuring Joshua Meador and Linda Sorensen
and Historic Paintings of California

online only (and by arrangement) | Voicemail and Text 707-875-2911

Joshua Meador Composed by the Sea
"Composed by Ocean"
Joshua Meador
Ren Brown
Ren Brown
The Ren Brown Collection
1781 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, 94923
707-875-2922 | |
Back to the Top
Reb Brown Sign Thumbnail
Pacific Bay Gallery

Pacific Bay Gallery
1785 Coast Highway One, Bodega Bay, 94923
Noki and Ron Jones, proprietors
707-875-8925 | | Back to the Top

Pacific Bay Gallery Azoulay
Bodega Bay's Jean Warren Watercolors
Bodega Bay resident Jean Warren says her paintings are reflections of the places she has lived and traveled.
Jean is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society,
California Watercolor Association and full member of Society of Layerists in Multi-Media.
Visit Jean's site and view examples at the Healdsburg Center for the Arts

Jean Warren Watercolor

What's showing nearby?
in Sonoma, Napa & Marin Counties
Lorenzo de Santis
Landmark Gallery's
Lorenzo de Santis
IN BODEGA Bodega Landmark Gallery Collection
including paintings by Linda Sorensen
17255 Bodega Highway Bodega, California USA 94922 Phone 707 876 3477
Fri-Mon, 10:30 - 5:30 | | Back to the Top
Bodega Landmark Gallery Thumb
Sebastopol Center for the Arts

IN SEBASTOPOL, Sebastopol Center for the Arts
home of Sonoma County's Art @ the Source and Art Trails

"Past and Future Connections to Pottery Pond Exhibit" ... Mar 30 - May6
282 S. High Street, Sebastopol, CA 95472  707.829.4797
Hours: Tue - Fri 10am - 4pm, Sat & Sun 1 - 4pm

Corricks Kevin Brown
Corrick's Keven Brown

IN SANTA ROSA Corrick's Art Trails Gallery |
637 Fourth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 | Contact::

Corrick's has been a Santa Rosa Treasure since 1915,
a downtown stationery store serving the community's "cultural hub."
Corrick's has long supported local artists with its impressive "ART TRAILS GALLERY,"
including paintings by Linda Sorensen.

located on Fourth Street, steps away from Santa Rosa's revitalized town square
and Fourth Street's Russian River Brewery

BBHPhoto Dennis Calabi
Dennis Calabi
IN SANTA ROSA Calabi Gallery |
456 Tenth Street, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 | email: | 707-781-7070

Gallery Group Show 2018
Famed master conservator Dennis Calabi brings his rare knowledge and experience
to present a tasteful and eclectic array of primarily 20th century artwork. | Back to the Top
Easton Crustacean Dancing Dream 144
Easton, Crustacean Dancing Dream, American Alabaster
Annex Galleries Santa Rosa IN Santa Rosa The Annex Galleries
specializing in 19th, 20th, and 21st century American and European fine prints
The Annex Galleries is a member of the International Fine Print Dealers Association (IFPDA). | Back to the Top
Linda Ratzlaff IN GRATON Graton Gallery

Graton Gallery | (707) 829-8912  |
9048 Graton Road, Graton CA 95444 | Open Wednesday ~ Saturday 10:30 to 6, Sunday 10:30 to 4
Christopher Queen Gallery IN DUNCANS MILLS Christopher Queen Galleries
3 miles east of Hwy 1 on Hwy 116 on the Russian River
See their wonderful old California gallery upstairs. |707-865-1318| Back to the Top
Paul Mahder Gallery Thumbnail IN Healdsburg Paul Mahder Gallery

 (707) 473-9150 |
222 Mill Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA 95448 | Open Weds - Mon, 10-6, Sundays, 10-5
Hammarfriar Gallery Thumb IN Healdsburg Hammerfriar Gallery

