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Gail Packer and friend Gail Packer
1945 - 2008

Gail Packer explains the etching process used in her art ... Six Minutes
This film was created by cinematographer, Damon Cirulli

In speaking of her work, Gail said,

"In my prints I am looking for a vision of the world not limited to a particular time or place."

"I work with material that I have gathered through photography for a point of reference, however, my work is not intended to be a literal interpretation. It is a translation of what is seen through the mind and eyes of an artist. My work is a result of the many things that interest me and it changes as I discover new visual interests. It is a result of a combination of things from Medieval Art (Books of Hours), the Decorative Arts Movement, ancient civilizations and the country environment in which I live. I like the concept of taking simple scenes that might be observed every day and moving them to a more exalted place through the use of borders and framework.

The framework has changed over the years into a use of naturalistic forms in a decorative way involving plant life and animals that reflect upon the central image. I have chosen the medium of Printmaking because I like the concept of multiples as well as the effects that one can achieve only through Intaglio work. I am especially fond of the textures and effects of the aquatinted areas. The fusion of painting concepts with the Printmaking process is very stimulating to me."