 (707) 473-9600
132 Mill Street, Healdsburg, CA 95448 | Open Tues - Fri 10 to 6, Sat 10 - 5, Sun 12 - 4

john Anderson
Vintage Bank Petaluma Thumbnail
IN PETALUMA Vintage Bank Antiques
Vintage Bank Antiques is located in Historic Downtown Petaluma, corner of Western Avenue and Petaluma Blvd. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Vintage Bank Antiques has assembled a spectacular inventory of paintings. From the 18th Century to Contemporary Artists. Paintings to suit every price point and collector level.
Petaluma Blvd. North, Petaluma, CA 94952, ph: 707.769.3097

Back to the Top
Petaluma Arts Council Art Center IN PETALUMA Petaluma Art Center
"... to celebrate local artists and their contributions and involve the whole community"
Petaluma Center for the Arts

Links to current museum exhibits relevant to Early California Art
The Greater Bay Area
The Walt Disney Family Museum
This museum tells Walt's story from the early days.
(on the Parade Grounds) 104 Montgomery Street,
The Presidio of San Francisco, CA 94129

-- view location on Google Maps
Disney Museum Exterior Thumbnail San Francisco
de Young Museum
Cult of the Machine, Mar 24 - Aug 12
Permanent Collection

De Young Museum Thumbnail
San Francisco
California Historical Society

California Historical Society Thumbnail San Francisco
Legion of Honor

Cassanova The Seduction of Europe, Feb 10 - May 28
-Permanent European and Impressionist Paintings
San Francisco Legion of Honor Museum
San Francisco
Contemporary Jewish Museum

San Francisco's Contemporary Jewish Museum Thumbnail Oakland
Oakland Museum of California

-- ongoing Gallery of California Art
-showcasing over 800 works
from the OMCA's collection

Oakland Museum Thumbnail

San Francisco

SF Museum of Modern Art

Santa Rosa
3 Friends, Hudson, Stuppin, Shaw
through April 15
The Museums of Sonoma County

Sonoma County Museum Thumbnail
Santa Rosa
downstairs through Sep 16 ...
My favorite Peanuts: Reflections of Family & Friends
upstairs tthrough Aug 5 ...
50 Years of Franlkin
Charles M. Schultz Museum

Charles M Schultz Museum Santa Rosa

St Mary's College Museum of Art
Darker Shades of Red:
Soviet Propaganda Posters
Cold War Era
... through May 20
Hearst Art Gallery

Hearst Art Gallery Thumbnail
Mission San Francisco de Solano Museum

featuring the famed watercolor paintings
of the California Missions
by Christian Jorgensen
Mission San Francisco de Solano in Sonoma CA Sonoma
Sonoma Valley Museum of Art

551 Broadway, Sonoma CA 954
(707) 939-7862
Sonoma Museum of Art Exterior Thumb
Grace Hudson Museum

California Wildflowers and Climate Change
Feb 10- Jun 3
Grace Hudson Museum

Bolinas Museum

featuring their permanent collection,
including Ludmilla and Thadeus Welch,
Arthur William Best, Jack Wisby,
Russell Chatham, Alfred Farnsworth

Elizabeth Holland McDaniel Bolinas Embarcadero thumbnail
Walnut Creek
The Bedford Gallery, Lesher
Center for the Arts
Lesher Ctr for the Arts Walnut Creek CA San Jose
San Jose Museum of Art

approximately 2,000 20th & 21st
century artworks including paintings, sculpture,
new media, photography, drawings, prints, and artist books.
San Jose Museum of Art Thumbnail
Monterey Museum of Art

Ongoing exhibitions ...
Museums Permanent Collection
including William Ritschel, Armin Hansen
and E. Charlton Fortune
Monterey Museum of Art Palo Alto
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University
Cantor Art Center at Stanford University

Salvador Dali Museum

Salvador Dali Museum Monterey Sacramento
Crocker Art Museum
E.. Charlton Fortune: The Colorful Spirit
through Apr 22
(See our March 2018 article)
Nature's Gifts Early California Paintings
from the Wendy Willrich Collection

Opening April 22, 2018
& their marvelous Permanent Collection
Capitol Museum

Governor's Portrait Gallery
Permanent Exhibits

(including one of our galllery's favorite artists,
Robert Rishell's portrait of Gov. Ronald Reagan
Capitol Museum Sacramento Thumbnail Stockton's Treasure!
The Haggin Museum

-Largest exhibition of Albert Beirstadt paintings anywhere,
plus the works of Joseph Christian Leyendecker,
Norman Rockwell's mentor.
see our Newsletter article, April 2011
Haggin Museum Stockton
Southern California (and Arizona)
Los Angeles
Los Angeles Museum of Art

Art of the Americas, Level 3:
Artworks of paintings and sculptures
from the colonial period to World War II—
a survey of of art and culture
& "Levitated Mass"
Los Angeles County Museum of Art Irvine (now part of UC-Irvine)
The Irvine Museum
"Harmony of Light, Spring in California"
through Jun 21

Irvine Museum Thumbnail
Santa Barbara
The Santa Barbara Museum of Art
Santa Barbara Museum of Art Thumbnail Orange
Hilbert Museum, Chapman University
The Hilbert Collection focuses
on California Scene Painting,
including most well known
20th century California watercolor artists

Hilbert Museum Chapman University Orange CA
Norton Simon Museum
-an Impressive Permanent collection,
European impressionist and post impressionist paintings
See our newsletter from March 2014
Norton Simon Museum Pasadena Pasadena
Pasadena Museum of California Art

Pasadena Museum of California Art Exterior thumb
San Diego
San Diego Museum of Art
Permanent Collection
San Diego Museum of Art Thumbnail

San Marino (near Pasadena)
The Huntington Library

American Art Collection
Paintings by John Singer Sargent,
Edward Hopper, Robert Henri,
Albert Bierstadt, Thomas Moran,
William Keith, Mary Cassatt,
Thomas Hart Benton and many more.

Huntington Library Art Collection Pasadena
Palm Springs
Palm Springs Art Museum

Permanent Collection
American 19th century Landscape Painting
Palm Springs Art Museum Thumbnail Laguna Beach
Laguna Museum of Art
-California Art and only California Art
Permanent collection includes many historic
California Artists of the Laguna Beach Art Association

Laguna Art Museum
Prescott, AZ
Phippen Museum
Phippen Museum Entrance Hwy 89 Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix Art Museum
an excellent sampling of
Artists of the American West
Phoenix Art Museum
& Beyond
Honolulu, HI
Honolulu Museum
(see our Newsletter article
from February, 2015)

Honolulu Museum of Art Kamuela, HI (Big Island)
Issacs Art Center
65-1268 Kawaihae Road
Kamuela, HI  96743
(See our Dec '16 article "Hawaii's Paul Gauguin," 
modernist Madge Tennent, 1889-1972)

Isaacs Art Center
Seattle, WA
Seattle Art Museum
Seattle Art Museum Portland, OR
Portland Art Museum

Permanent Collection: American Art

Portland Art Museum Thumbnail
Washington D.C.
The Renwick Gallery

Permanent ... Grand Salon Paintings
from the Smithsonian American Art Museum
Renwick Gallery Washington DC Chicago, IL
Art Institute of Chicago
Permanent collection:
the Impressionists
Art Institute of Chicago Thumbnail
Cedar Rapids, IA
The Cedar Rapids Museum of Art
Grant Wood: In Focus

is an ongoing permanent collection exhibition.
Cedar Rapids Museum of Art

Bentonville, AR
Crystal Bridges
Museum of American Art

Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art
Washington D.C.
The National Gallery

Permanent collection
American Paintings
Tha National Gallery Washington DC Thumbnail Philadelphia , PA
The Philadelphia Museum of Art
Philadelphia Museum of Art Thumbnail
Philadelphia , PA
Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Campus
Barnes Foundation Campus Philadelphia Brooklyn, NY
The Brooklyn Museum
American Art
Permanent Collection
The Brooklyn Museum Thumbnail
New York , NY
The Whitney Museum of American Art

The largest selection of works by Edward Hopper
The Whitney Museum of American Art New York Detroit, MI
Detroit Institute of Arts
American Art
Permanent Collection
Detroit Institute of Arts
Ottawa, Ontario
National Gallery of Canada
Canada National Gallery of Art    

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